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“I thought I’d love Hearthfire, but the way it ruins interesting NPCs by making them all the same makes me cringe; I wish they would let the characters have some of their past lives back. Let Vilkas return to the companions every now and then. Make their dialogues more personal. If it doesn’t suit you, then marry someone else. Hearthfire is like a very good mod - but not an expansion.“

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One companion I really connected with was Blackwall. After first thinking he was a badass Grey Warden I really made sure that I had a great friendship with him. After learning of his past in the most Shakespearean way, I kept him in the Inquisition because my heart broke so much for him and I couldn’t just abandon him. He will always be my favorite companion to have and my favorite companion overall in the DA series.            

Is it too much to ask...

Is it too much to ask for a hug?

Maybe not,

But the kind I want might be.

I want a hug from a pal…

A friend…?


A soulmate.

I want a hug from someone who knows

That a hug is exactly what I need.

I want a hug from that person

That human

That lovely


And wonderful being

That can just look at me

And know that a hug is what I need.

But not just a friendly, two-second hug.


I want a hug that lasts for minutes.

I want to be able to close my eyes

And take a deep breath in

And let it out with all my worries.

I want a hug from the person

Who makes me feel safe just by talking to me

Who makes me want to smile just because they looked my direction

Who makes me want to dance in circles…

Just because they exist.

… Is that too much to ask?

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Wooow (let's say Sole is 18 years old and is insanely pretty) And the companions get truth and have to tell their true feeling for Sole??

What if: Companions confessed their true feelings for F!Sole (For a truth)

Cait: “Ya already know I’m madly in love with ya Sole”

Sole’s reaction:

Codsworth: “Ma’am, I think you should know…that I consider you, My Family!”

Sole’s reaction:

Curie: “Madame… I…you…you make me really nervous s-sometimes, a-and my face usually feels hot when I’m around you…”

Sole’s reaction:

Danse: “……you are being distracting most of the time Soldier… I have a hard time focusing on the mission when you are close to me…”

Sole’s reaction:

Deacon: “Honestly Boss, there’s no one else I’d like to be called Death Bunnies with!”

Sole’s reaction:

Dogmeat: Dogmeat loves you whatever you do!!

Sole’s reaction:

Hancock: “C’mon love, you’re smart enough to know about my impure thoughts!”

Sole’s reaction:

Macready: “Uhh, well… I’m really thankful for what you did for me and Duncan… honestly, you remind me of Lucy…”

Sole’s reaction:

Nick: “I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me…I couldn’t ask for a better partner”

Sole’s reaction:

Piper: “I just consider you my best friend……gah, fine! Maybe something more than that…”

Sole’s reaction:

Preston: “You gave me a reason to live, General. I won’t deny I have feeling for you!”

Sole’s reaction:

Strong: “Strong respect human. Blue human is Strong’s human. Strong protect his human”

Sole’s reaction:

X6-88: “…I think you are mankind’s best hope. I admire your skills, Ma’am”

Sole’s reaction:

Maxson: “I think you make a great Knight. You are all I nee~…ehem, you are all the Brotherhood needs…”

Sole’s reaction:

Gage: “I’ll tell ya now Boss, you are one hell of a chick. Never met anyone more badass than you.”

Sole’s reaction:

Ada: “I find myself respecting you Ma’am. Your power and determination is inspiring!”

Sole’s reaction:

“I don’t get all the hate for the Companions. I have 5 different characters and each one has completed the Companions quest line because it’s one of my favourite guild quest lines, seconded only to the Dark Brotherhood. I love the characters within Jorrvaskr, and I love having Farkas as my follower. I honestly cried when I saw Kodlak in Sovngarde, and I was glad that I’d helped him get there.”

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *thinking of starting some drama today*<p/><b>Me:</b> C'mon, you can do this.<p/><b>Me:</b> *takes a deep breath*<p/><b>Me:</b> So.... I highkey kinkshame people who romance Paladin Danse. <p/><b></b> There. I said it.<p/></p><p/></p>

Confession: DA:I changed my life in a lot of ways, which sounds silly because it’s a game, but more than anything else the romance with Solas made me realize how shitty my real relationship was. It was dull and also dysfunctional, just a total “safety net” situation. There was no emotional or intellectual stimulation, no common interests, no passion… Only codependency. Solas had such a unique way of looking at the world and demanded nothing of my Lavellan… it really made me think.

It got to the point where my ex even noticed I had a difference in attitude (he didn’t know it was because of the Dread Egg). I was no longer clingy, afraid, unsure… I learned to stand on my own two feet and in the end it made him leave. At first it devastated me. Then on top of that, SOLAS left me. I was so angry. I was the angriest Lavellan around. But then as I continued the game without Solas and as I completed Jaws Of Hakkon without him in my party - it dawned on me. I was my own person. I love Solas and I wish it could have ended differently, and I did choose to redeem him… but I did NOT need him.

At first I decided to “harden my heart to a cutting edge” but then, no. I am strong and independent but my heart is open, loving, and forgiving. I’m who I’m supposed to be.