My Husband, Kim JunMeow *ongoing*

Characters: You x Suho
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Humor, Sci-Fi
Number of Chapters: 10

warning: contains lots of sexual innuendos + smut in later chapters; youngins, steer away~

I’m just a college student, with many question marks regarding my future but a few things I was sure of:

1. I hate cats

2. I hate cats

3. I hate cats

4. I’m failing my Chemistry class

5. Kim Junmyeon is a part-time nudist

6. I hate cats

Table of Contents:

I. Kim JunMeow
II. I’m Not A Vixen, I Swear
III. The Nudist
IV. Perfect Son-in-Law
V. Summer 1996
VI. Kitten Love
VII. One and The Same
VIII. Transformations
IX. Confessions
X. The Ninth and The Final

Who’s excited? keke??