Shit on my mind.

Ok so I know it’s been forever sins summer but, trust issues by Drake was like my summer anthem. I’m literally just saying this now cuz I haven’t listened to it sins the summer! And because of what happened this summer I think I have trust issues now. And it made me cry when last listen to it… I just REALLY want to move on and forget everything. Even tho nothing really even happened. But like you would have to be me to understand. And I’m just gunna pretend nothing happened and move on. But it’s gunna be really fucking hard cuz Iv been thinking about it ever sins and it suck. And I know this post didn’t really have that much to do with the song Trust issues but… It did, then I just started rambling so I apologize. :)

Hailing from the small town of Table Top, 23 year old Jack Bleasdale (aka Zeazy) is a Melbourne-based photographer whose work documents the youth culture that surrounds him on a daily basis.

There is never a dull moment with Zeazy, whether it’s hanging out with the ZzLvN boys back on the farm or his Brunswick crew in Melbourne. Jack’s photography is based around his friends and framed around a natural aesthetic. 

Jack has documented and filmed events including Strawberry Fields, Let Them Eat Cake, Rainbow serpent, Lost the plot, Yemaya festival and Confest and has also worked for Blend Co. Superfoods, Novel touring and events, Bad Luck Zizzy clothing, Declic, PSALM / SERVE clothing, 303 touring and events and every single part of his life from his grandads funeral to his own own near death experiences on skateboards and all the shitty photo jobs in between to survive. 

He has also been a feature photographer for Pilerats magazine, Sticks and stones and photographer of the week for Milk bar magazine. I have been on tumblr now for 3 or 4 years with over 4000 of my own posts its pretty much one huge page of my whole life since i picked up a camera 7 years ago to this very moment i cant wait to look back on all these images in 20-30 years time and just be blown away about what an amazing and blessed life i had. 


Come Bunny confest your love for Alistair, before others girls have The chance


My favourite snap that I took at Confest over the weekend: The sand man himself. I wish I could have taken more at this beautiful free spirited festival! 🌼 So many heart warming moments of pure love and friendship. This majestic sand creature granted me his permission to take this photo as he baked in the nuddy covered in hardened mud all day long at the river bank. One of the most interesting and inspiring gatherings of people I have ever been to! 🌿💛 #confest #mudman #love