To be honest, the lightxnotis ship kind of gets on my nerves. We know nearly nothing about Notis and I feel like the only reason people ship it is because they are both good-looking. It’s like people force ships now days, that Lightning MUST have a partner/lover. I always imagine Lightning a “married to her job” kind of girl, and she doesn’t need a lover to be awesome. I’m not telling people what to ship and not to ship, in my opinion it just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t ship Fang/Light because I feel like they have the potential to be best friends (while not saving the world). They seem to have this female bromance thing going on and personally putting them in a romantic setting feels weird. To me Lightning needs a best friend more than a love interest, and their character dynamic works well in that regard.

I can’t really see Lightning with anybody. It’s not that it’s OoC since she lived and cared for Serah her whole life (not romantic relationship). It’s just an opinion I have and I would appreciate it if people would stop judging me because I don’t ship her with Hope or Noctis…