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Cuddly HC’s (Akaashi)

Fluffy relationship HC’s (Asahi)

Kuroo trying to scare s/o but gets punched by reflex

Cuddling HC’s (Matsukawa, Hanamaki)

Yahaba HC’s
Yahaba relationship HC’s

s/o is jamming it out to music (Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa, Tendou)

HC’s about Hinata’s dad

Jealousy moments (Bokuto, Kuroo)

What Karasuno boys + Oikawa say to someone who wants to lose weight 

Hanamaki & Matsukawa poly HC’s

Winter HC’s (Asahi, Tanaka, Daichi)

Embarrassing, funny, cute HC’s (Kuroo, Kenma, Akaashi, Iwaizumi)

Oikawa as a big brother 

Seijou 3rd years going mini-golfing

Violinist s/o (Kuroo, Suga)


Iwaizumi/Ushijima love triangle 

Nekoma team HC’s

Kyotani’s crush confesses to him

Kyotani HC’s & fluffy HC’s

Iwaoi fluffy HC’s & more iwaoi hc’s

Various Ushijima HC’s

Karasuno girls HC’s (Yachi, Saeko, Kiyoko, Yui) 

Nishinoya with tall gf

More Hogwarts AU (Karasuno)

Seijou Hogwarts AU

Iwaizumi HC’s

Seijou mafia AU-ish

Seijou college AU HC’s and other shenanigans 

s/o is sick, what do they do (Suga, Kuroo, Bokuto, Iwaizumi)

Nekoma fantasy AU

Terushima HC’s

Seijou third years friendship

Seijou 3rd years seeing s/o in shorts for the first time (+Kuroo & Suga)

Hogwarts/Ilvermorny houses the captains are in

Karasuno team during their drivers test

Kuroo/Tendou friendship HC’s

What makes the captains surprised/embarrassed

Bokuto’s s/o telling him they’re asexual

Seijou trying to cheer up their s/o

Kuroo and Bokuto friendship HC’s

Brotp Daisuga HC’s

Iwaoi HC’s (how they comfort each other)

Kurotsukki fantasy AU hc’s

Irene: Company

anonymous asked: can you do a fluffy irene confession where the other girl is like their manager’s assistant or something?

Summary: this is a weak summary.

Your hands ran over the stacks of paper one more time as a sigh escaped your lips. You pulled the first booklet off of the tip of the pile, pulling the cap of your pen off. You were about to start writing when you noticed a figure standing in front of your desk. You peered up to see Irene, standing there with her arms crossed over her chest, staring at her feet with flushed cheeks.

“He needs you.” She said. The ‘he’ being your boss, and their manager. You let out another sigh as you stood up from your desk.

“Right. Because I don’t have enough work as it is.” You grumbled as you tossed your phone into your pocket, knowing that you would need it sooner or later.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could u write a scenario w/ Mark? You are bf's with him, while friendship between u 2, he start loving u. 1 day he wanted to teach u skate boarding & he fell on top of u. U 2 where spending the whole day at the skateboard park (i dunno how it's called) he walked u home cuz it was really dark and he wanted somemore time with u. At the end of the day he confessed.(fluffy at the end&the girl is some years younger) sorry 4 bad english & so many details.. btw. i love ur writings *tumbs up*

~lool its okay if you add details! enjoy<333~ 

You walked out your front door and closed it behind you and jogged up to your best friend, Mark. He texted you half and hour ago that he wanted to teach you how to skateboard for some reason. 

 ”Hey.” he greeted with a smile. He had his skateboard on the ground with his knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet were securely on him. 

  “Hey, so why did you want to teach me how to ride a skateboard?” you asked raising your eyebrow at him. He chuckled before looking at the ground. 

  “Why, you don’t want to learn?” he asked cheekily. You smiled. You started walking to the skate park. 

  “I never said that.” you reply. Mark follows as he slowly glides next to you. “But that was really out of the blue.” You guys finally reach the skate park where there was only two guys skating but they were a fair distance away. 

  “Okay, y/n.” Mark starts capturing your attention. “The key is to have balance. You got balance?” You hesitantly nod as your eyes wander around. “No, you have to be sure! If your nervous while skateboard and don’t know which way to turn, you’ll end up with a bloody knee.” 

  “What about the knee pads?” you ask. He huffs. 

  “Then a bloody elbow.” he changes. You maintain your giggles. “What?” 

  “What about the elbow pads?” you ask again. He sighs. 

  “Either way, you’ll end up with something bloody. Okay so stand on the board.” Mark says as he puts his hands on his waist. You look at the thin wood with 4 wheels. 

  “Mark, I don’t think this is a good idea.” you say uneasy. Honestly, you knew you were going to fall on your face. Skateboarding just was not your thing. 

  “Come on, y/n! I got you.” he says as he offers his hand. You take his hand and step onto the board. You have both feet on the board now. “Great!” He takes both of your hands and slowly starts pulling you so it moves. Your eyes were glued shut as you felt the movement making you breathe faster. You open one eye and then both eyes as a smile spreads across your face. 

  “Wow! I’m not dying.” you cheer. Mark chuckles as he looks at you. You grin at him. All of the sudden, you felt a bump under the wheels and you feel. On top of Mark. 

  “Mark! Are you okay? Did I break you?” you gasp. Mark laughs painfully until his eyes open and see yours. Inches away from his plump pink lips, you clear your throat awkwardly before getting off of him. Lending him your hand, he takes it and stands up. “Alright, this is hopeless, lets just go to my house and watch a movie.”

  “Nu-uh!” Mark says grabbing your hand. “Come on, don’t be a quitter!” 

  “I’m not.” you mumble as Mark drags you along. For the rest of the day, you guys spent your time at the park. Oddly, Mark was being a little touchy and more protective and caring. For instance, a soccer ball rolled over to where you two were and this fairly attractive boy came to retrieve it. He started hitting on you which made Mark ball his fists until he told the guy both of you were busy and that he should leave. You gave him a confused look after the soccer player left. 

  “Mark! He was actually interested in me. Nobody is interested in me and you just scared him off!” you whine as he pulled your hand away from the guys. He sighed. 

  “How do you know that?” he says. You roll your eyes. 

  “I just do.” 

  “Well maybe someone always scares them off before they ask you out.” he says looking at the dark sky. You process the words that he just said. A goofy smile spreads across your face as you jump in front of Mark who gets surprised. 

  “Mr.Tuan, is that someone you?” you ask with a smile. He chuckles and shakes his head as you narrow your eyes at him. 

  “Come on, I’ll walk you home. It’s late. You shouldn’t walk home alone.” he says as he wraps his arm around your shoulder and brings you close to his chest. You couldn’t help but inhale his scent. Didn’t smell like anything- or maybe because you spend so much time with him, his scent was edged into your brain, into your senses. Finally seeing your block, you began walking down it when Mark pulled you back into his chest. 

  “Um, Mark. My house is over there.” you say. He chuckles. 

  “Can we…take the long way to your house?” he asks. Stalling, is he?

  “No-Mark come on, I’m tired.” you sigh. He playfully rolls his eyes. 

  “Okay, okay fine.” he replies. You smile as you tug on his arm as you jog back to your house. You gave him a hug before walking up to the front door. 

  “Y/n!” Mark calls after you. You turn around. 

  “What?” you ask. You noticed that he was sort of nervous. He looked at the ground for a few moments before speaking. 

  “I-I just wanted to tell you that…” he started. Your eyebrows furrowed together as you leaned in to listen. 

  “Y/N!” you heard your family call. 

  “Wait!” you shouted back at the door. “What is it Mark?” He took a big breathe and then let it out as he shut his eyes. 

  “Y/n, we started becoming friends 2 years ago. You are honestly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. But lately I’ve been feeling something I never felt before towards you. I thought I had a little crush on you but no. All those sleepless nights were because of you. You were on my mind every night and I didn’t want to tell you because it would risk our friendship but honestly, I had to get it out.Everything that you do, everything that you say makes me weak. I…love you.“ he said as he slowly opened his eyes. 

  Taken aback, you didn’t know what to do. As soon he confessed, at the pit of your stomach, you started to feel funny. Started to feel…feelings for him too. 

  “Y/n, please don’t leave me hanging.” he says stepping closer as he looked down at you. 

  “Our age-” you began to say. You were only a couple years younger then him but still. It didn’t matter to you but you just said that since you had nothing else to say. 

  “Your only a few years younger. That dose not bother me, does it bother you?” he asked, brushing a piece of your hair away from your face. You shake your head. He chuckles. Since you couldn’t say anything you decided to let him know how you felt. By your action. Leaning in, you slowly kissed his lips as he wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you closer. Both of your hands went to the side of his face as he pressed his body against yours. 

  “Y/N!” Your family called again making you two shoot apart. You blushed rapidly as you made eye contact with Mark as he smirked at you. You started walking back to your door as you heard Mark call out again. 

  “Besides, it’s good that you’re younger. Makes me your Oppa.”