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Which Character from The Maze Runner are You?

Characters from book 1 only. I threw in Frypan too because he’s awesome. Fill in your answers with an ‘X’ if you fit the trait listed and '–’ if you are sometimes like that trait.

See my example below.


[ ] You’re the right hand man/woman to someone else.

[–] If given the chance, you’d rather not take the lead.

[ ] Compared to your other friends, you’re considered the less intense one when someone first meets you.

[ ] There was an incident that happened during an important task you once carried out that has left you scarred in one way or another.

[ ] You tend to refer to people by nickname.

[–] When a close friend of yours undergoes a dramatic change, it throws you for a moment, but you still hang on, with the hope that they’ll somehow get back to normal.

[ ] Aside from the typical language used in the Glade, you’ve thrown in your own colorful words like 'bloody’.

[X] People tend to see you as the voice of reason.

[ ] You expect things to run in an organized manner.

[X] When handling a group vote or organization where someone’s behavior has come into question, you are open to hearing all options. In some cases, you can agree with both sides if they make sense.

Total: 3


[ ] You’re naturally curious about everything.

[ ] You tend to ask a lot of questions.

[X] You think creatively, even in tough situations and under pressure.

[X] Everyone identifies you as the new kid, even when someone else shows up.

[X] You’re not one to give up easily.

[ ] You can’t explain it, but you have a unique connection/bond with someone else.

[X] If someone was in trouble, you’d risk your life for them without a doubt.

[X] When you make a promise to someone, you will keep it.

[ ] There’s one person who has made it clear that they don’t trust you since the beginning. You’re not fond of them either.

[ ] You are equally well-liked and well-hated by your peers.

Total: 5


[ ] Order is to be upheld. No exceptions.

[ ] It’s unspoken, but you are the leader and the best choice to be the leader.

[X] While you may have suspicions about a person, you won’t act on them unless you have proof or know the facts.

[ ] If someone steps out of line, you’re quick to deliver punishment.

[ ] A pet peeve of yours is being interrupted while talking.

[ ] There’s only one person who’s allowed to boss you around and get away with talking back to you.

[X] You underwent a startling, if not unnerving change recently that has haunted you.

[ ] You’re skilled with a bow and arrow.

[ ] People who ask too many questions annoy you.

[X] At times, you doubt yourself and ask if you can lead others without making bad choices.

Total: 3


[X] Sarcasm should have gotten you an award of some kind. No seriously, you are the king/queen of it.

[ ] It’s funny to mess with the new kid’s head when you’re first introduced.

[X] You are assertive.

[X] The people you’re close to are used to hearing your replies with snark and sass. They don’t get offended very easily after hanging with you.

[X] In a rare case when you’re a tight situation, you are capable of breaking down and showing concern for what’s to come.

[X] You are fiercely loyal to your friends.

[X] People say that you have a unique sense of humor.

[X] When someone exhibits a talent or ability that you find important, you’re quick to praise them and give credit when its due.

[X] You’ve been described as clever in your methods of thinking.

[ ] You tend to act first before thinking things through. Even if that gets you into trouble, you can usually figure things out.

Total: 8


[ ] Most of your peers aren’t fond of you, but you have a few friends in the group.

[–] You’re very suspicious of new people.

[ ] Ever since you underwent a big change, you’ve become more difficult to deal with, according to your peers.

[ ] You’d like to be in charge but that role has been taken by someone else.

[–] When you hold a grudge, you mean it.

[ ] Evil, dark, and a bully are some of words used to describe you.

[ ] When things start to go wrong, you act hysterical.

[ ] If things begin to change for the worst, you’re quick to blame the newest person. Everything was just fine without them and they had to screw things up!

[ ] No one knows everything about you.

[ ] It is questioned where your loyalty lies.

Total: 1


[X] Out of your peers, you’re the youngest of the group.

[X] You try to be helpful to the new people.

[ ] Sometimes your behaviors and quirks have made others label you a nuisance.

[ ] You have a few friends but not many want to be your friend.

[X] You’re first to help the new kid out by showing them the ropes.

[ ] You have a mischievous nature and love to pull pranks on people.

[ ] When your friends have crazy goals or ideas in their heads, you try to talk some sense into them.

[ ] Someone promised you something/made a promise to you.

[ ] You’re close to one person that you’d do anything for them.

[ ] You seem to be at the center of the big news and are usually running to tell people it.

Total: 3


[ ] People have described you as mysterious.

[X] You’re considered the black sheep of your peers.

[ ] You are known for making a memorable entrance.

[ ] There’s someone you know that you can trust, even though they don’t realize it until later.

[X] Sometimes your scathing remarks have made people of the opposite gender do a double take.

[ ] You’ve developed a unique way to communicate with a friend.

[ ] You know what you want and you’ll do what it takes to get it. Even if it means kneeing someone in the groin to get past them to carry out a mission.

[ ] You tend to see yourself as the last piece in a puzzle.

[ ] You’re struggling to remember things from the past - one moment you can remember them vividly in your subconscious and then they’re gone by the time you’re conscious.

[ ] Very few people trust you or view you as a friend or ally.

Total: 2


[ ] Cooking is your life. You know the ins and outs of it.

[ ] While everyone cracks jokes about your cooking, they really like it. Face it, without you, they’d be shucked.

[X] You dislike it when people invade your space.

[ ] You can be very protective of your supplies.

[X] If someone does something brave, you want to reward them for it, not punish them.

[X] You’re not afraid to speak up for the new guy.

[ ] If a popular decision is made, you’ll clap loudly and ignore the opposing side.

[ ] People have described you as very hairy.

[ ] At first, you seem ill-tempered to those who don’t know you.

[X] You are loyal to those who have proven themselves.

Total: 4

And I am most like Minho. What about you guys?


People say Jennifer Lawrence is a plain jane actress but i don’t see those people with an Oscar. Jealousy is a truly ugly trait, and people need to move on from the fact that she won. Stop trying to demean her accomplishments, she is one of the most talented actresses of this generation and her achievements prove it. Not her fault people can’t accept it. If you’re still complaining about it, you’re the one with the problem.


I’ll Be the Warmth When Your Heart’s Grown Cold

Plot: AU Newt is dealing with a painful break-up. He wanders around town and comes across a coffee shop hosting an Open Mic Night and he stops in. As he’s ordering a cup of strong black coffee, he notices a guy he’s never seen before playing guitar. The guitar player catches Newt looking at him and sings the last verse of the song to him. Flattered, Newt turns away smiling, his face feeling warm.

Rating: M (For later events)

Pairing: Thomas x Newt, Alby x Newt (implied)

Link: Here

Finally did an Oswald Disneybound! I was originally planning to buy a deluxe print of Michelle Romo’s “Floating Sweethearts” but I fell in love with the original piece and decided to purchase it.

I then decided to bust out my Oswald ears from San Diego Comic Con and rocked them at the park.