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hey yondu, ever heard of a terran by the name of merle dixon?

Yondu: I was scopin’ out the local neighbourhood before I picked up Quill -

Kraglin: You mean, ya went off on a bar crawl. An’ didn’t invite me.

Yondu: …Anyway, I’m fairly sure this fella got called ‘Merle’ by his brother before he socked me in the face.

“The basis for Richonne has been years in the making, and they make total sense getting together, but if you say you wish there’d been some buildup to Richonne going canon, you’re attacked and labeled a hater. I wanted to see them acknowledge they’re into one another in more than a friendly fashion, and had some discussion about their feelings, some doubts, maybe him being jealous of another man he thinks moving in, etc. Not just mints, smile, sex. It was friends-to-lovers just TOO quickly.”

The Walking Dead confession

Are people seriously so dumb that they can’t understand thAT THE WALKING DEAD IS A FICTIONAL SHOW ABOUT A MOTHERFUCKING ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?!?! Josh had to delete his social media accounts because of how bad the abuse got from idiots upset over Eugene seemingly turning on Team Family to join Negan. Josh is such a sweetheart. He doesn’t deserve any of this hate. It’s just as stupid as Chandler getting harassed because Carl was young & impulsive & didn’t know how to adjust to the new world so he took it out on everyone or or Christian getting harassed because Rosita showed normal emotions after Abe left her for Sasha & before they could resolve anything he was murdered in front of them or Norman getting harassed because Daryl showed normal emotions (especially for his character) & punched Negan which inadvertently caused Negan to kill Glenn and so on. I feel like Team Family members get harassed more than JDM & he plays the villain. Stop harassing the actors for stuff their characters do!

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Luke's  death was just complete bullshit. I knew that it was coming, I knew he was gonna die, but how and especially the fact that he did is just bullshit. He always brightened the mood and cared for Clem & he had to carry around the guilt of his friends deaths - which he had nothing to do with & the last thing he wanted was for Clem not to put herself at risk. His muttering “please, just go back, please” was just so fucking devastating that everytime I think about it I just want to drop onto the floor & bawl my eyes out. He died on his birthday as well at only 27 years old. He was like the last person that actually gave a shit about Clem. And the fact that the two shittiest people got to live till the very end just pisses me off. To be honest I don’t even think that I’ll play season 3 after this episode. The fact that Clementine was alone AGAIN (or with Kenny/Jane) was just really unsatisfying. The only way that I’ll at least check out season 3 is if Luke is back. He was the only good character everyone either betrayed Clem, abandoned Clem, took advantage of Clem, or just went bad. Luke died saving Clementine. There are many ways that he could have made it, like Kenny, it was absolutely impossible for him to have made it out but he just popped up without an explanation. Luke could have gotten free from the walker, floated up to the top unconscious and have someone come by & rescue him, the other ending, he was most likely unconscious, people still could have found him. But either way, if this game was actually realistic, Clementine would have most likely gotten hypothermia & died.
But for now, Luke shall swim freely in the water as a mermaid  :’)

Not the same gun.

The trailer shot of Daryl holding, looking at & thumb touching the gun with tally marks & then there is the gun Daryl is using to make explosions. Someone said perhaps it’s the same gun. But while it is similar in size, I don’t see any tally marks on the gun he’s using in his action shot, that are on the other one. So unless the tally marks are added later (There are 40 tally marks btw, which is Carol’s kill count) I don’t think they’re the same gun. So there is a chance that the gun with the tally marks is Carol’s & Daryl sees it. This could possibly lead to Daryl & Carol having the big important talk that we’ve all been hoping for & it could probably lead to confessed feelings.


Lately, the confessions that ANONYMOUS PEOPLE send in are hate confessions in a way and the backlash that those get are starting to get out of hand, especially since I’m the one that has to hear about it, I’m the one that has to get notifications about it.

So starting today, no more hate will be posted. At all. Especially since there is far too much hate both on the internet and out in the world today. If you do feel like sending in a hate confession, either grow a pair and post it yourself or reword it in a nicer way, or find something else to send a confession about.

But we should all respect the opinions of others. If you don’t like Bethyl, that’s fine. If you like Bethyl, that’s also fine. Same thing goes for every ship and character out there.

Confessions that do have hate will not be posted and will be deleted. Thank you for your time reading this.

I don’t understand how everyone hates Luke. 
He did one mistake and all of a sudden people just forgotten all the good he’s done. Like everyone forgotten that he literally ran across a whole entire state to save his group without food, water or sleep, just now went after Sarah and would blame himself if you left her, shielded clementine on the bridge, tried to catch her when she almost slipped, and was against putting her in the shed and ended up giving her food.

Really, hes done a lot more good than bad. 

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Ben can be a coward and a fuckup at times, but yeah he’s a kid. Everyone got thrusted into the Survive-day-by-day life in a moment, some have seen it before, or already going through it. Hell I know I would most likely die within the first week or 2. Even so, Clem and Duck were in the same/similar situations (When Clem got kidnapped and Duck helped get Marshal’s son get killed). We have all been there. That’s why I didn’t want him to die. He had a lot of potential, and a lot of growth as a character.
He just wanted to help and prove himself. We saw this when they raided Crawford, and even when they went to go find Clem. He would have died at any other given chance. But he had good intentions (like when he found the axe that they shoved into the door). I know if fucked up numerous times, but they may or may not have risked someone’s life.
Ben may not have been cut out for that life since a it’s a literal dog-eat-dog world, but the weak grow stronger. Some people who were in power probably were no bodies in the lifetime before. Ben was given numerous chances, and he fucked them all up, but he proved himself though each time. He may not have been a natural leader like Clem, but he was a hard worker.

I know this is long, but I wanted to get it off my chest. I loved him as much as I loved Lee and Clem… he was a good guy with good intentions.