confetti angels

Imagine Sirius and Remus’s wedding! If Remus proposed, how he made it so simple and quick like
Remus: So what’s for dinner? Oh, and I’ve been meaning to ask you, would you like to get married?
Sirius: Quiche- wait what?
Sirius: That’s it?
And Sirius of course would go all out, like people dressed as angels, banners, confetti, James singing, etc.
They argue over who should be each other best man’s (besides James, of course) and eventually Remus decides on Lily, because she’s manlier than them all.
And the wedding! Drama, last minute preparation, arguing over the clothes. At times, they feel like they should forget the whole thing. But they don’t. And everything, of course, goes perfectly.


I felt like this song, was a sweet way of saying what every person feels when you’re in love with someone. For me, it’s almost like the honeymoon stage; Love You Like A Love Song is about that first beginning and that rush.

-Selena Gomez (behind the scenes of LYLALS)


“"Not really alive" isn’t dead enough for me,” she said. “I’m going out there and I’m going to cut him into a thousand pieces.” She turned towards the doors.

“Iz!” Simon put his hand on her shoulder. “Izzy. No.”

No?” She looked at him incredulously. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t chop him into worthless-bastard-themed confetti.”

- City of Fallen Angels

Last night was so wild. Watching Exo live was literally the best thing I’ve ever experienced.

- since Don’t Go is my favorite exo song it literally was such a beautiful thing to experience

- I know everyone has said this about every single concert but xiumin’s hip thrusts are NO FUCKING JOKE

- there’s something about suho and his presence like I fell 4791984% more in love with him the moment he spoke

- chanyeol touches his hair way too much, its cute tho

- you haven’t really lived until you’ve heard chen’s high notes live

- during peter pan chanyeol unbuttoned suho’s shirt when time froze 

- xiumin is literally the jumpiest fucking jellybean i mean he never stopped moving and interacted with the audience the most

- suho is really so precious

- watching kai dance in real life is so memorizing

- chanyeol and baek had a little Frozen moment. chanyeol said he liked elsa and then baek started singing let it go and d.o told him to stop so chanyeol was like “okay bye~~”

- hearing MID live gave me chills down my spine it was that amazing

- Machine/Drop That/Let Out The Beast was my absolute favorite part of the concert it was so intense and fun

- chanyeol said the hot dog he got at the street vendor tasted good

- suho is such a dad and a dork 

- everyone looked SO HELLA CUTE in their 365 outfits after they changed

- chanyeol was so in love with the confetti it was the cutest thing ever. he kept throwing it up in the air and him and kai made confetti angels

- sehun said “kamsahamnida” at the end of the last ment and it was the most adorable thing i had ever heard in my entire life

- d.o is and will always be forever hungry

- i never usually cared if a member would make a heart with their bodies but during love me right when kai did it then xiumin i fangirled so hard

- although they never mentioned lay, during his vcr’s the screams were so loud i almost went deaf

- my sister now thinks chanyeol has adhd because he doesnt freaking stay put

- and he is so extra like hes always doubled over in laughter on the ground but thats why i love him

- suhos english is so cute

- they performed the exo intro dubstep and i was ALL ABOUT THAT SHIT

- i’ve never appreciated let out the beast, machine, and run as much as i should because those songs are actually really good and catchy

- baekhyun really is the goofy playful child that we all know him to be

- even my friend said that sehun looked like some kind of greek god. he didnt look real and he had no flaws and a jawline that could cut glass

it was such an amazing night. i just love exo so much