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What Do You Say When Words Are Not Enough (Part Two)

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Part Two: El Gitano del Amor

This chapter is very Tony based. Some sexual undertones that you might not be used to seeing on this blog, so very interested to see what you make of that, as always please let me know x

The scene where Tony and Reader go dancing was heavily influenced by this scene from the Ugly Truth (2009) and the song I imagined them dancing to, and which this chapter is named after, is the same from that scene which can be found here if you’d like to listen as you’re reading. 

Summary: Bucky broke your heart completely, and though you never thought you could love someone like that ever again, after Tony confesses he has carried feelings for you for a long time, could you find it in you to take another chance on love? Will Bucky let you?

Warnings: Sexual undertones between reader and Tony.

Words: c. 2,282

You spent the next few days keeping out of Tony’s way, you really weren’t trying to be cruel but you were so utterly confused, when just a few days ago you had been slowly trying to come to terms with the fact that you were alone and now someone you had known for years, someone you trusted implicitly was professing his love for you.

But yet, you couldn’t seem to get him off your mind, you found yourself remembering that kiss, how it had made you feel, and then the what ifs would creep in.

What if you gave it a go and he left you, just like Bucky?

Or what if after a few weeks he realised that the real you was very different to the one he thought he was in love with?

What if? What if? What if?

What if he was the love of your life and you just had to give him a chance?

You threw the covers off you and got out of bed, you couldn’t sleep with all the ‘what ifs’ swimming around your brain, so you decided there was only one thing you could do and that was go talk to him.

As you climbed down the stairs towards his lab, your heart was in your mouth, and as he appeared before you it seemed to stop altogether. He was working on a machine of some sort, black rings under his eyes and looking like he hadn’t slept properly in years.

He hadn’t.

At first he didn’t notice you and you watched him work silently for a few moments until he caught you out of the corner of his eye, and momentarily stilled.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” he stated simply.

“I have,” you admitted picking at a loose thread on your shorts “It’s not excusable, but I’ve been trying to figure it all out.”

“You’ve thought about what I said?” he asked in a way that he believed masked the insecurity behind the question.

It didn’t.

“It’s all I’ve thought about since,” you answered honestly, hoping that he would turn around and look at you, and smiling gently when he finally did, and you watched a little smile flutter across his face.

“I’ve been going crazy trying to figure it all out on my own and I guess I thought that maybe I didn’t need to, that maybe I could come to you?”

“Y/n, you know you can. C’mon you know me!”

“I thought I did Tony, but how could I have missed your feelings. How was I so blind?”

He placed his tools down and wiped his hands with a rag before coming closer and taking your hand in his and placing a kiss to your knuckles, “You were in love y/n. How could you have possibly seen?”

You hung your head and he hooked his finger under your chin making you look up at him.

“Talk to me, tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours.”

“Ever since we kissed I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop replaying moments in my head, before Bucky, I thought we were just friends then but if I’m honest there was always something else underlying it wasn’t there?” to this he nodded with a soft smile “but I’m still healing, he really hurt me Tony and I’m not sure I’m completely over that just yet.”

“You think I don’t know that sweetheart?” he soothed “I’m not expecting you to forget about him, I know what you had, all I’m saying is that you deserve a chance to be happy and I think, I think I could make you happy eventually. But I will never push you, anything we do or don’t do would be completely at the pace you want to go.”

You smiled, feeling like the weight of worlds had been lifted from your shoulders, and felt yourself blush a little at the fact that he was still holding your hand.

“Look leave aside my feelings,” Tony smirked “let’s just go out and have some fun, enjoy each other’s company, whatever happens happens and whatever doesn’t, well I’ll be sorry but I won’t regret trying, not with you.”

You smiled shyly and nodded “Ok.”

He silently celebrated and then spun you around and dipped you, “Does madam by any chance like dancing?”  he enquired over your shocked giggles and as he pulled you back up you felt a spark ignite in your stomach.

“She likes it very much,” you replied tone teasing.

“Good, I’m taking you dancing tomorrow night,” he announced and you felt genuine excitement for the first time in months.

As Nat was walking out of the gym that morning you approached her timidly.

“I need your help,” you told her and she immediately dropped her bag and was by your side in an instant.

“It’s nothing serious but I need you to not ask me any questions I just need you to help.”

“Anything!” she promised.

“I need you to make me look good tonight,”

She gasped and put her hands over her mouth “You have a date?”

You looked like a deer caught in headlights as you hushed her “Please Nat, you promised, no questions.”

“No questions!” she promised quieting down “But I am going to make you look bomb, trust me!”

“So where exactly are you heading?” she asked as you emerged from the shower and she raised her hands to claim innocence “I’m not asking to be nosy, I’m asking so I can guess what to do with your hair.”

“I’m going dancing,” you confessed and you watched Nat mask the excitement on her face extremely well, “I know just the dress for you, sit down and we’ll start on your hair.”

“Ok you can look now,” She said turning you around to look in the floor length mirror, and your jaw fell open as you gasped.

“Nat what did you do?” you asked smile so wide it hurt as you shamelessly checked yourself out in the mirror. The little black dress she gave you hugged your figure in all the right places and you couldn’t help but run your hands down your sides.

“Oh honey that’s all you, all I did was bring it out,” she teased with a light smack to your butt.

You spun around and pulled her into a hug and she laughed easily against you, “You’re welcome,” she laughed, “Now go get him…whoever he is.”

You were meeting Tony at the venue because you didn’t want to arise suspicions by leaving together and even though his driver tried to make small talk with you on the ride you were ridiculously nervous, you hadn’t been on a date since, well Bucky and before Bucky it had been years, but mostly it was good nerves with a hint of excitement.

Tony had refused to tell you where you were going and so the whole night was going to be a surprise for you and you’d never done anything like this before.

The doorman led you to the table where Tony was seated and as soon as he saw you he rose to his feet. You watched him visibly swallow as he looked you up and down, biting on his bottom lip and you decided you definitely owed Nat a few drinks just for that reaction alone.

As you came to a stop in front of Tony he came forward to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Y/n you look…I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful you look,”

“Well if it’s made Tony Stark speechless I’m going to guess that Nat did good?”

“She did good!” he agreed “Hi sweetheart,”

“Hi,” you smiled shyly and took your seat, as he moved to sit back on his one across from you.

Soon drinks were flowing and you were leaned close to each other to hear over the Latin-American music playing in the background.

You laughed loudly as Tony was in the middle of a tall tale about he had set Rhodes up for a date with a super model, and as his story wound down he looked you fondly in the eyes, reaching for your hand across the table he smiled more so to himself than you “I love making you laugh, you have such a great laugh.”

Your smile slipped off your face, remembering some of Bucky’s parting words to you, as Tony’s face suddenly looked panicked.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No. No,” you shook your head reaching across the table to brush the pad of your thumb across his cheek “No you didn’t.”

His hand immediately flew up to catch your hand as you moved it away from his face, and he spent a few seconds just looking into your eyes.

“I’m not used to this,” he told you finally looking away.

“Used to what?” you coaxed gently.

“Being nervous around a lady,” he confessed and you laughed light-heartedly again.

“That’s because you’re Tony Stark, playboy extraordinaire.”

“I was,” he agreed.

“Not anymore?” you wondered with a cock of your head. You were teasing and he knew so he relaxed back into his chair.

“Not anymore,” he confirmed with a wink “At least I don’t want to be like that anymore.”

You played with the olive in your martini as you shyly answered “I don’t want you to be like that anymore either.”

“Oh yeah and what Tony Stark would you like me to be?” he asked with a smirk.

“The real one, not the one you pretend to be for the rest of the world.,” you answered so truthfully he had to take a swig of his drink.

You laughed to yourself as he downed the rest of his drink and urged you to do the same.

“I believe I promised the lady a dance,” he smirked taking your hand and pulling you out onto the dance floor.

Tony took the lead, pulling you close to his body and then spinning you away, dipping you low and then pulling you flush against his chest again.

You found yourself biting down profusely on your bottom lip because who on earth could have predicted that he would know how to dance like this?

You turned your body away from him and he pulled your hips back until you were rubbing against him as he attached his lips to your neck, and you began to grind against him, and he groaned gutturally in your ear, you moved your hand up to rest in his hair and his hands roamed up the sides of your body and across the soft fabric against your stomach.

You had no idea where this spark of sexual electricity had come from, but it made you wonder why you had never noticed it with Tony before, especially when he finally turned you back around to face him and it looked like he wanted to eat you alive.

His hands moved down to your lower back as he pulled you impossibly closer and you almost shrieked when he dipped you low and pressed a kiss to the exposed skin of your neck, he laughed and it was the goddamn sexiest thing you had ever seen.

As he pulled you back up, you flipped you hair over one shoulder, and allowed him to turn you around again, pulling your hips back against him, and he placed quick kisses down your bare shoulder.

“Tonight, the way you look,” he was almost panting “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

You turned in his arms, snaking your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his, and feeling a fire burning in your stomach when he responded, by grasping the hair at the nape of your neck, forcing you to lift your head so he could kiss you deeper.

On the car ride back to the tower, you didn’t speak a word and the tension in the air could literally be cut with a knife, you were afraid to even look his way for fear of your actions.

“Remember, not a word of seeing us tonight!” he ordered his driver and he swore his silence.

You walked slightly ahead, carrying your heels in your hand and head slightly fuzzy.

As soon as he stepped into the elevator beside you, it was like a magnetic field of energy as you came together, and he pushed you against the wall of the elevator, completely ignoring when the doors opened and closed on your floor and the elevator continued up to his floor.

“Wait, wait y/n,” he urged softly placing his hands on your shoulders breaking the kiss, “Believe me I never ever say things like this, but are you sure?” You looked like you were about to argue and he kissed your forehead “If it’s too soon for you, if we’re moving too fast we don’t have to do this. You can come in and we can have a few more drinks before we go to sleep. I’d love for you to stay with me tonight but nothing needs to happen.”

He was right, you knew he was right, you’d both had a lot to drink and you were so caught up in him at the moment that you could have easily rushed straight in, you were thankful he was thinking clearly.

“You’re right,” you agreed and he dropped his head to your chest and you stroked his hair.

“I can’t believe I talked us out of mind-blowing drunken sex. Me… I did that.”

You couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief either as the elevator doors opened and he took you by the hand leading you into his apartment.

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Better Late Than Never - Sehun scenario

Requested by anon: May I have a request where you and Sehun or Kai (You can pick) are best friends BUT in college he becomes a Playboy ;-; and ignores you, but later he confesses out for jealousy :3 Thank you!!!!!!! Love you <3

Here it is! idk why but Sehun spoke most to me for this scenario, I hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you so much for the request, I really hope you like it <3 I’m so sorry it’s taken so long, my Internet has been beyond awful this past week… On the bright side, it’s done and I loved writing it! Love you too sweetie!!x

genre: somewhat angsty, some fluff 

word count: 2.1k (sorry this is so long I just kinda started and didn’t stop ?)

please feel free to request a pt.2 if you enjoy this!  I wanna write fluffy Sehunnnnnnn 

Originally posted by sehurn

You hugged your books closer to your chest, fighting against the sharp breeze as you crossed the campus courtyard. Silently cursing your roommate, who had snuck into your room in the middle of the night to unplug your alarm clock and use the outlet to charge her phone, you tried to ignore your grumbling stomach. Having only woken up ten minutes before, you had left the dorm before you had the chance to even think about eating. In order to make it to your Psychology I class on time, you had needed to leave right away; you took minimal time to change out of your pyjamas and into jeans, a tank top, and knit cardigan. Your pace quickened as your classroom door came into sight. 

You reached the doorway just as your professor reached for the handle to close it. “I’m so sorry.” You breathed, offering a small smile. 

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The Set Up Plan (Tony X Reader)

Characters: Tony X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Jealousy, mild swearing


Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could write about tony having a crush on the reader, but not confessing because he thinks the reader will reject him cuz if his playboy reputation. Avengers know this so they make him jealous which leads to him confessing his feelings to the reader?? leads to fluff?? I rlly like ur writing!!!

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

“Good Morning Tony.” You greeted coming into the lab with some files. Tony looked up at you and smiled. “Good Morning Bruce.” You greeted as well but Tony only heard you say his name.

“Good morning Y/N.” He greeted. You dropped off some files at Tony’s desk and he watched you leave.

“You look like a love sick puppy Tony.” Bruce told him, snapping him out his daydream and blushing like mad, looking at his work again.

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Genji Masterlist

- Recovering From an Injury

- Showing Affection

- Apologising/Making up After a Fight

- Watching the Rain Together

- First Kiss

- Trusting Spirit Dragons

- Bed Time

- Masturbating Thinking About S/O (NSFW)

- Soulmate AU

- Returning after being Missing

- Returning after being Missing Alt.

- Trying to Recover too Quick

- Talon S/O

- Being Calmed Down after a Nightmare

- Captured S/O

- Talon Torture

- Praise Kink (Ft. Zenyatta) (NSFW)

- Thigh Riding (NSFW)

- Rainy Day HC

- Confessing Feelings

- Morning Sex (NSFW)

- High School Playboy

- Halloween Costume 🎃

- Crush HC

- Vampire Genji 🎃

- Little Boobs (NSFW)

- Scars

- Interrupting S/O Masturbating (NSFW)

- Reunited

- Overwatch Kink Week Day Seven - Shibari (NSFW)

- Lights Out

- Study Session

- Scalp Rubbing

- Facesitting (NSFW)

- Ignored S/O


I wanted to doodle a little thank you to @skillshotlabs for giving us a great year of cute wonderful senpai~! so… thank you guys for making me hooked to the only app I’ve played for so long and still love! 
love their winter outfits so much that I had to draw my top five favorite senpai in them. also thank you so much for letting me confess to wakatoshiiwilllovehimforever

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: plot twist: viktor nikiforov has been the one to chase after katsuki yuuri after he was seduced from a performance just short of a personal lap dance. i'm sure that viktor thought yuuri remembered what happened last year at the banquet but he was just too embarrassed to mention it again. once they get back to the hotel room viktor takes out his phone and confesses to yuuri the exact moment that the playboy fell in love with the delicious katsudon.
This is How Our Love Began - Part 10

A/N: HiHihi So Sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday! Tell me if you want me to do part 11, or even an epilogue ^^

Short: After your mother Passed away, your father thought it would be a good Idea to move since your house was too big for the both of you. His best friend said you could live with them and their family. You had no idea that the playboy from school that keeps on teasing you, was their son

Genre: Fluffy fluffy fluff / Semi-Smut

Warnings: Pfft

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 |

After a long night of you and Jimin having fun, it had to end at some point. So you and Jimin sat in his car for a while, just talking about life, school, anything really. But the topic that still plagued your mind was in the gym where Jimin said, “She’s Mine” What did he mean by that? Could he have possibly liked you back?
“Hey Jimin” You interrupted him mid-sentence, “What did you mean when you came up to me and Tae and said ‘she’s mine’?” He blushed hard at your words and tried to hide his face from you, “I-I don’t know.. It was just the first words that came out of my mouth”
“Did you… mean something by it?” You took his hand and he gazed into your eyes. He had no idea what to do. He knew he liked you, but was now really the best time to confess his feelings towards you? Did he want to risk a friendship? He didn’t even know if you liked him back. What if you didn’t feel the same way? Then how would life turn out? Would you still be under the same roof?
Jimin really wanted to confess to you, he’s been planning on it for a while now. But all of those questions took its place inside of his head, and he got worried about what you would say. Even some nights he would have dreams and thoughts about what it would be like for him to be your boyfriend. He didn’t deny the fact that he absolutely loved it. Kissing you, holding your hand, embracing you, and cuddling you. Plus the fact that you’ll always be together because you live together. But then that brings up the thought of what would happen if you broke up.
There were only a few downsides of dating you according to him, everything else was a plus. So yeah, this was the time. He’s going to do it
“I like you” he said bluntly. This took you aback, “W-What?”
he stared into your eyes and squeezed your hand tighter, “I like you. I know this isn’t like me to confess to you, being a playboy and all. But I’ll change my ways! If you’ll be my girlfriend that is… I’ll really commit to our relationship! I’ll make sure you’re always happy! I’ll kill any one that touches you.”
“I fell for you because I had no idea what your true side was. But after you opened up to me, I couldn’t help but totally fall for your personality. Which led me to crazy dreams and thoughts about dating you.” He rubbed his neck, “I loved it…”
“I know you probably don’t feel the same but, if you give me some time, I’ll get over my feelings-”
You interrupted him with a kiss and he smiled into it.
He looked at you with wide eyes, “Shut up” you laughed, “I get it! I like you too, okay? You don’t need to get over your feelings” There was a silence in the car for a while, “Then, what does that make us?” he asked
“Hmm, I don’t know”
“No no no! Don’t tell me I confessed all of those feelings towards you and you’re not even going to go out with me!”
You giggled as he looked around the car, flustered, “Then I guess I’m your girlfriend” you smile. He pauses and looks at you, “Really?”
“Yes of course! But I swear if you cheat on me with another girl, you’re really going to get it”
“No no! I won’t! I promise! I actually really want to commit to our relationship” His legs were bouncing up and down with anticipation, “I-I’m sorry, but can I kiss you again? I’ve been waiting too long to feel your mouth on mine. And now that I finally have, I don’t think I’ll be able to have enough of it”
You just smile before leaning in. The kiss was sweet and it melded together perfectly, like you found your other half.
“Let’s go home” he smiles, pulling away. You nod your head in agreement and intertwine his hand in yours as he drives off.

Tell Me If you want part 11! Or and Epilogue!
~Admin Luna

Jungkook x Reader

Originally posted by jungeuks

Part 3 of this, which is out delayed. My laptop decided to do an hour restart/update when I was just about finished with it, so this probably isn’t as good as it should be. Oh well.

Prompt: Jungkook seems to flirt with you all the time, but it’s never in public—always through calls or texts. When he sees you in public, he acts as if he doesn’t even know you exist. What’s worse is that you’re falling for him, but it doesn’t seem like he feels the same way. Is he teasing you or just playing hard to get?


Enjoy ♥ !

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anonymous asked:

like the fe, free, and hq ones you did before, can i get gom + himuro + kagami liking the same person as a final fantasy character. thank you!!

I added some female characters too if that’s ok! Once again, this is High School AU.

KUROKO: The first time you saw Hope after so long was a shocking experience for everyone. You found out your childhood friend had grown up to become hot, and Kuroko had learned what the feeling of intense jealousy was like. When Hope re-introduces himself to you and is still the same kind person, you looked ecstatic. Kuroko tried not to panic amongst all this. After all, while Hope was away, Kuroko had also cemented his spot in your heart.

KAGAMI: At first, Cloud was kind of an intimidating guy, and Kagami didn’t pay much attention to him. However, when Cloud was with you, it was always a different story. Kagami was often rejected by you when he asked you to have lunch with him. One day, he followed you up to the roof, and found out you had been eating with Cloud. It was the first time he’d seen either you or Cloud smiling like that. Kagami feels the competitive spirit coming alive inside him.

KISE: Kise had met you while you were working at the flower shop with Aerith, so he was always at a disadvantage. Some people would mistaken Aerith’s closeness with you to be girl bonding, but Kise knew better. The way she touched you and the way she looked at you was definitely of romantic intentions. It was confusing for Kise when you suddenly asked if he was interested in Aerith. Were you so dense as to not see that both of them liked you?!

AOMINE: It was tough for Aomine when Zack Fair had told him that he liked you. Zack had been friends with him, but there was no way he was losing you to anyone. “I’m thinking about confessing to her.” He admits to Aomine, who only scoffs in response. “You could Zack, but do you really think she’ll accept your confession–” Aomine then points to himself. “–after I confess too?”

MIDORIMA: Zidane was an unapologetic playboy from the day he entered Shutoku High. You weren’t really interested in Zidane for that reason, and Midorima had done his best to insult the man mildly at every given opportunity. However, once the annoying blond had asked you to prom right there in front of him, there was no escaping it anymore. Midorima had to step in and stop him.

MURASAKIBARA: Although Squall may not have shown it, he was very fond of you for as long as Mura knew you. It was seriously annoying, but for your sake, he never threatened Squall. However, he liked you and he wasn’t going to stand for another guy monopolizing your time. When you left the two alone, Mura growled at him. “Stop being so overprotective, ____ doesn’t even like you back.” 

HIMURO: Himuro didn’t even see Reno half the time at school– rumours were that he had some shady part-time job that kept him busy. Unfortunately, every time he saw him, Reno was talking with you near the school fences. His position to you was always close…intimate even. It put Himuro on edge and he stepped in, getting in the middle of the conversation. “He’s no good for you, ____. He’s trouble.” Himuro tells you, but fears that’s exactly what you liked about Reno.

AKASHI: For the longest time, you’d insist Lightning was a sister-figure to you, but Akashi always knew that Lightning had more than friendly feelings. He knew everything. That’s what made Lightning wary whenever the man was around you– she sensed he wanted to steal you away. When she finally confronts Akashi about it, he isn’t intimidated. “Steal her away? She doesn’t even belong to you.” He replies in that carefully constructed way that pissed Lightning off.