confetti cat

based (HEAVILY) on this short by @jackvbriefs!! pls check out the original and her other writings they are a+. 

the idea of kaiba having a cat (BC MOKUBA GOT IT???) was way too cute to not draw omg i seriously love this idea

Fuchsia Sails

Notes: Request from m-lim10.  Luffy, Ace, and Sabo raise hell when they finally meet.  (Alt. title: Where the Hell Are the Straightjackets?)

Ace groaned as his Den Den Mushi rang for the fifth time that minute.  The repeated badabadabadabada had long since passed the point of being a minor nuisance and Ace was considering throwing the thing into the back of Striker.

But he couldn’t do that, because then Marco would lecture him, and Ace hated it when Marco did that.  The older man got all overprotective, and obnoxious, and caring, and stupid—

Ace pinched the bridge of his nose.  Make up your damn mind, you idiot.

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everybody knows cat planet cat planet planet cat