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The one sucky thing about studying abroad: Stacks on stacks on stacks…. of forms. So much dang paper work!
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Hello Studyblr Community (^-^),


I am new to the Studyblr community so I thought that I would just take the time to introduce myself.

My name is Anna, I am 17 and  entering my first year of university this September. I plan on taking Computer Science. Decided to create this blog in hopes that it makes me more motivated to do my school work and put more effort into school and learning.

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I plan on creating a bunch of original content as soon as school starts so stay tuned.

p.s. this is technically a repost because I changed the name of the blog and it said that the old post just connected to a blog that was deactivated.

When someone says they didn't have a hard time returning from study abroad

This is the funniest thing I've read all day

Nottingham Uni

I’m a massive fan of Toy Story. I grew up with all the films etc, and managed to get my hands on all the toys. These have stayed with me up until university, and they are currently placed on a shelf above my bed. Anyway, this one particular night, I managed to pull this hot blonde girl, who I then got back to my room and began to consumate with. She was so so dirty, I felt a little bit useless as she was really going for it! After two rounds, I was feeling a little limp, however, managed to get a semi, so for the third round, she tried to go ontop to stimulate me even more. But, she soon stopped and told me I was limp. HOWEVER, she then leans over me, and seductivly whispers in my ear “Fuck me with Mr Potato head”. I have never been more disgusted in my life. I told her to get her clothes back on and leave. She was fit, but I’ll never accept such blasphemy towards a Toy Story characrer.