confessions of a wrestling fandom

“I get so tired of hearing “wow, you know a lot about wrestling, for a girl/chick”. No, I know a lot about wrestling, period. I spend all of my free time watching wrestling, on wrestling sites, listening to podcasts, on the Network, or looking up matches on Youtube. I know what I know because I take the time to learn it; my gender has nothing to do with it.“

Full confession: “Whether or not you like a wrestler, I get physically sick when I see people celebrating someone being released, like recently with Khali or praying for it like with Slater or Rowan (yes there are people who want to see Rowan released) I want to make it entirely clear I don’t care if they meet your personal criteria or not. Everyone on that roster risks their bodies and their very lives to entertain people, so when people refer to Khali as a “thing” it shows who are the ingrates in the IWC. You don’t have to like every single wrestler, but show some goddamn respect for what these guys go through for you.”

“When someone says “I don’t like Renee Young” the AUTOMATIC response is, “Deluded Ambrose fangirl”.  When someone says, “I don’t like AJ Lee” the AUTOMATIC response is, “Stupid Bella fan”.  When someone says “I quite like Finn Balor” the AUTOMATIC response is, “Wrestling is about more than looks you know!”  STOP GENERALIZING EVERYONE AND LISTEN TO THEM FIRST! Maybe, just maybe, people other than Ambrose fangirls dislike Renee Young? Maybe not all of them even dislike her? Think before you generalize for god’s sake!" 

“The fans who insist on calling wrestlers by their real names really bother me for some reason. Especially when they’re saying stuff like "Jonathan Good and I are going to get married.” They just come over as a little crazy when they say things like that; in my opinion. I for one ship myself with wrestlers but I damn sure don’t use their real names. Seth and I are going to make beautiful fictional babies.“

“Why does it seem that fans praise certain wrestlers when they’re not getting a push but when they get the big push the fans are like “Why does he deserve the push? That push could’ve been better suited for Erick Rowan,” for example, then if WWE pushed Rowan they’d be saying “Rowan doesn’t deserve the push, push Axel!” And so on and so forth. I think that fans who pull that need to support one person and stick to them, stop back flipping. It gets on the nerves of the IWC”