confessions of a dog


i have no excuse for this and i am sorry

reminder that they wrote the ‘’you like the dog?’’ ‘’i like you’’ conversation there and then, because the dog wouldn’t move and they had to write it into the script. mofftiss making a hasty decision to make sherlock downright and somewhat unnecessarily confess his adoration for john because of a dog, is Wild. 

Some Kyouhaba for @actuallykei, who drew my beautiful new icon~ 

A dog park date. 

“Ayumi! H- Hey, stop!” Shigeru yells after his pitbull pup, rushing after her as she runs off. He’s just about to reach her and scoop her up to put her collar back on, but before he can reach her, another dog rushes out in front of him and he trips, tumbles down and lands only a hairs-breath away from a pile of dog crap. 

“Shit– Jun! Stop it!” Shigeru groans, and climbs to his feet to see the owner of the dog – a very over-excitable shiba inu – that he’d tripped over. When he sees the owner, he’s surprised to see a familiar face; and the face of someone he absolutely didn’t expect to own a shiba inu. “So– Yahaba?” 

“Hey Kyou–” Shigeru hears Ayumi barking, and groans, running off to grab her. She’s currently barking up a tree at some poor furry critter. With a sigh, he clips Ayumi’s leash back on her collar, and turns, surprised to see Kyoutani – his crush – standing there, two dogs next to him now. On the left, the shiba inu Kyoutani called “Jun”  and on the right something that looks like a sheep dog, Both sit obediently next to Kyoutani, panting, tongues sticking out. 

“Surprising to see you here…” 

“Yeah.” Shigeru adjusts his grip on Ayumi’s leash as she rushes forward to sniff at the two new dogs. He really needs to train her. “I didn’t know you had…dogs…” 



“I, uh– have four dogs. Jun, Hisashi here, Kiyoshi a chow chow, and Nao, a golden retriever.” Kyoutani explains, red-faced, and Shigeru smirks when he realizes every single one of those breeds are absolutely adorable. 

“I didn’t know you were such a sap, Kyouken, owning four cute animals~ I expected something more intimidating out of you.” 

“And I didn’t expect you to have a pitbull.” Kyoutani shoots back easily. Hisashi, the sheepdog, jumps up excitedly, and Shigeru smiles softly. “Seems too edgy for you.” 

“Ayumi is a baby,” Shigeru says, sticking his tongue out; he feels a bit childish in doing so. 

Kyoutani just nods, strokes his dogs’ heads. Shigeru sees the fond smile on Kyoutani’s pink lips and flushes, trying not to stare. Of course, Kyoutani catches his eyes, and flushes pink. Shigeru blinks. Kyoutani blushing? No. “I’d better get going; these two are off to the groomers, I just wanted to let them to get their daily exercise.” 

“Yeah. See you.” 

This happens more often after the first occurrence; meeting at the local dog park, playing with their dogs. It becomes almost a routine. Every Saturday, after school and practice, they walk together to Shigeru’s first before going to Kyoutani’s house and picking up all of the dogs. 

“Ayumi! You traitor!” Shigeru glares at the pup as she rushes to meet Kyoutani instead of himself. Kyoutani snickers and bends down to pet Ayumi’s head, giving a smug grin. 

“What can I say? B–” 

Don’t even.” 

Kyoutani laughs – full-out laughs – at that, and Shigeru feels his cheeks heat up. He grabs Ayumi’s leash and flings it at Kyoutani to cover his flush. 

“Fine. Since she seems to love you so much, you can walk her. I’ll take the boys when we get to your house.” 

Kyoutani raises an eyebrow, but clips Ayumi onto the leash anyway. “Are you sure you can handle them?” 

“I know your dogs, Kyouken, I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Shigeru rolls his eyes. Kyoutani just nods. 

“Ok, then,” 

Shigeru is not fine. 

“W- Woah! H- Hiasashi, calm down! Nao, no! Bad dog!” 

“Having fun?” Kyoutani, Ayumi’s leash in hand, smirks at Shigeru, and he just wants to kiss that pleased look off of his face. Ugh. 

“The most.” Shigeru says, adjusting his grip before he loses Jun. “I told you: I can walk your dogs, you walk Ayumi.” 

“Mhm.” They’re not even halfway to the park, and Shigeru can hardly keep up with the four lively dogs all moving around his feet; he’s lucky Kiyoshi is older, so he doesn’t move too fast. 

Of course, he’s not completely lucky. As he’s adjusting his grip, Kiyoshi – the little shit – breaks free and runs faster than he’s ever seen the old guy go. Cursing, Shigeru goes to run off after him, but of course Jun secides to stop and piss. With a groan, he looks to Kyoutani for help, and the blond – smirking, the handsome bastard – starts jogging after his own dog, shaking his head. Shigeru swears he hears him laughing at him. 

A moment later, he finds himself at the corner, greeted by Kyoutani holding Kiyoshi in one hand, Ayumi in another. Poor Ayumi is getting sniffed up by the bigger dog. Shigeru huffs. 

“I had him, y’know.” 

“Sure,” Kyoutani scoffs. Shigeru’s face burns bright. “And I have another dog that I’ve kept secret from you.” 

“Shut up,” Shigeru swats Kyoutani’s arm and grabs Kiyoshi’s leash back. However, as he’s doing that, Jun escapes. He groans, curses, and stats up– but, of course, Hisashi has to crap. He looks to Kyoutani for help, but he’s already on his way after the dog. 

After their trip to the park, Shigeru insists on walking all four of Kyoutani’s dogs again, and this time – with them tired out – they make it with little trouble back to Kyoutani’s. Kyoutani unleashes them all and lets them inside the house, handing Ayumi over to Shigeru. Shigeru could swear he sees a light flush on Kyoutani’s cheeks when their hands touch as he passes off the leash. 

“Your dogs are…” 

“I know.” Kyoutani doesn’t even need to hear the rest; he wears a soft smile on his lips, however, when he speaks of his dogs. “It’s…partly my fault. I go on runs with them every day, so they’ve got a lot of energy…” 

Shigeru smiles. “I can’t say I don’t enjoy it, though; they keep me on my toes. And our trips to the dog park mean I get to see more of you, so I don’t mind.” 

There’s a second of silence before Shigeru realizes what he’s said, and his face flushes as his mind screams at him: why did you say that! Stupid! Why!

“Uh– I– I mean–” 

“Me too.” 


“I– I don’t mind that I get to see you more either…” 

There’s definitely a flush on Kyoutani’s face now, and Shigeru is dying. Before he can think, he steps forward and ducks down to kiss Kyoutani, but Kyoutani meets him halfway, raising his hands and pressing them to Shigeru’s cheeks, pulling him closer. 

To say Shigeru is breathless afterwards is an understatement. 

“I– I kinda like you…” Kyoutani mumbles, hiding his face in Shigeru’s chest, and Shigeru has to physically stop himself from squealing because holy shit this side of Kyoutani is cute–

“I like you too.” 

Kyoutani looks up, eyes wide like a puppy, and Shigeru melts. Before he knows it, he’s being pulled into another kiss, deeper, and a tongue is flicking his lower lip. He’s quick to comply, and opens his mouth, tongue meshing with Kyoutani’s own. He whines low in his throat, and Kyoutani tugs him backwards, not breaking the kiss, until his back presses against his front door and he fumbles behind him for the knob when something strikes Shigeru. 

“W- Wait, Kyoutani, Ayumi–” 

“I have four dogs,” Kyoutani says, cutting Shigeru off, “I’m sure no one will notice one more.” 

“My first dog, Cucuy, mated often with my aunt’s dog, Coco. With Coco’s first litter, she had multiple dogs that looked just like Cucuy. Since I lost my baby boy, it’s been hard trying to think of him fondly since he didn’t pass peacefully. One of their puppies, named Lilo (because my cousin loves Lilo and Stitch) is a spitting image of him and I only wish I could get a few pictures of her so i could always honor my baby.”