Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 16  Greg the Babysitter
Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 17  A Special Mission
Networks : Cartoon Network
Genres : Animation, Comedy

A young boy takes his mother’s place in a group of gemstone-based beings, and must learn to control his powers.


My friend just recently had a baby, while they were looking up names
for him, they originally decided on Alistair, and I was over the moon.
Eventually she moved away from it because she didn’t like the
nicknames for it, plus I was enthusiastic about Dragon Age and
Alistair. So when she decided on Dorian, I shut my mouth.  
Now I have a little death mage to coddle.

Why I really love about Garnet (besides freaking everything, she’s perfect) is how whenever she feels she’s wronged Steven, she immediately apologies. And even when she’s wronged, she’s the bigger person and forgives. It’s just that I want to be that mature. When I lash out, it’s really hard for me to see how I’ve wronged someone and I’m kinda like Pearl, where only my feels matter and I just get lost in myself.