confessions of a cupcake

Concealed Confessions [1/1]

A/N: Merry Christmas to my naughty, red velvet cupcake, @xpumpkindumplingx!! <3

I’ve never written detailed smut before in my life so I decided to stretch my fingers at it for A’s Christmas present. This is set in the universe of my MC Take Me To Church - it’s in the future after they start banging (did you really think they wouldn’t?) You don’t have to read the MC to get this because it’s pretty self explanatory - it’s Priest Killian smut. Just to warn you, it gets dirty REALLY fast. It wasn’t going to be this dirty when I sat down to write it but apparently my muse likes a dirty talking Father Jones. So it earns the E rating - seriously, I may need to turn my pearls in after this. Beta read by the lovely and hilarious @jscoutfinch!

No warnings except if you don’t read Priest Killian this isn’t for you. He is an actual priest in this (so no undercover business) so if that bothers you my feelings won’t get hurt if you scroll past. Promise!

She was going to kill him. Screw the mind blowing sex and what the man could do with his tongue, she was going to murder him. Only, things don’t go quite the way Emma expected when she accosts Father Jones in the confessional. 

Emma groaned as she read over the email from Mrs. Muffit, wondering for a brief moment if the universe would consider it a positive if she beat the band mom to death with her homemade muffins.

She had been working part-time as the church’s receptionist for three months now, and she had never felt the desire to punch someone so much as she had the last few months while dealing with MaryAnn Muffit. She was by far the most overbearing of the band moms Emma had encountered, demanding the church’s fellowship hall for every little thing (the school’s gym still hadn’t been fixed from the water damage it suffered back in June) and constantly sending Emma emails throughout the week, sometimes multiple times a day. The newest one was in regard to another bake sale for the marching band - fucking marching band - and how they would need the fellowship hall from 8 to 12 this coming Saturday.

The only problem was Belle’s survivor group met every other Saturday during that time and naturally Mrs. Muffit hadn’t consulted with Emma on the church’s schedule before sending out flyers for the bake sale. Again. Emma prided herself on running the church’s schedule with an iron fist, able to juggle Belle’s survivor group, countless bake sales for the various school groups, and normal church activities so that everyone was able to use the space when they needed – and without stretching Father Jones too thinly.

And in walks Mrs. Muffit, expecting Emma and Father Jones to bend over backwards to accommodate her and her horrible blueberry muffins whenever the band decided it wanted to take a new field trip.

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A summary of Hamilton disc 2

1. Sweet Tunes
2. Talk about those siCK BURNS
3. Little Phillip and gorgeous Schuyler sisters #1 and #2
4. Why can’t I say no to this fucking song
5. Leslie Odom Jr Voice Appreciation Time™
6. Wow look at that bitterness
8. Hey more bitterness and sweet tunes
9. Bye George we love you
10. Fucking King George I swear
12. Confess your sins child
13. Foreshadowing
14. You fucked up son
15. Sweet Cupcake Eliza did not deserve this
16. Phillip “Lady Killer” Hamilton and George “Asshole” Eacker
17. Crying
18. Crying: The Sequel
19. You go T.Jeff
20. Passive Aggressive :)
22. Burr no stop plea- FUCK
23. Harmonious regret