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Blue Moon; Prologue

Type: Series Continuation: It’s You | Coda; Spring Scent |
Prologue | 1 |  2
Genre: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Werewolf!AU
Member: S.Coups/Seungcheol
Word count: 1,632
A/N: I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this for a long time. Well, here it is! I hope you prepare your hearts. *throws confetti* :D

“Uh-huh,” you hummed with your phone pressed between your ear and shoulder as your hands are busy jotting down coffee orders. Your feet quickly pace down the busy sidewalk, bumping shoulders with strangers who were on their way to work and school. You don’t even bother to look twice as you mumbled over the phone, trying to make out your own messy handwriting with a frown.

“Ah, remember to make two the lattes skinny lattes.” Joonmyeon sighs from the other side of the phone, “You know how some of the stylists can get when it’s not non-fat dairy- or whatever the hell is in those skinny lattes.”

You chuckle, “Remind me why you still insist on hiring those stylists when they’re nothing but gossiping drama queens?”

“Because they are the best in the industry and who can accommodate to my taste in style.” He groans, “Don’t you ever listen to me, child? We’ve been over this multiple times!”

“They’re worse than all the clienteles we’ve worked with. Let’s face it, Joonmyeon, you would’ve dropped them long ago if you had the guts to.” You shoved the notepad and pen into your purse, pacing over to the crowded crosswalk.

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happy valentine's day, wolfstar shippers ♡

the whole room is decorated with magical heart-shaped confetti that floats down like snow.

sirius picks some out of his cup with a frown while the witch on the radio sings something about her cauldron full of love that he’d really rather not think too deeply about.

he throws a side-ways glance at the reason why they’re here - james, sat in the next booth, eyeing a certain redhead who’s stood at the bar, ordering a cup of tea.

sirius wishes james would get a move on so he and remus - his “back-up so it doesn’t look like I’m desperate for a date” - could get out of there and find somewhere more secluded.

remus has a smear of chocolate in the corner of his mouth that he’s positively aching to kiss it away.

lily starts looking around the café for one of her friends to sit down with and james fidgets in his seat, but doesn’t get up or wave her over.

sirius narrows his eyes at him, finally turning back around with a sigh when james pays him no attention.

“merlin, i bloody all hate this romantic sap.”

remus grins, licking the cream off his fork. “yet you agreed to come along to madam puddifoot’s, with me, on valentine’s day.”

sirius makes a show out of rolling his eyes and shrugging. “yes, well, you bloody love that chocolate cake.“

remus gives him a small smile. “hmmhm, it is some bloody good cake. sure you don’t want to try it?”

sirius takes another sip of sugary tea. “no, all these straight couples snogging here have permanently ruined my appetite.”

remus bites back a grin and kicks him fondly under the table. “you know, if you really think it’s so awful, you could’ve let me accompany james on my own. he did say one back-up was enough.”

sirius snorts. “what, and let some bird chat you up? you’re dreaming, lupin.”

he catches remus’ foot between both of his, watching the blush rise into remus’ freckled cheeks.

remus leans in as far as he dares, breathing a flirty “only of you, black” into sirius’ ear.

… to be honest, sirius is quite content with valentine’s day at this horrible romantic place as long as he gets to spend it with the curly-haired chocolate junkie in front of him.

heart: sirius black

It was Valentines Day and all you wanted to do was show Sirius how much you appreciated him as your boyfriend. Lily thought it was a fantastic idea to charm hearts whenever he said your name, or mentioned you in a conversation. A prank, maybe, but it made your heart swell with complete and utter joy whenever you happened to be near him.

“And Y/N was like-” Sirius whispered to James, but was abruptly stopped by confetti like hearts surrounding his face.

“What is this nonsense?” Ms Mcgonagall quipped, a stern eye staring down at Sirius.

“I swear I didn’t do it,” he tries to reason but she dismisses his talking with a sway of her hand, continuing on with her lesson. He could hear whispering and looked behind him to see it was Y/N and Lily, a hint of rose pink settled on your cheeks.

“You’ve got quite a girl there, Padfoot,” James chuckled, slapping his shoulder in a jokingly matter.

Throughout the day, he would hear giggles from students who saw the hearts circling him. It wasn’t a surprise that he talked about you everyday but now he had every reason to because you put this charm on him and he wasn’t sure whether or not to be angry at you or love you even more.

He was, what one could explain, sauntering down the corridor to Potions, and was as late as ever. But he didn’t seem to care. A charmed note descended down to his polished shoes and confused, he bent down at the knees to take a closer look at it. It was in your handwriting, the loop of the ‘y’ giving it away.

Sirius, meet me at the Astronomy tower at 6, it read, a heart on all four corners of the note. It was cheesy and overly sweet but it was you, he was thinking about after all and he loved everything about you.

Y/N was looking out at the stars that just began their show, dazzling in the midnight blue sky. Sirius watched her intently, she too was like a star that shone despite the darkness around her.

“Y'know I think you’re absolutely ethereal,” Sirius confesses wholeheartedly, the wind blowing through his hair. A shy smile spread across your lips, and you turn around to see the boy you adored so much.

“Happy Valentines Day,” Y/N whispers, your voice like a melody as it flows into his ears.

“You too babe,” he replies, crouching done to kiss your honey-like lips.

“And also I’m going to get you back, this is a warning.”


>Knew you were the one for him when you let your knowledge on pyrotechnics slip into a conversation with him

>You would laugh it off and explain you only know because you’ve been reading up on it during your spare time at the library. You know, because libraries totally carry info on how to make fireworks

> Asks if you’d like to build a bomb with him, and that’s just a learning experience you don’t pass up

>Junker is having a blast showing you what he knows and if you give him any critics, he’ll take it to heart.

>He may build you a ticking time bomb to express his love for you. Something about how it represents his heart. How you light up his life. I’d like to think that when it explodes, little heart shaped confetti will rain out from the bomb

>This boy knows how to be such a romantic.


> He would frequently visit the library, he felt at peace there

> You’d be shelving some returned books when he came to ask for your assistance

> After that, he would always take notice of when you were working, making small chat with you when he came to check out a book

>You took interest in what he was reading and always kept an eye out for books he may like,  putting them on the back counter and leave a sticky note with his name on them.
>You may or may not have taken out a book or two on meditation because of him

>The two of you started meeting outside of the library. Neither of you said it, but they were definitely mini dates. 

>This omnic knows a fair amount, but there is still a lot in this world that he doesn’t quite understand. So when you provide him with an answer or a different point of view, he is quite smitten. 

>You always seem to surprise him when he least expects it. 

>Once you guys start dating, don’t be afraid to ask him to read to you. He quite enjoys it. Plus who wouldn’t want Zenny to read to them?


>You were always interested in history, but more specifically, the history of war. It was one of the many reasons why you joined overwatch.

>During your spare time you enjoyed looking at past wars and their different tactics. What worked? What lead to countless of dead bodies? Which strategies would be better for an attack, while the others for a defensive move?

>You soaked up all that knowledges like a sponge

>Your knowledge is what helped you move up the rankings so quickly.

>You were noticed by many of the higher ups, but there was one particular man that took a bit more interest than the others.

>That man is now your bara boyfriend.

>Like many others, Reinhardt was someone you looked up to, so when he first asked you out was an experience in and of itself! 

>If it was your turn to choose the movie for date night, it would come as no surprise if it was a war documentary. You also liked to spice it up with a comedy or two. Lots of M.A.S.H

>So while in the briefing room for your next mission, standing alongside some of the commanders, you would notice that some of the plans were flawed. 

> At first you’d quietly mutter to yourself that this was stupid, but nothing gets past Reyes’ ears 

>”If you have something to say, then just spit it out.” 

>You would point out their mistakes, letting them know it would lead to certain defeat

>Morrison and Reyes would be part impressed, part ashamed that they didn’t catch it themselves

>Though no one is more impressed than the lion man beside you who’d bark out a laugh and gently lean down to kiss the top of your head 

>”That’s my Liebling!”

~Mod Tea



I can`t believe it! Our VM family has grown to over 333 members!

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Nice little prizes arent they?

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~Admin Tally

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smiling noodle for my precious oshean-s ♡ happy birthday bb ilysm ;;