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      ➵ Dear Future Self 


      ➵ Wrong Contact
      ➵ ‘Boyfriend’ 》│Pt.1 
      ➵ ‘Boyfriend’ 》│Pt.2
      ➵ Kink
      ➵ Intoxicated 》│Pt.1
      ➵ Intoxicated 》│Pt.2
      ➵ Just One Night & Its Consequence
      ➵ Stop Being Salty 》 ft. Jin
      ➵ BTS as Dads
      ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ Angst 
       Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Fluff
      Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Angst
      I Miss You
      ➵ I’m Okay 
      ➵ Humour 》 ft. Namjoon
      ➵ ‘Flirting’


      Solstice [M]


     ➵ Wrong Contact
     ➵ ’Boyfriend’ 》│Pt.1
     ➵ ‘Boyfriend’ 》│Pt.2
     ➵ Kink
     ➵ Intoxicated 》│Pt.1
     ➵ Intoxicated》│Pt.2
     ➵ One Night & Its Consequence
     ➵ Stop Being Salty 》 ft. Yoongi
     ➵ BTS as Dads
     ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ Angst 
     ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Fluff 
     ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Angst 
     ➵ Humour 》 ft. Hoseok & Taehyung
     ➵ Crush 》 ft.Bts
     ➵ ‘Flirting’


     ➵ Coming Soon


    ➵  Look At Who You’re Texting
    ➵  Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.1  
    ➵  Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.2
    ➵  Tease
    ➵  Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.1
    ➵  Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.2  
    ➵  One Night
    ➵  Don’t Be Salty
    ➵  Helped ConfessionContinuation
    ➵  BTS as Dads
    ➵  Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ Angst
    ➵  Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Fluff 
    ➵  Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Angst
    ➵  Long Distance
    ➵  Tough Time
    ➵  Baby
    ➵  Joking 》 ft. Hoseok & Jimin
    ➵  Flirt
    ➵  Jealous


   ➵ Eternal:  │Pt.1


   ➵ Look At Who You’re Texting
   ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.1
   ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.2 
   ➵ Tease
   ➵ Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.1
   ➵ Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.2 
   ➵ One Night
   ➵ Don’t Be Salty
   ➵ BTS as Dads
   ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ Angst
   ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Fluff
   ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Angst 
   ➵ Joking 》 ft. Yoongi
   ➵ Down
   ➵ Flirt


    Coming Soon


  ➵ Look At Who You’re Texting
  ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.1
  ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.2 
  ➵ Tease
  ➵ Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.1
  ➵ Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.2 
  ➵ One Night
  ➵ Don’t Be Salty
  ➵ I Miss You
  ➵ BTS as Dads
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ Angst 
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Fluff 
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Angst 
  ➵ Joking 》 ft. Jimin & Taehyung
  ➵ Flirt


  ➵ Coming Soon


Look At Who You’re Texting
  ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.1
  ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.2 
  ➵ Tease 
  ➵ Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.1
  ➵ Drunk Confessions 》│Pt.2
  ➵ One Night
  ➵ Don’t Be Salty
  ➵ BTS as Dads
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ Angst
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Fluff
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ Angst
  ➵ Joking 》 ft. Jungkook
  ➵ Flirt


 ➵ Coming Soon


  ➵ Look At Who You’re Texting
  ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.1 
  ➵ Pretend Boyfriend 》│Pt.2
  ➵ Tease
  ➵ Intoxicated 》│Pt.1 
  ➵ Intoxicated 》│Pt.2
  ➵ One Night
  ➵ Don’t Be Salty
  ➵ BTS as Dads
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.1 ↬ [Angst]
  ➵ Accusations 》│Pt.2 ↬ [Fluff]
  ➵ Accusations 》 │Pt.2 ↬ [Angst]
  ➵ I’m Okay
  ➵ Cute Texts
  ➵ Joking 》 ft. Jin
  ➵ Flirt
  ➵ Jealous
  ➵ Too Late… Again.


 Blood, Sweat and Tears 


 ➵ Jungkook
 ➵ Taehyung 

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SVT ➡️Accidental Confession Gone Wrong Pt. 2

Request(s): “ hello, can i have part two for accidental confession gone wrong? if you dont accept for part two, its fine.” — “ plz make a pt. 2 of the scoups confession going wrong” — “ Accidental confession gone wrong with seungcheol part 2 please? That seungcheol has rejected you cause he knows jun has liked you for so long and being the leader he is caring about his members more than himself. Hope it make sense. Thanks “

[part 1] [part 2]

BTS: Jungkook AU/series


Translator!AU: Give It a Try

Time Travelling!AU: Time Traveller I

Rich Kid!AURich Kid

Bunny!AU: Baby Bunny

College!AU: Obliviously, Obviously Obvious

Hitman!AU: Blue Jeans

Biker!AU: Good Luck Kiss, One True Bliss

Badboy!AU: For You

Skaterboy!AU: Skater Boy


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Mafia!AU: House of Cards: Prologue | Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt. 5 I

The 5 W’s of Falling In and Out of Love: Pt.1 | Pt.2 |


Parent!AU: Lost Stars

Misfits: Pt. 1 |


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Meet Me in Paradise: Prologue | Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 (Final)


Racing Hormones: Pt 1 (M) | Pt 2 (M) | Pt 3 (M) |

Because it’s the First Time: Pt 1 (M) | Pt 2 (M) |

Moving Day: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I

Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better): Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I


I Don’t Know What to Do: Pt 1 (M) | Pt 2 (M) |

Make Me Un-bored ft. Jimin: Pt 1 (M) | Pt 2 (M) |


Growing Up: Prequel |

Falling for Jeon: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | | Pt 4 |

College!AU: Roommates


Inveigle: Pt 1 | Pt 2 |


Remember Me?: Pt.1 |


Mystical!AU: Reaper Jungkook: Epoch: Pt 1Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Prologue | (Part of Mythical BTS AU) | Recommended Order to Reading |


Invitation (Jimin series): Pt 3 (M) ft. Jungkook


If I Call You Honey, Will You Make Me Pancakes?: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 (final) |


What’s Wrong, Noona?: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 (M) |


Supernatural!AU: Violet Horse (Part of The Garden of Evil series)

Supernatural!AU: Grim Reaper

School!AU: Falling, Falling


Wolf!AU: In Bloom (M)

Wolf!AU: Lake-of-Fire (sequel to In Bloom): Pt 1

Equilibrium ft. Jimin: Prologue | Pt 1 | Pt 2 (M) | Pt 3 (M) | Pt 4 (M) | Pt 5 | Pt 6 (M) 


New Year (M): Pt 1 (Taehyung & Jungkook) | Pt 2 (Jungkook &J-hope) | Pt 3  (Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, J-hope and Rapmon)


Bad Boy!AU:I Need U I

Family!AU: Family Date I

Camping: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

Failed Confession: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

High School: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

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The Last Bullet: Prologue I Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I


Lost Stars: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 I 


Demigod!AU: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I


Golden: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I Pt. 5 I Pt. 6 I Pt 7


Hybrids!AU: Jungkook


Begin Again: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

Nothing to Something: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

Something to Nothing: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 |

Ghost: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

Confused: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I

Come Back To Me: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I Pt. 5 I


Cutie Kookie: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

The Better Lover: Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 ft. V and Jimin I

Not So Innocent: Pt. 1 I Pt. 2 I

Student!AU: Journal: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 |

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Best Friends: Pt.1 | Pt 2 |

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Fate, Mistakes, and Everything in Between: Pt.1 | Pt.2 |

Parent!AU: Lost Stars

Phases: Pt 1 | Pt 2


Soulmate!AU: Lost Souls: Pt 1 | Pt 2 |

Star Crossed (M): Pt 1 |

MASTERLIST (PART 2/2) [back-up]


Enemies: Part One | Part Two 
A Typical Freshman’s Christmas 
Working Out (smut) 
Masturbating w/ V (mild smut) 
What’s Done is Done (smut) 
Blood & Tears 
The Most Dangerous Game 
Control (smut) 
Don’t Be Scared (smut) 
A Special Night (smut) 
Nothing Is Forever w/ Suga  
Dance For Me (smut) 
Past Midnight (smut) 
Doctor AU w/ Jin 
Strip (smut) 
Wet The Bed (smut) 
Remnants & Remedies 
Late Night Visits 
The Killer 
Cursed by a Cat w/ Jungkook & V 
Did You Think This Through? w/ Suga 
Deus Ex Machina w/ Suga  
Rain (smut) 
Favors + Guilt (smut) 
Fairy! Yoonmin AU 
The Disaster w/ Jin 
Because You’re With Me (smut) 
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jungkook
4 Gold Coins For Your Trust w/ Suga
Good Impressions
Christmas Kiss
Imperfect Perfection 
A Deal With Death 
Dry Series; Jimin (smut)
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jungkook (pt 2)
Students by Day, Slyaers by Night w/ Jungkook (pt 3)
Love in Between w/ Jungkook 
Something New (smut)
Fatal Attraction
Dinner For Three w/ V (smut)
Bets & Regrets (smut)
Prevarication (smut)
Resignation w/ Jungkook
We Shouldn’t… (smut)
Drown Me

Dry Series; Taehyung (smut) 
Forgetting Your Birthday 
Massages and Love Making (smut) 
Becoming a Father 
Mutual Love and Shy Confession 
Small Kisses 
Liquid Passion (smut) 
Threesome w/ Suga (smut) 
Masturbating w/ Jimin (mild smut) 
Hands, Stars, Flowers 
Dirty Talking (smut) 
Hormone War 
Over (smut) 
At The Airport w/ Jungkook 
Not Her 
Too Old For Sesame Street 
It’s Okay. It’s Not Real. 
The Tease (smut) 
A Confession 
Not Her (pt.2) 
I didn’t do it! I swear! w/ Jungkook 
Something Precious 
Just One Bite (smut) 
Shock w/ Jungkook 
A Late Night 
Ideal Girl AU 
An Attempt 
It’s The Thought That Counts w/ Jin 
Five More Minutes w/ Jungkook 
Ideal Boy AU 
Like a Mother 
An Unplanned Confession 
Where Did You Come From? 
Revenge & Lazy Mornings 
Cursed by a Cat w/ Jimin & Jungkook 
Every Damned Time (smut) 
You Started This (smut) 
The Dreaded Interview 
It Was an Accident w/ J-Hope 
A Splendid Failure 
The Goddamned Street Performer w/ Jungkook 
Body Shots (smut) 
Pink-haired Snow White
The Night Class
Christmas Surprise
I Hate This Part Right Here (smut)
First Time Making Out
I’ll Make You Feel Beautiful (smut)
Love Is Not Over (smut)
Comfortable Discomfort
Watch Us w/ J-Hope (smut)
It Doesn’t Matter: Part 1 | Part 2
Dinner For Three w/ Jimin (smut)

Beach Date 
Approaching You For The First Time 
First Kiss 
Swim Meet (*EDIT: I can’t find a link for this) 
Unrequited Love 
Kiss Me in the Rain 
Han River 
Dry Series; Jungkook 
At The Airport w/ V 
Pepero Kiss 
Haunted House 
Sweet Dreams (smut) 
Ideal Type: AU 
Don’t Lie 
I didn’t do it! I swear! w/ V 
Shock w/ V 
Notice Me 
Five More Minutes w/ V 
Three Damn Weeks (smut) 
Transformation (vamp!kook) 
Resistance (vamp!kook pt 2) 
Crowns & A Rose 
Quiet (smut) 
The Calm (vamp!kook pt 3) 
Desperation (vamp!kook pt 4) 
Nightmare (vamp!kook pt 5) 
Mystery (vamp!kook pt 6) 
Remember (vamp!kook pt 7) 
Maybe w/ Suga 
Cursed by a Cat w/ V & Jimin 
Crowns & a Rose (pt 2) 
Second Chances 
Convergence (vamp!kook pt 8) 
Memory (vamp!kook pt 9) 
Action (vamp!kook pt 10) 
Truth (vamp!kook pt 11) 
Wanders + Wonders  
I Knew This Was a Bad Idea  
Crowns & a Rose (pt 3) 
The Goddamned Street Performer w/ Taehyung 
Between Sleep and a Facetime Call
Jin’s Method (smut)
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jimin
Pondering Pine
What Would Christmas Be Like Without You?
Sometimes I Wonder
Students by Day, Slayers by Night w/ Jimin (pt 2)
Students by Day, Slyaers by Night w/ Jimin (pt 3)
“and i think to myself, ‘you’re just like me.’”
Love in Between w/ Jimin 
I Didn’t Plan This w/ Jin (smut)
I Know
Your Shot
Nothing Like Us
“Pack me in your suitcase.”
To Ashes
Toes In The Sand w/ Jin

Sailor Moon and Selfies 
When Watching the Walking Dead 
Lupae Loricatae (all parts) 
Chromesthesia Drabbles 
BTS x Tokyo Ghoul (scenarios) 
Daises (business!bts) 
Boys In Love 
The Dreaded Star Topper
BTS x Hugs series
BTS x Angels series

Ask Series  
(where a person asks a question for a member and then other people request for the admins to answer the question with the other members~) 
Ideal Girl 
Ideal Girl Scenario 
Member x Trainee 3 Sentence Fics 
Ideal Boy 
Ideal Boy Scenario 

EXO and LuTaoRis Masterlist

(A) - Angst // (F) - Fluff

Imagines / Scenarios



More to come~

EXO: Chanyeol AU/series


Confession: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 (M)  


Harry Potter AU


Supernatural!AU: Pt. 5: Hot and Wet (Part of Blanc Et Noir series)

Wolf!AU: Out of Line ft. Chen & Kris | For the First Time (M)

Musician!AU: Pt 3: Ice Cream (Part of Rock the Summer series)

Rocker!AU: Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | .


Gangster!AU (Part of Gangster series): Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 (M) |

Joker: Pt.1 (M) | Pt. 2 (M)


Wolf!AU: Fate: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6


Off Air: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 (M)


College!AU: Serendipity: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7Pt. 8Pt. 9 |  Pt. 10 | Pt. 11

College!AU: Serendipity side story: Étoile

Wonderland!AU: Cheshire

Dystopian!AU: Saudade 


Live, Laugh, Love: Live | Laugh | Love

Fraud: Pt. 1 ft. Baekhyun | Pt. 2 ft. Baekhyun


Of Vodka & Dial Tones: Pt. 1 (M) | Pt. 2 (M) | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 (M) (Final) |


Friend Zoned: Pt. 1 ft. XiuminPt. 2 (M)


12 Hours: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 (M) | 

Pat DownPt. 1 | Pt. 2 (M) |

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 10

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (of 27)

Chapter 10 - Confession Pt. 2

Big Bang makes a cameo…

Word Count: 2997 (of 72622)

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OURS PT. 1/3


N and Hyuk prefer to share the ones they love, but only with each other. This causes a bit of friction when (Y/N) grows close with Ravi. 

Request : I love your series’s, they’re amazing!!! Could I maybe request poly!nhyuk where they both get kind of jealous (like, the angry kind not cute kind) over the reader getting too close to the other guys (the 3 aren’t together but nhyuk discussed before) and the guys know how they feel, so they get kind of distant from the reader but when the reader asks, they push them further away, angsty but maybe end with surprise confession fluff?

PT. 1, PT. 2, PT. 3

Killer Cop Confessions aka Hot Cop Pt 2

Back by popular demand, the continuing adventures of Major Salt, Agent Oblivious, and Hot Cop.

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Read Killer Cop Confessions (Part 4) here or on AO3


Maggie and Lucy have an important talk in the Ladies’ Room.

Thanks to this anon for the final line:

Anonymous asked:Continuation of Magic Maggie please? IT’S SO ANGSTY AND LOVELY and also a sentence prompt for that? “Alex?” “I thought that L word chart was bullshit.”

Killer Cop Confessions

     Maggie was beginning to think Little Danvers was psychic. Between game night and somehow conning them all into going to a club for “Millennial Night” (and shit wasn’t that enough to make you feel old. Was 80’s night really that long ago?), Maggie was really beginning to feel hot under the collar. She still hadn’t talked to Alex about Lucy, because quite frankly the thought of doing so scared the shit out of her. And she tried to avoid alone time with Lane for much the same reason, plus it didn’t seem like Lane remembered it.

     Hell, Maggie had only recently remembered it, and probably still wouldn’t remember the details had she not had such a vivid reminder.

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The confession pt 2

You woke up in a red tent. You felt a strange tightness around your shoulder and chest. Whining you covered your ears as you heard bustle outside. You gasped as the tent opened revealing a tired looking Ralof. Before you can utter a word you were engulfed in a gentle protective hug. His voice shook. “Lass… I’m sorry…i should’ve taken better care to keep you safe.” he choked out. Looking into her eyes he swallowed. “I love ya too much to let you go.” you gasped softly but smiled. Hugging him with one arm you said “i love you too.”

You woke up with an eerie silence as you looked up into the stars. The light from the fire was only embers. And you felt a tight cloth around your stomach and furs covering your torso. You blinked as a hand tightened around your own and weakly looked over to see hadvar sleeping. His arms inching ever closer as he buried his head into your neck. “I’m sorry ” he whimpered and looked up at you. His eyes shining with emotion. “I love you too much. I’m so sorry.” he said and pulled you closer. You weakly touched his cheek “i love you too” you whispered

You woke up encompassed in soft velvety blankets and warmth. Blinking tiredly you winced and tried to sit up weakly but couldn’t. And instead looked around tiredly. To your surprise you found that Vilkas was asleep in the chair closest to you. Your eyes widened. You were sleeping in his bed! As you shifted he sleepily blinked his eyes and took your hand. “…… How are you feeling?” he asked and closed his eyes cursing himself. “Please…let me protect you..”

You woke up on the cold stones incredibly sore with a stiff arm. You whined softly and blinked as something shuffled and moved closer. Bringing you warmth as he wrapped his arms around you. Turning you saw Farkas snoring softly with a frown on his face. You leaned your forehead against his and he shifted. Waking up he said sleepily “you….are never going alone hunting again.” he croaked and pulled her closer causing you to flinch. Farkas loosened his hold but kept you close. “I love you lass.” he said quietly


You woke up feeling the soft furs against your skin up to your nose. Squinting you sneezed and turned. Seeing Marcutio looking at you with worried eyes as he kept the fire roaring and running healing hands over you every so often. Turning to you he asked in a scared voice. “Are you ok? I have food. Is the fire cold?  Can you breath well?” the surge of questions caused you to flinch and he quieted. “Never scare me like that again. You’re too important” he said and cupped your cheek. You smiled but frowned. “Marcurio..”
“….where are my clothes?”

You wheezed and coughed. Causing white pain to surge through you and a large hand to push you gently into bed. You weakly opened your eyes seeing brynjolf offering a foul smelling potion. You gulped it with a cringe and brynjolfs eyes saddened. “Vex helped me stitch you up. A close one. ” he said and cupped your cheek. His voice soft and cracking. You looked up at him tiredly. He smiled and whispered. “So beautiful….” and held your hand to his heart as you blushed but whispered “i love you too” before falling asleep.

You woke up in your quarters at the college and groaned. Your shoulder stung and you turned slowly seeing the broken piece of sword thrown in a heap of rags on the table. You heard feet padding around your room. And you looked over and saw J'zargo quickly mixing some ingredients into a bowl and his eyes widened when he saw you awake. “J'zargo is happy (y/n) is awake!” he said and quickly set his things down. “He thought that his magic may not have been strong enough.” he said solemnly and took your hand. You frowned as you saw his face scrunch up in anger. And he turned and gently pressed something cold into your hand. “A foolish bandit wore this. J'zargo found it for you” he said. Handing you the necklace you had lost. Your eyes widened and he smiled charmingly. “Perhaps j'zargo gets a kiss as a reward. Yes?”

List of Master (Mobile)

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[fluff] April’s birthday
[fluff] lazy night
[fluff] Do You Want an Oreo?
[fluff] If Home was A Person
[fluff] Rain
[fluff] Are You Two Dating
[fluff] Cravings
[fluff/angst] Making Up After A Fight
[fluff] Snow
[fluff] Soup

[angst] I need you?
[drabble/angst] If You Just Look at Me
[angst] Tell Me Now
[angst]  Empty by Winner(songfic)
[angst] Just One More Day?

[action/fantasy] Bleach!au

[suggestive] Closer (p.1)


[fluff] 1 o'clock in the morning
[fluff] you work so hard
[fluff] April’s birthday
[fluff] surprise!
[fluff] male reader - Fire
[fluff] Winter Weedles
[fluff] February Fumbles

[angst] The Last Time
[angst/fluff] Wildfire
[angst] Inhumane
[angst] Idol Life Pt.1 2
[angst/fluff] Memorabilia
[angst] Those Final Hours
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[horror] Drive (Hell Walkers)
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Confessions (Pt.2)

Genre: Radio Host! AU

Pairing: Jungkook X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: After hearing Jungkook’s tired and public confession through his radio show you impulsively called him and confessed to him as well. Even though both of you never had a proper break up it was known by the both of you that you weren’t together, especially since he thinks you’re already with someone else.


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“Who is this?” 

The person asks on the other end. The more you heard the person’s voice the more you came to realize it wasn’t even Jungkook. You start to turn red realizing you just confessed to the wrong person.

“S-Sorry. I thought this was Jungkook’s number.”You try to explain.

The person on the other end laughs.

“Ah. It was my fault for answering his phone. I’m the co-host from his radio show. The one that’s going to be taking over as Jungkook leaves. He went to go pack everything up. I can give his phone to him if you want?” Yoongi asks.

“…Do you think packing will take him a while?”

You can hear the man sucking air through his teeth while he tries to calculate how long he thinks it would take him. 

“Probably. Most of the stuff in the studio is his.”

Without even giving a proper goodbye you hang up the phone and run off to get your shoes. Ignoring the cold weather you go all the way to the nearest bus stop, catching a ride. You took a glance outside the window trying to formulate what you were even going to say to him. What if he just said all of that for a dramatic effect so viewers would demand to know what happened next? In that case he wouldn’t need to leave. He could have just told the story without quitting. What exactly was going through his head when he said all of that? The bus came to a stop at the stop you needed and you sprinted off, running to the building. It only took a few more minutes until you busted through the doors of where Jungkook was packing. You tried to catch your breath as Jungkook stood there in shock.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“…P-please….D-don’t….quit…damn, I shouldn’t have ran here…” 

Jungkook goes to the fridge on the side, grabbing you a water bottle and handing it to you as you sit down.

“…So you really were listening..” 

You nod. 

“What you said before. How it was obvious that I should know by now that you love me and you miss me but how would I know that?! You only told me you loved me once out of dating for 3 years! Do you even remember what we fought about back then..?”

He got silent, sitting on the table. 

“Yeah. I do. I practically all I can think about but I just-….can’t express it. I felt like you deserved someone better so I was afraid of talking to you. All I think about is how much I should have said how much I loved you back then and how much I want to know. I thought maybe if I made that announcement that you’d come running down here and tell me you still love me…”

“You weren’t completely wrong.” You admitted.

His eyes seemed glued to you as you standing up from the chair, now being so close to his face. You teared up.

“I do still love you.” You said quietly, trying not to cry in front of him about how much you missed him.

Jungkook looks down, now avoiding your gaze. He grabs you and pulls you close, putting your head in his shoulder as he strokes your head.

“…But, You’re still an idiot. You shouldn’t decide that I don’t need you anymore. I’ll always need you..and please don’t quit” You told him.

He smiles lightly, giving a tired laugh.

“What am I going to tell the listeners? Sorry, I made a mistake and I’m back?”

You shook your head, pulling back to see his face.

“I’ll tell them about how much I love you and that this job was a dream for you.”

And that’s exactly what you did. After a quick 30 minute discussion on how the radio session that night changed everything for the two of you it quickly became viral. Jungkook’s show was now more popular than ever and you were happy about that but you were honestly more happy just to be in his arms again. 

Confession Pt. 2


i just wanted to say something before we start, i apologise for the messy stanzas, i realised that i forgot to break them up and it was just messy. so again sorry and yeah…

As you realised who it was your mouth immediately dropped. You hadnt realised that you’ve been staring with your mouth open for quite some time.

“y/n?” chuckling as he saw your mouth drop. You hadnt seen him in so long. The last time you saw him was the graduation party, where you had your first time with him. As you were thinking of your first time, you hadnt notice your cheeks being red as a tomato.

“omg, is that really you?” you questioned as you were still shocked. You looked at him head to toe as you noticed that he grew up really well. He was tall, muscular as you saw through his tight clothing, his smile bright as it was before, eyes making you still lost in them and the hair now that was a different story as it fell down on his shiny forehead.

“yep, its really me” reaching in for a hug. You felt his arms tightly hug you making you feel safe within them. Jungkook coughed slightly to break away the awkward tention in the room. “oh, right. This is Jimin, we used go school to together and yeah we go way back” as he had his arm wrapped around your shoulder making you blush even more.

“Im jungkook” saying as he reached for a handshake. Still awkward as ever, Jimin broke the silence. “y/n, you look beautiful. Ive missed you so much ” giving you a wink. You noticed jungkook was kinda giving a jealous vibe, but why? you only just met him. You pushed that thought away as you sat down at a table, jimin and jungkook following.

You hadnt realised how much attention you gave Jimin. You felt so bad for Jungkook but you hadnt seen Jimin in so long. “ So hows you university?” Jimin asking as he broke your train of thought, sighing “its been alright, ive been stressed but this place gives me good vibes whenever i come here so i guess its good” as you were saying you liked this place you noticed jungkook smiling bigger then ever with a slight blush. You couldnt help but chuckle.

“So how about you?” asking jimin, “its alright, i have a girlfriend. Shes pretty amazing, we go to a lot of countries since shes a photographer”

Girlfriend?! HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND? you were so devastated to hear that news, you were hoping that there was still a spot in his heart for you because of all the things you guys went through. You were his first as well, he loved you back but you guys couldnt commit due to strict rules and school but that never stopped you guys from loving each other. Your face in shock as he continued what has been happening in his life.

You couldnt help but be jealous at the fact he found his love. “So do you have a boyfriend?”
You didnt realise what he said and answered with a nod, “You have a boyfriend?” him being in shock, you realised what he had asked you. You couldnt say no, it would be too embarrassing so you had to think of something. “Y-Yeah, he is right here” pointing at jungkook. Jungkook shocked at what you said and played along with you as he saw you winking at him.

“Y-yep, im her boyfriend, thats me. Aha” slightly worried if they would get caught. “Well thats great i hope you guys have a good relationship” as he was also jealous of the fact you had a boyfriend.

Looking at the clock you realised the time. “Omg, its 4:55?!?” standing up in shock you grabbed your bag and realised you needed to still play along with the lie, you quickly gave Jungkook a quick peck on the cheek as you rushed out the door, you saw jungkook blushing hard as ever but you couldnt waste anymore time.” sorry guys im going to be late to my class, we’ll catch up later“. They both waved and you ran as fast as you could to your class.


Will you be able to keep the lie up for long? Why was Jimin jealous of your relationship when he had one? What will happen to your ’ relationship ’ with jungkook?
Find out next time on confession!!
byee dont know when ill write the next part but just stay tuned!!

Joke Like Confession, Pt. 2 [Jungkook]

Part 1 ; Part 2

Summary: Perhaps it wasn’t the chamomile tea that calmed him down. Perhaps it was your presence. The presence of his childhood friend and lover.

Words: 1.4k

Genre: Angst with fluff ending

Originally posted by jinkooks

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Confessions pt 1 - Prologue

// Part 2 // Part 3// Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 //

Genre: eventually all of them, but for now Romance/fluff

Disclaimer: I decided to take a few elements from a book i like and twist it into a bts boarding school au bc the skt ad fucked me up. I don’t know how long it’ll take but yeah here it is :) I’m really sorry in advance if this totally sucks, i’d really appreciate feedback!!!

Where I come from everything is gray. The parks, the water in the lake at the center of town. Even the sunlight has a dim quality. We barely get spring and we never get autumn.
Neighborhoods are full of standard-issue houses each one exactly the same as the last. 

To find beauty in a place like this you have to use your imagination. All I imagined my entire eleventh grade was this: the Brentwood fine arts academy.

How I came to find myself there, in the place of my dreams, while the rest of my classmates were entering Dullness High, I’m still not totally sure. Something to do with my Dancing skills, my grades, the stellar recommendation of my teachers and I think maybe a little bit of begging on my dad’s part. But at this point, I didn’t care. I was there, and this place was everything I had dreamed it would be.

I couldn’t help but notice that everything seemed to be more colorful and somehow classier. Even the sidewalks were prettier: neat and lined with leafy trees. Under the shade of those trees, a pair of pretty girls around my age chatted their way into the campus.

As out of place as I felt in my worn out skinny jeans and my oversized white shirt I had never wanted to live anywhere more than I wanted to live here in Brentwood. I couldn’t believe that very soon I actually would. I felt something warm inside my chest. Something I had felt less and less over the last few years since my mother’s accident. I recognized it as hope.

A small wooden sign on a short stone marks the entrance to the school. BRENTWOOD ACADEMY ESTABLISHED 1852. The buildings made of brick and stone had tradition and pride oozing from every inch of them.

I was on my way to the advisor’s office when I noticed a group of boys playing around in the grass field. Their blazers were tossed aside and their cheeks were pink from running around. Sitting close to them there was a guy with minty green hair who looked at the others with an amused expression.

About a few meters away from the boys there was a group of gorgeous looking girls laughing and whispering behind their hands as one of the boys playfully winked at them. “Why does everyone here have to look like they just finished a damn photo shoot?” you looked at your clothes and sighed in defeat.

“Brentwood Academy is one of the top-ranked art schools in the country. Which is why, I assume you fought for a place here. But students who transfer from public schools find it to be a…challenging adjustment. I trust that you will not be one of those students, am I right, Miss ___?”

My counselor gave me a look that clearly said I never should have applied to Brentwood in the first place as I was completely out of my league.

“Right” I echoed, giving her a confident smile despite that I wasn’t feeling confident at all. She gave me an equally weak attempt of a smile in return and something gave me the idea that she’s not used to smile much to begin with.

“The academic programs at Brentwood are extremely advanced. Most of the students in your year are taking courses that would be considered senior level or even college by your old high school’s standards” She continued, looking down at what I assumed were my old High school records.

“You’ll need to do a lot of extra work to keep up. Are you up to the task?”

“Yeah I hope so” I said

She looked at me with a confused look on her face.

What did she expect me to say? “No”?

“We expect great things out of each and every one of our students” she said. “So I will be keeping a close eye on you, Miss ___. Here’s your schedule.”

She handed me the paper and I looked at the bronze nameplate on her desk that clearly stated her position as guidance counselor. So far all she was trying to do was guide me crying to the nearest airport.

I took the paper and took a look at it, taking in words like “art history” “Advanced music theory” and “Russian 3.” How in god’s name had I been placed into Russian 3?

“You should get going,” she said. “House meetings begin in twenty minutes. You don’t want to make a bad impression with your house mother on your first day.”

“Thank you,” I said again, and stood.
“Oh, and ___?  Good luck,” she said.

The “you’ll need it” was implied.


 I was halfway across the quad that backed the dorms when I heard someone shout “Heads up!!!”

Which, of course, made me look up instead of making me duck as I was supposed to.

I dropped my schedule and grabbed the football ball out of the air about a tenth of a second before it crushed my nose. My heart was in my throat.

“Nice reflexes.” I heard someone say underneath me.

I looked down and saw a familiar looking guy with minty hair sitting directly in my path. If the ball had not
almost rearranged my face I would have tripped right over him
with my next step.

He unfolded his legs, and stood up, picking up my schedule along the way. His minty hair fell over his forehead in a messy yet somehow totally deliberate kind of way falling right over his strikingly deep brown eyes.

“New girl,” he said, looking me up and down.

I flushed. “That obvious?”

“I know everyone that goes to this school,”
“Everyone?”  Hardly possible
“It’s a small school,” he said with a shrug, as he carefully studied me.

Didn’t feel that way to me at all. In fact, it felt pretty damn huge. But hey what would I know, it’s only my first day.

 “Min! Quit flirting and throw the ball back!” the guy who threw the ball at you yelled

this “Min” guy rolled his eyes and held his hand out for the ball but rather than handing it over, I turned, took a few steps, and pointed the ball to the guy farthest from me. It fell right into his hands. 

“y/n ___, Sophomore”


My heart skipped a beat when I realized “Min” was reading my schedule.  

“I’ll take that back now,” I said, reaching for it.
He turned it away from my grasp, holding the schedule up with
both hands.
“Hmmmm….tough schedule” “ We have a smarty on our hands.”

The way he said it, I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad

“Not really,” I replied.
“And modest too” he said sliding a glance in my direction. “You’re one of those girls, aren’t you?”

I was flaming red by this point.

“What girls?”

“Those girls who are smart but pretend they’re not. Those girls
who are absolutely model-level gorgeous but are always saying
they’re ugly,” he said.

Gorgeous? Gorgeous? Was he complimenting me? I hated compliments. I never had any idea

what to do with them. Especially ones I suspected were backhanded.

“Those girls whose very existence tortures all the other self-esteem-lacking girls around her.” He continued.

I snatched my schedule out of his hands and stuffed it into my

back pocket.

“I guess that makes you one of those obnoxious guys who thinks he knows everything and is so full of himself that he’s convinced that everyone around him wants to hear his every last unoriginal thought,” I retorted back.

He grinned. “Touché”

He didn’t even have the decency to act offended. He had that air about him that said he knew exactly who he was and didn’t care much about what I or anyone else thought of him. I envied that.

 “y/n ___, sophomore, I’m Min Yoongi, senior,” he said offering his hand.

No one even close to my age had ever offered to shake my hand before. I eyed him uncertainly as I slipped my hand into his.

 His palm was unbelievably warm and the firm assuredness of his grip sent a rush of anticipation right through me. 

As he stared directly into my eyes his smile slowly widened. Did he feel it too? or did he somehow just know that I felt it?

His cell phone rang and he finally pulled away, sliding it out of
his pocket.

“I have to take this, Business before pleasure. And trust me, it was a pleasure to meet you. y/n ___ .”

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

Then he strolled off, with his head up so comfortable that he may as well have owned the place. I wondered if he actually did.