confessions of a flirt

Your Favorite Anime Couple must do at least this much to be considered Canon:

  • mutual pining
  • flirting
  • a love confession in public
  • rumors that they’re dating before they even date
  • hugging each other all the damn time
  • a kiss on the hand
  • a kiss on the foot
  • a DRAMATIC airport reunion scene
  • a marriage proposal
  • going on a date in a romantic city
  • buying and exchanging rings in front of a CATHEDRAL
  • Their friends congratulations them even though its just an engagement
  • dancing to a love song with matching lyrics and matching blue/pink outfits
  • and finally, moving in TOGETHER

Sorry I don’t make the rules, every anime romance must comply or its not “canon”



Confusion, mild angst, tension, flirt, smut, fluff

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Hi could you do an Eric smut imagine where when you first meet you can’t stand eachother so you have banter with eachother, so flirt with eachother without realising. However when there is a fight, Eric gets protective over you so you won’t get hurt. Then you go back to his room and he admits his feelings and then smut. Idk if that’s enough detail, thankyou! :)”

Word count: 1052

gif is not mine.

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Do you guys ever think about the fact that Yuuri Katsuki is coded as bisexual, but he completely subverts the “flirtacious bisexual” trope?

Instead of being overly sexual, Yuuri is innocent and naive when it comes to romance. It seems that he crushed on Yuuko as a kid, but he was too shy to ever confess to her.

And when Viktor comes around and flirts with Yuuri, Yuuri is clearly confused and flustered by the attention.

Usually bisexual men in anime act a lot more like Christophe, but Yuuri’s crushes are treated as being pure and innocent. Being bisexual doesn’t make Yuuri a pervert or anything; he’s just a regular guy whose two crushes happened to be different genders.

Do you guys ever think about this? Because I do and it means the world to me so much I want to cry

Hear me out, team Voltron thinking that now Lance and Keith have gotten over themselves and confessed their feelings for each other that the flirting will at least stop and they won’t have to sit through the smoochy looks and heart eyes anymore.

But they’re so wrong bc it turns out that when Lance is dating someone he just turns up the flirting by like 300%. And Keith, jfc, only Shiro is not surprised by the fact that Keith is so ridiculously affectionate and loveydovey with his bf.

Lance now just talks about Keith all the time and turns every other sentence into a pick up line for him and won’t stop boasting about him doing amazing (and normal every day) stuff. Keith doesn’t know how to ask for affection but he totally wants it so he just usually shoves himself into Lance’s lap or arms, grabs his hand whenever they’re standing together and doesn’t know how to answer to the pickup lines so he just kisses lance, like, no matter where they are.

Lance: yo did you see that roll that Keith did, it was amazing, my babe is so talented right??!!

Everyone else: *sigh* yes Lance

Keith: *all red* >:| *huffs* *kisses Lance*

Lance: !!!

Brother, Annoying Brother - Request

Requested by anon:  A Sherlock x reader where Sherlock is inlove with the reader, but wouldn’t admit it. Mycroft knows about it and makes Sherlock jealous by flirting with the reader. So he would confess. They’re working on a case with mycroft

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,312

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: I loved writing this.


Originally posted by imaginesherlock

Working along with Mycroft was never ever part of the plan. He wasn’t a ninja, a field soldier, or a detective; Mycroft was the kind of man to order whatever he needed via mobile and get in on a silver platter, and that was one of the things that frustrated Sherlock the most.

“You’re ruining the case!” Sherlock fumed. He loved searching for clues, and doing his own research and Mycroft had gotten all of the information with just one phone call.

“No, I solved half of it quickly. It’s called being efficient.” Mycroft replied bitterly.

“Boys…” (Y/N) called their attention as she appeared at the door with a letter in hand.

“What is it, (Y/N)?” Sherlock asked and Mycroft was surprised by the soft tone he had used; completely different to the one used against him two seconds before.

“A man gave me this for you, Sher.” She explained, handing the letter to him. Sherlock instantly recognized it as a clue from the criminal they were after.

“Did he hurt you? Did he say anything at all? How does he look like?” Sherlock inquired as a preoccupied look invaded his gaze; Mycroft took the letter off his brother’s hands, but was too focused on Sherlock’s behaviour.

“I’m fine; I don’t think that’s your criminal.” She said, softly. Mycroft noticed how their eyes were strictly staring into the other’s eyes like there was nothing else around. “More like a messenger.”

“You’re right.” Sherlock nodded, clearing his throat and returning to his usual superiority posture. He took the letter off Mycroft’s hands and analysed it carefully.

(Y/N) excused herself a few minutes after, claiming that she had plans with Mrs. Hudson and Mary. Mycroft used it for his advantage, making sure to give his little brother the most obvious and annoying knowing look the world has ever seen.

“What?” Sherlock groaned angrily.

“You fancy her.” Mycroft observed.

“Of course I fancy her, she’s a good friend.” Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“No, you fancy her like more than a friend.” Sherlock froze for a second but ignored his brother. “I’m not saying that I understand because I’ve never been a man of too many feelings, but you… You were always a sentimental.”

“Shut up, I’m working.” Sherlock ordered as he continued to analyse the pictures the forensic department had sent him.

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i need bucky to become good friends with natasha and they end up talking about the objects of their affection a lot and one day they decide it’s finally time to Get Our Guys™ and although bucky used to be pretty smooth with the ladies in the old days it’s a different story when it’s a guy he’s been in love with his entire life

so nat gives him an earpiece and tries to guide him through flirting/confessing his love to steve and telling him what to say. but bucky gets nervous and keeps fucking it up and nat’s like “damn it, barnes!” and he accidentally blurts out “damn it, barnes!” too and steve’s just staring at him and nat is just hysterically laughing at the whole thing from her end

then when it’s time for her to go after her man bucky’s like “don’t you want my help winning over wilson?” and she just pats his cheek and says “honey, i think i’ve got it covered” and when bucky and steve have their first ( long overdue ) kiss he calls nat to tell her all about it and she tells him that he never needed her, he would’ve always gotten steve anyway bc “you’re the only person who makes him smile the way he does, it’s clear how much you mean to him”

and then she gets her birdman ( easy as pie ) and they double date and live happily ever after

anonymous asked:

Hiiii could you one where Betty and jughead are friends with benefits (not sex, but at least they kiss and act like a couple but aren't) and neither wants to confess their feelings so they play games with each other (teasing, flirting, jealousy, etc.)? Thank you :)

notes: this idea is pretty different from the usual stuff i write (i usually love angsting everything up haha) so yay for new things and nay for i’ve never written anything like this so pardon any, y’know, potential cringe (also yikes this was longer than i expected, which is why i added the ‘keep reading’ after the first extract). also since these two aren’t together i assume this is vaguely au.



Here’s the thing:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’ve always harbored something—be it fondness, the feeling that you’ve encountered a kindred spirit, genuine appreciation, or perhaps simply a juvenile schoolboy crush, whatever so, just something—for her. However you have long made your peace with the fact that a relationship with the merry cheerleader that oversteps the boundaries of platonic waters may never come into fruition.

Here’s the other thing:

You never considered the possibility that long nights spent in the confines of the Blue and Gold offices would eventually lead to moments otherwise few and far in between—endless cups of coffee, the conversation switching from the contents of Wednesday’s chicken pot pie to your familial woes (to which she offers a sympathetic smile and tales of her own Cooper-based troubles)—could open doorways to a very different change in your dynamic with the blonde girl.

Till, well.

Perhaps you could blame it on caffeine-induced vision leading to impaired judgment, or the fact that all common sense tends to fly out the window once the clock strikes past midnight, but it’s dark and the only source of light is the luminescence from your laptop and she’s halfway through scribbling feverishly on her notebook when she looks up and meets your gaze. Her ponytail is loose, there are flinging sunshine tendrils framing her face.

“Hey,” she says, prodding your sleeve as she leans closer. A curtain of blonde hair falls against her cheek. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m… great.”

“Are you sure?”


“Well, you don’t look great.”

“You always do.”

The words leave your mouth before you realize and, when you do, you inhale a sharp take of breath and she clucks her tongue before her face blossoms to a darker shade of crimson as she retreats from your gaze. And your heartbeat soars.

So you kiss her.

And she hooks her arms around your neck.

Which leads you to develop a new-found appreciation for the school staff’s blatant lack of after-school supervision.



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turn back time

read it on AO3 at

by Redburn

“In hindsight, it probably hadn’t been one of Keith’s smartest moves.

The red pilot ‘Relies more on instincts than skills alone’. Yep. He’d gone and ticked that box off pretty quickly.”

Words: 3134, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at
Twice React To: A Sunbae Flirting With You

Sana, Momo and Dahyun would get really protective like “Oh, hey (Y/N), can I see you over here, ya know, right now. Scuse us.” And then comes up with some crazy reason why you needed to stop talking to that other person. Then they’d get really defensive if you said they were acting weird like “I wasn’t! Who told you to be so cute and have other people flirt with you. Gosh…”

Jungyeon, Mina and Chaeyoung would probably just sit in the corner watching the two of you and pouting. Everyone around them is asking what’s with their sudden mood change but of course they have no idea what anyone is talking about. And when you tell them how nice their sunbae is they’re just like “yeah…they’re okay…I guess…”

Nayeon, Jihyo and Tzuyu would confess to you as soon as possible like would take someone else flirting with you as the ultimate sign that they need to step up because they’ve been crushing on you way too long for one of their sunbaes to come and get in the way. Of course they might still be kind of awkward when confessing but they’d do it no matter what.

Star-WTF? - Peter Quill x Reader

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Marvel / Guardians of the Galaxy 

Character- Peter Quill / Star Lord {Includes the other Guardians of the Galaxy}

Word Counter- 523 Words {Whoops…I did it again} 

Warning- Includes cursing 

Drabble Friday- Star Lord x Reader. Where Peter is super jelaous because some guys flirt with the reader and he finally confesses his love.

You stood at the bar and watched Rocket, Groot and Drax around the casino table, drunk and cheering for someone or other to win. You chuckled as Rocket lost and started moaning about his misfortune. 

You sighed and turned back only to find a man had slide into the space between you and the next chair. 

“Oh…Hi…” You say, slightly startled and you instantly feel awkward as he grins at you. 

“Hi there,” He says with a sharp lift of his eyebrows before he sips on his drink. 

“I’m (Y/N),” You say and he grins. 

“I’m Owen, and I have some friends over there who want to meet you, they’re called Chad, Dylan and Tony,” He says and you look round him to his friends and you look at the man with nervous eyes. 

“S-sure…” You manage and he leads you over to them, one hand awkwardly on your waist as he guides you. 

Your eyes search the room for some help and you see Peter staring at you with a clenched jaw and folded arms, clearly not impressed with your flirting, you nod at him and try to alert him to rescue you with your eyes, urging him to come over. 

“C’mon Peter,” You mouth and he keep staring at you blankly. 

“Hey hot stuff, the names Chad,” One of them says and you blink at him. 

“Urm…Hi…” You say and he grins. 

“Dylan at your service,” The other says and he takes your hand and plants a delicate kiss. 

The other one takes your other hand and you look away towards Peter with nervous eyes, but your heart sinks a little when he’s not there. 

“Hey asshats, back off,” You hear and you hold your smile. 

“Who’s this guy?” Owen asks and you’re pulled back by Peter. 

“I’m Star Lord,” He says firmly and they laugh. 

“Star- What the fuck?” Chad asks and you hold onto Peter’s hand. 

“Star Lord, man…Legendary outlaw?” He sighs and you pull on his hand. 

“Peter lets go,” You say and he looks round and sees how much you want to leave so he quickly turns and pulls your hand along, causing you to run with him. The men follow after you, ready to start something with Peter. 

You pull him into a tight alleyway thing and he puts his hands either side of you and your hands sit awkwardly behind your back. 

“Well this is…” You begin but his lips crash onto yours. 

“Oh my Star Lord…” You whisper and he pulls back and you both burst out laughing. 

“You are so awkward,” He says and you nod, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. 

“I know,” You whisper and he pulls you into him. 

“And thats one of the infinite reasons I love you,” He says and you smile at him. 

“You love…me?” You ask and he nods, “I thought you had eyes for Gamora?”

“Oh please, I love you okay?” He asks and you smile. 

“I love you too,” You admit and bite your lip afterwards. 

“Good,” He says and he pushes his lips back onto yours.