Shit on my mind.

Ok so I know it’s been forever sins summer but, trust issues by Drake was like my summer anthem. I’m literally just saying this now cuz I haven’t listened to it sins the summer! And because of what happened this summer I think I have trust issues now. And it made me cry when last listen to it… I just REALLY want to move on and forget everything. Even tho nothing really even happened. But like you would have to be me to understand. And I’m just gunna pretend nothing happened and move on. But it’s gunna be really fucking hard cuz Iv been thinking about it ever sins and it suck. And I know this post didn’t really have that much to do with the song Trust issues but… It did, then I just started rambling so I apologize. :)


His personality is amazing, his body flawless, his mind intelligent and clear, his soul kind. These are just a few words I’m using to describe him. He’s my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. I feel as though he completes me. The more I see him I find things I love. His voice dances in my mind serenading me. He is the guy I truly think I may love forever no matter what. I could write more but it would take mall night. Lol I’m so love struck :)