confessions of a potterholic

Every time someone tries to correct my Potter knowledge with a reference to the film, I swear, a Weasley dies.

Also a little piece of my soul. This is a pet peeve. I’m not really a horrible person, I just.. asdfhjhjklkdj. I’ll keep the specifics out of this or it may turn into a rant, but if you want to keep to the facts than simply don’t look to the films. I’m not a fan. 

“From the moment I saw her,I knew she was the one,but I know for that to happen,I must date other people before we meet. It actually hurts,loving her. I get pains in my heart if I think about it too hard,like now. I’m almost crying writing about it now. Did I mention I was a girl? I don’t stalk her,I try not to think about her TOO much. I keep distance. A LOT of distance. I just needed to get this off my chest. Sorry if I creep people out with this.”