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I'm planning on going back to school soon so I just thought you'd like to hear the good news

I LOVE TO HEAR THE GOOD NEWS BABY!!! *blows up the confetti canon early* CONGRATULATIONSSS! YOU’RE GONNA BE A STAR KIDDO. Get your education and I hope everything works out at the admission center a lot easier than it did at the post office (I still remember those office ladies were givin you issues, grr). I love you so much bb, lets celebrate soon together. I’ll make your fave food if you know what it is!

Can everyone just take a sec to congratulate my friend on their accomplishments like wow you get your education bb I love you


Okay, let’s just dive right in here: “I don’t like you. I never liked you”… I will be honest, my face fell at that line. But now… I actually think it works.

Think of it this way: do you think Sam likes Lucifer? …Well, no, he doesn’t. Lucifer goes against Sam’s morals, Lucifer hurts people, Lucifer has a horrid sense of humour… but that doesn’t stop Sam feeling a connection to him. That doesn’t stop Sam loving him.

And though we all write Lucifer as the one who loves every detail of Sam, I think maybe we all did have that rather wrong. Because it does work vice versa. To Lucifer, Sam is naive, weak because he doesn’t take what power he can get, and too submissive. But again, connection… Lucifer does still love Sam. You can love someone and not like them. That’s exactly why he’s always looked to mould Sam into what he believes he could be.

Honestly, this is actually pretty in character for their relationship. The whole damn thing is awkward for them both. They don’t like each other. But damn do they understand each other perfectly. They don’t talk about things, both because they refuse and because they don’t need to because they both just know already.

Now I think about it, I think they’re too close to like each other. Do you like everything about yourself? They’re two halves of the same whole. It’s like being faced with a version of yourself, flaws and all, which you have to observe with what can’t be anything other than a natural obsession. Really, it just makes this the most brutally intimate relationship that could possibly exist.

They know each other inside out.

They’re connected through literal fate.

They’re always going to be bound to each other.

It’s a fucking testament to this ship that they’re literally still just the most canon relationship ever… and they don’t even like each other.

Prepare the confetti canons, here are some Courferre fic recs!!!!

this is fact not fiction- costarring some cute Enjoltaire

After the Storm- super cute and fluffy and long Courferre??? Yes

pretend to love me- fake relationship!!! that is all 

my best days are with you- aka there is a sad lack of Valentine’s Day fics so I’ve read this at least eight times

I Know How to Love Only When You’re Holding Me- asexual courf. fake relationship. what more could you want (read the warnings!!)

(Not So) Mystery Guy- another important Valentine’s Day fic. Like really important. Please read

Scientific Inquiry- canon era!!!!!

heaven in a wildflower- have I recommended this one before?? I hope so becuase it is adorable

the way our horizons meet- tutoring au!!! pining!! enemies to friends to lovers!!

promises- too. cute. proposals!!

Even Brighter Than Usual- this changed me. the pining is So Real

You Look Great- still clutching my chest from this fic

this could really be a good life- they meet while walking their dogs how cute is that

a stroke of luck- Combeferre sneaking into Courf’s house. that’s all u need to know

I’ll never forget this moment.

We were aboard the Disney Dream, our first experience with a Disney cruise line, and we knew within five minutes of boarding it would not be our last.  “Now welcoming the Reist Family!” was the jubilant introduction we received stepping on the ship.  My daughter ran into the arms of a princess the minute we were on board, and my son was geared up for the Aqua Duck, despite the chilly breeze in Florida that Monday.  

The kids club, the friendly family assigned wait staff at every dinner, the interactive activities, the pirate party…it was all amazing.  But nothing topped this moment.

It was our last evening to watch the evening entertainment (another amazing feature of this cruise).  The kids were so engaged, smiling and laughing throughout, and it was clear all were having a fantastic time.

But then the confetti canon went off. Vibrantly coloured little pieces of nothing floated from the ceiling and my son, as if on cue, jumped up and began cheering as if he had been given the best gift of all. 

It was sheer joy.  Unbridled joy sparked by a confetti canon.  Joy because he met his favourite character, Stitch, that week.  Joy because he hugged Queen Elsa, an act he now claims was not ‘that cool’.  Joy because he spent one whole week experiencing magic around every corner.  It was joy, and although he had been happy all week, appreciative every day, it was then I saw pure joy and innocence and childhood in all its glory.  I cried then, I still tear up now, and I am so grateful for this precious moment with my son.

I keep this obsession a total secret from my family and people I know in person. The only thing they might have overheard and noticed is that I have been having fun with the word dick and penis over the past months. I feel like such a pervert sometimes lol

These are the kind of ideas Jeffrey Dahmer gave me: a phallic vase(flowers sprouting from a penis), phallic faucets(hence the drawing of the bathroom with dicks of chrome), a penis firecracker, a penis-shaped lighter, a dick doorstopper(you know those things behind your doors that you can thump and makes a lot of noise), a canon of confetti and glitter where the glitter and confetti are all in the nut-sack and then you light it and it shoots right out of the dickhole at great bursting speeds where it looks cosmic and showers everyone, a phallic lava lamp, and penis lights. 

I even came up with these words: dick-thumper, dick-dobber, dick-up truck, penis suckles, dick-puller, dickward, dick-kisser, dicklings, dick-throb, dick-split, dicket fence, dick-spray, dick-string, dick-roping, dick-wrangler, dick-press, dong slap, penisaurus rex(omg).. The list could go on. What the f*ck!

I’m being a total pervert rn and I know it. I wish that dude that ranted about the TCC in that video could see this very post and make a new video lol

WELL! how about we start off Monday with a little color?!?! hahaha! (^ O^) so i saw this post the other day~ and then today (yesterday if you slept!) @salemnevada got in on that action and called me, @space-emos , and @hicstreme0 out to do it too! And who am i to back down from a good challenge?!?!?! (>   w  <) hehhee! it was super fun to just draw something colorful and really stupid! lol! plus it seemed fitting to use Illustrator to do the line work, and i haven’t drawn with Illustrator in ages! so that was fun too! (thank gawd for muscle memory though, cuz fucks if my brain could remember all the hot keys! LOL! LOL! LOL!) @sailershanty i hope you’re gonna get in on this too!!!!! hahaha! XD i hope everybody’s week starts out SUPER FANTASTIC!!! *confetti canon* bed time now! love you all! laters! <3

Hyung Line Appreciation [Kim Seokjin]

Third installment of my Hyung Line Appreciation Imagine Series. These imagines are all stories of ways to comfort the poor tired hyungs. Thank you for the warm response to the first two! Hope you enjoy this too.

I’m accepting requests by the way. After I do Yoongi’s, I have no idea what to write about next.

Hyung Line Appreciation Imagine Series:

Pairing: JinXreader

Scenario: In which the maknae line makes a giant mess involving confetti canons and glitter leaving Jin just completely done. You step in as a substitute eomma of sorts in order to relieve some stress from your poor boyfriend.

Genre: Fluff. With some glitter. And confetti.

Word Count: 2178

“Jagi, I’m here!” you called out as you entered the BTS dorm using the spare key Jin had given you.

“What the damn hell?” you yelled in utter shock almost dropping the paper bag of goodies you were carefully holding on to.

The sight was shocking. Their dorm had always been messy due to the simple fact that seven boys shared the space, but you had never seen it in this state of chaos before. Confetti; in strings, strips, and clumps covered the entire living room covering every surface.

What concerned you most was the glitter. My god the glitter! You felt like you were practically inhaling it with the sheer amount of glitter in the room. You were probably going to look like a disco ball when you left. Tinkerbell would be jealous.

You shook your head and blinked your eyes a few times. You suspected that the glitter might have blinded you. You carefully made your way to the kitchen where you heard muffled ranting and the angry clanging of kitchenware. You tried to avoid the mess but it was pointless. Your plain black shoes were now decorated with shiny paper.

You saw Kim Seokjin hunched over the kitchen counter wearing a pink apron around his waist while hacking at onions. There was none of the usual finesse in his movement. You could compare him more closely to a lumberjack at that moment. You didn’t even need to analyze the deep scowl marring his beautiful face nor the tight tension in his broad shoulders. You already knew that he was pissed.

He didn’t acknowledge you when you came into the kitchen. He didn’t even lift his head to look at you when you put down the brown bag on the counters next to where he was murdering the onions. He kept his head down while he mumbled complaint after incoherent complaint.

He only noticed you when you had come up behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist. You pulled yourself to fit snuggly against his back breathing in the smell of his cologne mixed with the detergent he used on his shirts. You rested your cheek just below his shoulders and smiled at the way he stilled his actions as he finally noticed your presence. You felt his own hands intertwine with yours before bringing them up to his lips.

“Hello, Jagi,” he whispered into your palms.  You felt his smile against your skin before it fell back into the scowl he wore when you had just arrived.

“Did you see the mess in the living room?” he grunted. You nodded your head and let him go so you could lean against the counter to face him properly.

“Were you guys trying to recreate the bathroom party scene from your Run MV in the living room? I think you might have gone overboard though. I don’t recall that much glitter,” you giggled.

He groaned and leaned those strong arms you loved to cling on to on the counters. He closed his eyes and whimpered. He whimpered and you just found it so adorable. Even his state right now, exhausted and just completely done with everything, you still found him incredibly good looking. He was truly worthy of his title of being the visual of the group.

“The maknae line decided to hold a contest on whoever could pop the most confetti canons at the same time,” he hissed while pinching the bridge of his nose. He was surely having a headache.

“Where were you during all this?” you asked.

“I was sleeping. We had just come from a ten hour flight followed by a two hour broadcast and then four more hours of dance practice,” he paused as he inhaled sharply before emphasizing each word in his next statement. “I am tired.”

“Did Yoongi manage to sleep through it all?” you asked softly.

“He’s out doing interviews and magazine shoots for his mixtape.”

“Did Namjoon not stop them?”

“He’s at the studios working on a collaboration with Homme.”


“He was the one who found the canons.”

You shook your head and sighed. You should have guessed that even Hoseok was in on it. The glitter just screamed Hoseok. Your poor exhausted boyfriend was left to babysit them again.

“Where are they now?”

“I sent them out to get more groceries just to get them out of my hair for a bit while I make dinner,” he said with a heavy sigh.

You smiled warmly at him and took the hand that was pinching his nose to lead him to one of the kitchen stools. He opened his eyes and you saw the dark rings marring his perfect skin. You frowned at the evidence of stress.

“Sit down, Jagi,” you said sweetly while pushing down gently on his shoulders to firmly plant him on the seat.

“But I still have to finish making dinner,” he reasoned but it was evident in his voice that it was the last thing he wanted to do.

“I can make dinner for you guys,” you offered. He stilled and his eyes widened at you.

“But, Jagi, your cooking is,” he paused while he tried to find the least offensive word to say. “Questionable.”

“Aish, this man,” you murmured with a glare. “Just sit down, Jin.”

“No. It’s okay. I can still cook, Jagi.”

“For fucks sake, Kim Seokjin! Sit down before I beat your pale ass with a rolling pin,” you huffed at him much to his shock.

“Language, (Y/N),” he scolded with a disappointed frown on his face and a dainty hand on his chest.

He still wanted to protest but you had shoved a glass bottle filled with clear liquid into his hands to occupy him.

“What is this?” he asked in confusion as he shook the bottle lightly.

“It’s coconut water. I bought it at an organic shop that just opened near my apartment,” you said urging him to try it. “It’s good for your digestion and your skin.”

That was all the information he needed as he proceeded to pry it open and guzzle it down. You smiled in satisfaction at his small smile and the thumbs up he showed you.

Jin liked to eat a lot of food but he was still very conscious of his appearance which was why he made it a point to exercise and take measures to maintain his visual status. You knew that the stress often got to him especially his inability to keep up with the others even though he was the eldest. He was very hard on himself as a singer, a dancer, and even just as a man.

You often gave him little gifts like organic juice and natural face masks to help him take care of himself. You worried mostly about his health, but you had to understand it was all a part of his job as an idol.

“This is really good, Jagi!” he said while smacking his lips. “Can you get me more of this?”

“I already ordered a box for you and it should be delivered tomorrow,” you said as you smiled widely and winked at him. You took the knife and began continuing his work with dinner while you watched him drink some more.

“Wah! Already? You really are the best, Jagi. Thank you,” he said with a wide smile. You were happy seeing the stress slowly lift from his tall frame.

“You’re welcome,” you said and planted a quick peck on his forehead before zipping away to put everything into the pot. “Have you talked to your mom?”

You saw his face brighten at the mention of his family. His mood improved in increments as he began recounting to you stories about his family. He told you how his mother had told him just this morning that they were going to get two more dogs. He told you about the trips his family planned to take soon. He told you how much he missed them but that he was happy they were well.

Truth be told, you already knew all of that because you kept in touch with his mother as well. You gave her honest updates on her son’s wellbeing while she gave you tips on what to do to keep him healthy and happy. It was a great bond you two had between two women who cared deeply for the same boy.

You knew all that he was telling you, but you let him talk just to make him forget his frustrations even just for a little bit. He loved talking about his family and you loved the way his eyes held a fondness whenever he spoke of them.

Just as you had finished cooking dinner, four loud boys burst into the dorm. Your eyes automatically went to Jin and you saw that the scowl was back with a vengeance. You placed a hand on his shoulder and kissed his cheek to calm him.

“Oh, noona? You’re here!” Jimin said as he was the first to enter the kitchen.

“Did you cook dinner, noona? Is that pork belly and kimchi soup?” Taehyung bounced excitedly before dashing toward the food for a taste.

You shook your head as both you and Jin realized that these kids didn’t seem to grasp that they had done something wrong. Before Taehyung could grab a piece of meat, you smacked his hand a ladle.

“Ouch! Noona, what was that for?” he whined as he rubbed his sore hand.

You rolled your eyes and placed your hand on your hip while you gave him a cold glare. You felt the whole room tense and sensed that the other boys had stilled as well. Between you and Jin, you were the more free-spirited one and you would rarely get angry especially at the boys. This was why they were more afraid of angering you than their eldest hyung.

“Go line up with the rest of the boys against the wall,” you said in a voice that sent chills down even Jin’s spine.

Wordlessly, the boys lined themselves neatly with their backs against the wall and facing you. Jungkook, Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung had their heads lowered not daring to meet your eyes. You saw Hoseok nibble nervously on his bottom lip. You saw on their faces that they had realized what they had done wrong.

“What do you say?” you said sternly.

“We’re sorry, noona,” they chorused.

“It’s not me you have to apologize to.”

“We’re sorry, hyung,” they said again in unison.

Jin had to bite his tongue and shake his head to keep himself from exploding into laughter. In a matter of a gaze, you had reduced four grown men to toddlers getting scolded by their eomma. What amazed Jin was that they all looked genuinely sorry and terrified of you at the same time.

“Good,” you said as you patted each of their heads. “No dinner for all four of you until there is not even a speck of glitter left in this house.”

Their heads snapped up at that. They looked to you and found that you were completely serious. They looked at each other in panic before running toward Jin and begging on their knees for him to reconsider.

“Hyung, it will take forever to clean the glitter!” Hoseok reasoned with teary eyes.

“Yeah and we’re so hungry from going grocery shopping,” Jungkook added.

“Please let us eat first before we clean. Please, hyung!” Jimin piped in holding his clasped hands toward an amused Jin.

“Hyung, make noona stop being so mean! Control your woman!” Taehyung pleaded with a pout. Jin was shaking with laughter now as he shrugged at them all. He couldn’t really overthrow my decisions and he was enjoying the punishment I was inflicting on them.

“I also brought Strawberry Cheesecake. So if you don’t hurry all the food will be gone before you even start cleaning,” you say with an evil grin and low chuckle.

“SHE IS THE DEVIL, HYUNG! THE DEVIL!” Taehyung screamed.

After a few more arguments, the boys were finally starting with their cleanup. Jin was still laughing while he watched them in smug satisfaction from the comfort of his seat.

When you were within arm’s reach, he pulled you to him and hugged you tightly. His cheek snuggled into your neck and his hands rubbed circles on your back. You brought your own arms around him and played with his hair. You felt him chuckle against your collarbone.

“I can just threaten them with you whenever they act up,” he teased.

“I don’t think they’re going to be playing with confetti canons for a while,” you laughed.

He hugged you impossibly tighter fully pressing you to his own body. You smiled at the closeness and the way his shoulders weren’t stiff with tension anymore. You smiled because he was smiling now.

“Thank you, (Y/N),” he whispered softly to you planting a small kiss on your neck. “For helping me on days like this so I have strength for the rest.”

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A kissy Seokjin for us all. I adore you, you beautiful silly man!

i know blizzard has said there are definitely gay characters in overwatch but lets be real

the best thing they could possibly do is to make it this giant reveal. they have a press conference and say to a crowd, “the gay characters in overwatch… are…”

they drop a giant white sheet to reveal a large billboard that just says in all caps “EVERYONE”

there are confetti canons and a marching band and every greasy dudebro gamer screams in agony

The dumb thing about Indiana stores with “STRAIGHTS ONLY” or “we dont serve gays here” signs is how do they plan on only serving heterosexuals when there’s no? real way? to distinguish if a person is gay or not based on appearance alone??? Are they just planning on refusing service to anyone too flamboyant to their tastes? Will they boot you out if you seem too buddy-buddy with your same-gendered friend? Does a huge alarm and a confetti canon go off the minute i walk through the door???

Im just saying Indiana Homophobes, there’s a huge hole in your logic and it makes you look like twice the idiot.


“But Sara J., you only do one contest a year, and it’s FOR THE KIDZ! It’s not even close to RTExtraLife, what gives?”

Here’s the deal: I bought a Weekend Pass to RTX back in March hoping against hope that I could actually go. Unfortunately, an IMPORTANT THING I have to be at for work is absolutely 100% preventing me from attending this year. I know, sucks to be me. But, my loss is your potential gain. Woo, confetti canons, parades, etc.etc.

Here’s what you win: A full-on, go-big-or-go-home Weekend Pass to RTX in Austin TX August 7-9. That’s three whole days of all the Rooster you can handle. (Travel and lodging expenses are in your court, I mean, this ain’t The Price Is Right)

Here’s how you enter: Reblog this post. ONCE. One. Uno. Unum. One time.

Everybody got that? Only once.

You DO NOT have to be following me. Following me or not following me, multiple reblogs, none of that will affect your chances of winning. The winner will be chosen at random using an online randomizer thingy (technical term).

Oh, and because it annoys me, reblogs to blogs specifically created for contest reblogs won’t count. Yes, I’ll be checking. Yes, I am that petty. 

PLEASE NOTE: Passes are being sent physically through the mail this year two weeks before the event, so I will need the actual address where you receive your mail so I can overnight the pass to you. If you are not comfortable with giving out your address, don’t enter the contest.

And that’s it!

The only thing I really ask is that you don’t act like a dick while you’re there. I’d hate to be a dick enabler.