confetti ep


•”Norwegian Wood” The Beatles
•”Down in the Valley” The Head and The Heart
•”Apartment” Young the Giant
•”Ramona” Night Beds
•”Firelight” Young the Giant
•”Winter Song” The Head and The Heart
•”Barside” Phox
•”Slow Motion” Phox
•”It’s Hard to Get Around the Wind” Alex Turner
•”Flowers in Your Hair” The Lumineers

1000 GMM EPISODES !!!  ✧٩( •̀ᴗ•́ *)و✧

That’s a lot of eps to choose from if I wanna binge watch !! haha


one tree hill » Some You Give Away

“Time is running out now, and I tell ya, you gotta feel for Nathan Scott. I mean, sure he has made some mistakes, but you get the sense that if this is how it ends, he’s never gonna forgive himself. And Lucas Scott is being swarmed. I wouldn’t doubt it if they carry the kid outta here tonight and never bring him back. I have never seen some of these kids so happy. And can you blame them? They’ve been waiting a long time for this moment. And there at the center alone is Whitey Durham, standing around, taking it all in. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tree Hill Ravens are champions at last. And there’s not a dry eye in the house.”


Coming soon to a dash near you!

My new rainbowcy will officially be a Lepacy/EP Rainbowcy (what do you call a rainbowcy/lepacy combo lol?)! It’ll be slightly different from a usual Lepacy, only because I’m changing the order of EPs. Instead of starting with the base game, and ending with Island Paradise, I’m (mostly) reversing the order! So my order will go like this:

  1. Island Paradise
  2. University Life
  3. Seasons
  4. Supernatural
  5. Showtime
  6. World Adventures
  7. Generations
  8. Late Night
  9. Ambitions
  10. Pets
  11. Into the Future
  12. Base Game

Basically I’m starting with the EPs that I haven’t played around with much lol. I probably won’t be moving towns (mainly because when I find a town I like I get attached to it haha), but I will try to play around with all the features from that EP! So jobs, life states, clothing, and maybe even traits will be based on whatever EP I’m on. :)

Also, I’m using @morgibritt​‘s rainbowcy palette Zest but with a couple colors from Serenity added on to get me to 12. So my palette will look like this:

If anyone would like to make a sim for one of the colors, or already has a premade sim that would work, feel free to comment or send me an ask! ^o^ So excited to start this!!



WE GET ANOTHER PROPOSAL SCene but this time it’s Kurt who proposes and this time it’s just the two of them cuddling on the couch or something and they’ve already spent the whole evening together and Blaine only just notices that there’s a familiar, shiny, tiny object on Kurt’s left ring finger – something that he hasn’t seen for more than half a year and he says:

„You’re….you’re wearing the ring.“

And Kurt just knowingly smiles, pulls out a small box and says:

„Yes. And I want you to wear yours, too.“