confessions of witches under torture

Arrow 5x17 “Kapushion” After thoughts

This wasn’t a bumpy ride this was straigth…

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Now I’ve slept and gathered my thoughts (somewhat) and here’s my take on the episode 

First and for most, I was expecting a great acting episode. It was, but only from one actor IMO

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Stephen Amell owned this episode. He was on screen 100% of the time, no breaks, and both storylines were hard and mentally painful.

I trully appreciate what he delivered and what it must have cost him so my Kudos go exclusivly to him on this episode.

Now for the episode itself.


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Kapushion IMO is a split personality from Oliver, I don’t have enough knowledge of psycology but what I felt while seeing the episode is that Talia’s training worked, Kapushion is a separate entity.

He’s truly a Monster in the making (still training); he’s the darkest character on Arrow (Prometheus and, I dare say, Deathstroke pale at the shade of Kapushion). The lower point of Kapushion darkness in the episode is undoubtbly the skinning of the man while he’s alive… that gave me “Braveheart” feels.

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It’s dark but not the darkest Humans ever droped to. I’m no Historian but I do know my History pretty well (as far as European, South American, Egyptian History goes) Humans are quite creative when infliting unbridal pain. Russia probably had Stalin times as the peak for sancioned torture and deaths I’m willing to belive some of his methods are still “ingrained” in some criminal organizations there. 

Still it’s dark enough to get Anatoly affraid for his friend. I do note that there isn’t much that could make a Pakhan affraid in terms of violence. If the Showrunners wanted Anatoly affraid for Oliver it had to be something very very violent and dark… it was.

Kapushion is a darkest version of Prometheus IMO

Oliver Queen / Kapushion and Adrian Chase / Prometheus

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The difference between Kapushion and Prometheus is Oliver Queen.

Oliver Queen doesn’t like what Kapushion does (he tells this to Anatoly). Without the hood Oliver Queen still has a morality frame, a right and wrong frame. He knows it’s wrong but he’s dissociating himself from the persona. “It was him not me”.

Adrian Chase truly is Prometheus. He doesn’t need the mask to be Prometheus. He isn’t dissociative he’s purely psycotic with or without the mask. While training with Talia he didn’t give the Monster an identity, he turned himself into a Monster.

Oliver Queen

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Both in Flashbacks and in present time Oliver main concern are other, others he cares about: the promise he made to Taiana, Taiana’s mother (even if Kovar kills her), Anatoly, Evelyn, William, Felicity.

It’s love that drives him. Love for his friends, love for his family, love for his Felicity.

“I wanted to. And I like it”

Everyone that studied history (Holy Inquisition, US dark times of Witch Hunting, modern ages torture) know any confession taken under Oliver’s circunstances should be taken with a grain of all the Salt in the Pacific Ocean. Still we have the Flashbacks and in them, after the “confession”, I see Oliver telling Anatoly that he doesn’t like it, a perfect opposite of what he’s telling Adrian in present time. I tend to believe more on what Oliver tells Anatoly than what Oliver after torture tells Adrian.

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About Anatoly I’m going to take a leap here. After all the talks and even knowing that Oliver doesn’t like the killing and torture Kapushion does, Anatoly sends what to me is a clear sign that he wants Oliver to keep being Kapushion by handing him back the hood. It would have been easy to keep it and stop the darkness in Oliver from escalating but in the end I think Pakhan Anatoly takes precedence from Anatoly the friend, for the Pakhan a killer at Kapushion level is an high level asset and Anatoly intends to keep it. And keep him close, he makes Oliver Captain of the BRATVA.

In present times Oliver comes back to the Team resign, defeated, by Prometheus maybe but also by himself. He went back to thinking that everything he did, even good things he did, are tainted. No matter what he does his darkness and always will be.


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I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Adrian was a one note character all through the episode. As Bad’s go he really did pale in comparison to Kapushion. And with Stephen stellar performance Josh falled short.

Random thoughts


I felt for her when she came on screen. I trully loved that, even after her betrail, Oliver still wanted to save her. And then she’s just playing along with Prometheus?!?

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Malcolm Merlyn

So Malcolm Merlyn and Kovar have business together and want to overtrow Russian Government.

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Merlyn and Kapushion are kept apart. They have to because back on Season 1 Merlyn was surprised to know Oliver was the one under the Hood.


Loved the fight… I just loved the fight to bits and I’ve been waiting for it since Dolph was casted.

Maybe for the first time ever Arrow does justice to a powerfull foe and Kovar lives. Has pleased as I am to still have Dolph on my screen I know this is going to come back to haunt Oliver…

Could the reborn Kovar be Season 6 Big Bad? PLEASE

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Felicity was in so much pain. She couldn’t take her eyes off the bruises on Oliver’s body, specialy the burned BRATVA tattoo. I could see her pain and I know I just know that its going to brew into an unbridal need to make Adrian pay for what he did to Oliver.

On the other hand Oliver wants Adrian far away from Felicity (an William). 

Thing is, these are oposite paths… Felicity is going to lunge at Adrian with the full force of her habillities (and Helix’s) Oliver will try to make her stop. It’s going to be a collision of Universal Proporsions…

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Really can’t wait.

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Last though

Oliver hit the lower level. Is there a sublevel? Maybe be, but I do not thing so. Today I woke up recalling the song “The only way is up” by YAZZ. (can’t get the link to work as a video)

That’s where I am. 

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                                          Reverse baptism

During the witch hunts of the Inquisition, it was believed that the Devil administered a sacrilegious baptism, especially during sabbats, as part of an infernal pact of loyalty. The witches renounced their faith in Christ and adopted a new name to symbolize a sort of “ rebirth”, in some documents it is written that the witches were baptized with their own blood, and also children offered to Satan as sacrifices were baptized along with adults. These accounts are not real confessions, since most of them were forced confessions given under torture.

Image: The Devil re - baptisting a male witch 

littlelaceddandelion  asked:

Hey, I know you aren't a practitioner of Wicca (neither am I) but I do need your advice for a Wicca-related thing. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start getting into Wicca? I'm not trying to be a Wiccan, but my boyfriend wants to be Wiccan (he comes from a Buddhist/traditional religion family) and I'm not entirely sure what way to guide him. I have no serious experience with Wicca and my witchcraft and spirituality don't normally intermingle so it's not even the same structure

(Not a Wiccan, but I’ll do my best!)

I find the best place to start any journey of this sort is to start acquiring knowledge. Making well-informed choices, or at least correcting wrong assumptions as you go, is the cornerstone of a healthy spiritual life and a healthy witchy mentality.

There’s a lot of Wiccan info in modern pagan literature; pretty much anything you’d pick up off a bookstore shelf should have SOMETHING to do with Wicca, because most of the authors that the big-name publishers work with are, ta-da, Wiccan.

Trouble is, a lot of the popular authors (particularly folks like Silver RavenWolf, Raymond Buckland, Amber K, D.J. Conway, and Edain McCoy) are problematic as hell. Whether it’s appropriation, misinformation, or straight-up elitist bullshit, there’s not really such a thing as an UNproblematic pagan book.

For a beginner, you might start with the works of Scott Cunningham and Kate West. They’re not perfect either, but they’re some of the least problematic books that I’ve found, and I keep them in my own collection to this day.

A word of warning: most Wiccans are very nice people, but there is a LOT of poisonous rhetoric and false history that gets thrown around. Here are some pitfalls to watch out for:

  • “Wicca is an ancient religion” - FALSE. Wicca was created by Gerald Gardner and his circle in the early 1900s. While it is BASED on older traditional beliefs, the religion itself isn’t even a full century old. This not does mean it is any less legitimate; it just means it’s not ancient. And that’s okay.
  • “Wicca and witchcraft are always the same thing” - FALSE. There are plenty of non-Wiccan traditions and paths out there. Wicca is neither the only nor the default way to be a witch, despite what some authors will tell you.
  • “All witches follow the Wiccan Rede” - FALSE. The whole “Harm None” mentality that many Wiccans adopt is not unique to their religion, but it is far from being a requirement for anyone else to follow. Again, Wicca and Wiccan rules are not a default setting. (Also, you’ll see a shit-ton of people here on tumblr who want to cram this idea of one universal witchy morality down people’s throats. This is colloquially called “Rede-thumping” and it is not viewed kindly.)
  • “Cursing is evil / Real Witches don’t curse / Any negative use of magic will come back on you threefold” - The decision of whether or not to use baneful magic is dependent on the practitioner’s will alone. Cursing comes with consequences, there’s no doubt of that, but Real Witches do do it, and there are ways of mitigating the backlash if one does decide to sling a hex or two. Point is, it doesn’t make you evil and it doesn’t destroy your life if used wisely and properly prepared for.
  • “Christians are evil and will persecute you; also they stole all our holidays” - FALSE. While Christianity and Wicca may not agree with each other in matters of religion, not all Christians are out to get you for being a witch. There’s a whole lot of needless Christian-bashing in Wiccan literature; I’m still not sure if this is because of the authorrs having personal issues, or if it’s a larger need to be in opposition to the “establishment” religion; i.e. Special Rebel Snowflake Complex. Also, Christians did not steal pagan holidays. We have this argument on tumblr several times a year.
  • “Millions of witches died in The Burning Times” - NOPE NOPE NOPE. There were witch trials and there were people burnt at the stake, but very few if ANY of them were actually witches. (Confessions extracted under coercion or torture do not count.) Besides which, many of the people who were executed were actually up on charges of heresy; it was a dangerous time to be in disagreement with the crowned heads on matters of religion. (See: The Spanish Inquisition, King James I & VI of England, “Bloody Mary” Tudor) And furthermore, if millions of people had died, in addition to all the other historical hazards, the entire population of Europe would have collapsed. We are NOT the descendants of “the witches they failed to burn,” and we do NOT need a persecution complex to be legitimate.

There are also problems with appropriation and casual racism, as well as an over-focus on cis-gendered heterosexuality in practitioners and deities. A lot of this is author-specific (I’m looking at you, Ravenwolf and Buckland), but it pops up in community conversation from time to time too. Just tread lightly, turn up your Bullshit Detector, read critically, and check academic sources for any historical claims, and, perhaps most importantly, talk to actual Wiccans.

None of this is to say that Wicca is bad, or that Wiccans are bad. I want to emphasize that - I have nothing again Wicca or Wiccans. Like I said, most of them are really lovely, open-minded, well-informed people. It’s not their fault that certain people have given the religion and the community a bit of a bad rap.