Confession: The fact that Daryl put so much effort into finding both Sophia and Beth and seeing both girls die left a visible mark on him and the fact that he cared so much, that was the moment. I truly realized I loved Daryl Dixon’s character.

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how about opening a smut/thirst collection people can submit to? I've been looking for one everywhere but there don't seem to be any, I'm sure we'd all like to share our fantasies! or is there one already I just haven't found?

Well… i know this one : confessionsofadarylfangirl accepts story’s and post confessions. I always like to go there. Here’s the link

This is what she says bout it:
Yes, yes, yes! We welcome any form of fanfictions here! Followers can submit stories about Daryl, Norman, or any if the other characters he has played; Along with submitting normal confessions (which we always need and want more of!) This blog also welcomes smut with open arms because, honestly, who doesn’t love a smutty Daryl? Thank you for thinking about this litle, ol’ blog!”

And daryldixonimagines but that’s more when you have an idea ‘bout a fanfic with Daryl, you can submit it and they will write the story. 

And that’s all i know..

But a few days back i was going trough my options and opened up the submission box. Never really had a idea what to do with it, but you just gave me the right idea.
So yea… submit your story’s? 
There’s a link on my page : Submit

Confession: In “Remember” when Daryl tackled Nicholas & Rick had to pull him off & hold him back, I melted. The way he paced back & forth, trying to find a way to get back at Nicholas reminded me of a tiger at the zoo, stalking the audience (if that makes sense)

Confession: I would love to have Norman to my self for a day. So we could play with nerf guns, go to one of those trampoline parks, and just have fun all day. Then share a beer or two as we talk about everything under the sun.