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I absolutely ABHOR how certain companions in the DA series can’t escape a large amount of hate, simply for how they behave (Fenris/Anders being ragey because of abuse), for just being different/awkward (Aveline being called ‘autistic’), or for just being passionate about something (Solas). It just shows me how little empathy most of the world has for anyone who’s been through any kind of struggle or isn’t ‘normal’. Why play these games if you’re just going to hate on everyone who’s different? And as a generally passionate person who is also an abuse survivor, that also behaves 'differently’, this *kills* me, and makes me feel like I’m never going to fit in with society the way I crave. 

What I say: I really like Cassandra Pentaghast.

What I mean: I want Cassandra Pentaghast to smash me with her shield. I want Cassandra Pentaghast to sMASH ME WITH HER SHIELD. I w a n t Cassandra Pentaghast to SMASH me with her shield. I wAnT cAsSaNdRa PeNtAgHaSt To SmAsH mE wItH hEr ShIeLd. I want Cassandra Pentaghast to smash me with her shield.  

Make a Move

Muse: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluffy cringey fluff and a pinch of angst.
Word: 3.5k
Type: A friends with benefits AU ─In which one of you falls in love with the other and confesses without saying the three little words. + College AU
Note: A companion piece to Why People Fall in Love because I’m a sucker for FWB!AU’s
Warning: Implied smut.

Part: III & III (completed)

img cr.

+ You’re closest to Hoseok in terms of friendship and flirtationship as per everyone’s painfully blatant knowledge ─ very much like the ‘he likes her she likes him and everybody knows but them trope’ with the exception you’re aware of your feelings for that boy. But what they don’t know is the existential violet bruises you keep fairly hidden underneath your complementary jackets and skinny jeans ─always all covered up head to toe, you might give the Sisters a run for their money. 

The bruises made by Hoseok’s best friend, Min Yoongi.

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hella-price1  asked:

This blog is amazing!! How about the companions react to sole accidentally confessing their love for them during an argument? Sorry if you have already done this one. Thanks :)

Cait: She stares at them, cheeks still pink from the exertion of their shouting match. “You… what?” She blinks, dazedly, like she’d just been stunned with a roundhouse punch. She shakes her head. “You-” She shakes it again. Her cheeks burn brighter, but this time, it’s not from anger.

Codsworth: “O-Oh.” He freezes, holding his claws together and close to his torso. He softens, eyestalks drooping and eyes dilating. “I… Of course you meant platonic affection, o-of course, I shouldn’t- I don’t want to assume that you meant…” He’s baffled, and if he could blush, he would.

Curie: Her eyes widen. “You… you do?” Her anger melts away, replaced by pleasant, forgiving surprise. “Oh, Sole, I… I mean, I… I had hoped, but.” She nibbles her lower lip, and laughs lightly. “I had hoped that we would be in kinder circumstances when we confessed such a thing.”

Danse: His eyes, burning with anger, abruptly go dark. He shuts his open mouth and goes silent for a moment, staring at Sole, waiting for them to say it was a mistake. When they don’t, he swallows. “I… think now we have more important things to discuss than this argument.” 

Deacon: His shoulders tense, and he leans back, looking for the nearest exits. His mouth hangs open, and for once he doesn’t have a clever response at the ready. He shifts on the balls of his feet, and forces a laugh. “You, uh… you really shouldn’t go playing with a guy’s emotions just ‘cause you’re mad, Sole.”

Dogmeat: Why in the world are you arguing with Dogmeat? What did he ever do to you? What kind of monster are you? Just pet the dog and tell him you love him. 

Hancock: He’s never one to give up a fight, but after hearing that, his eyes gleam. He steps forward, more leering and confident than angry. “That so?” He quirks a hairless eyebrow. “A little disappointed it took you getting pissed off to confess to me, but.” He grins. “No reason we can’t act on it now.”

Nick Valentine: His brows knit together. He tries to defend himself, to snap back, even accuse Sole of lying. But he looks into their eyes, and suddenly he’s not angry anymore. “Well, that sure changes a lot, doesn’t it.” He softens. “I didn’t think… I didn’t think I’d ever get to hear you say that.”

MacCready: His cheeks flame bright pink. He recoils, shoulders curling in, one hand jerking up to toy with the brim of his cap. “Well…” He mumbles. “… I love you too, but you’re still an assh- still a jerk.” He looks away, embarrassed at the confession, and will try to run away unless Sole stops him. 

Piper: Her eyebrows shoot into her head. “You do? Is that what this whole argument was about? You’re just- you just started this crap with me so you could say that? Well, why couldn’t you just say that instead of pissing me off?” It turns into another argument. One that ends in making out, sure, but still.

Preston: His lips part. “Sole,” he says, gently. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” He comes closer, no trace of anger left in him. “I’m sorry you thought you had to keep that a secret from me.” He reaches to take one of Sole’s hands in his, and chuckles. “I think we’d be a lot happier if we each confessed a long time ago.”

Strong: His eyes narrow. “Strong love Sole too,” he says. He waits, pauses, glares at Sole for a minute. Then yanks up the nearest, largest piece of furniture or debris he can find and holds it over his head. “Strong love smashing Sole!” Whoops. Never argue with a super mutant. 

X6-88: He blinks. He’s frozen, silent, solid, processing Sole’s words like equations through a calculator. “Do you?” he murmurs at last, and he sounds more human than they’ve ever heard him. “Once you say so, you can’t take it back.” He’s not sure whether to hope they say yes, or say it was a mistake.



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anonymous asked:

Hi! I adore the blog BTW =) My best friend is an asexual and loves Dragon Age to pieces but feels kinda invalidated because her fave romances all include sex - could you pretty please do companions react to an Inquisitor/Warden who confesses to their love interest (I'm thinking maybe just Alistair, Leliana, Cullen especially, Josephine and maybe Sera) that they are asexual and feel like they don't deserve to be with their LI because of what they can't give to them.

Tell her that Mod Sarah is asexual, too, and that she is valid. We are all valid. That said, there’s a lot of different asexuals– ones who are sex-repulsed, some who are neutral, and some who like sex, among others. This post was written assuming the protagonist in question is sex-averse.

Alistair: He’s a bit surprised, but accepting of their identity. “Hey. Hey, it’s okay,” he reassures softly, “I still love you. Don’t ever feel like that– if anything, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve such a beautiful, smart, funny, kind woman like you.”

Leliana: “Oh, no! Don’t say that.” she says. “I love you, so, so much. It’s okay, and I don’t mind. I can think of no one more deserving of my love than you.”

Cullen: He does his best to comfort them. “Listen to me,” he says softly, “I love you, so much. It’s okay if you don’t want sex. I just want you to be with me. Please.”

Josephine: “Oh, my love, don’t say that! You are perfect as you are.” She kisses them and smiles softly. “I am a better woman for having known you, and I never want you to leave my side. I will have you if you will have me.”

Sera: “So what if you don’t feel like mashing bits together?” she says bluntly. “So what? You’re nice and smart and not an arsehole and… I love you! Don’t ever say that again. You and me, we’re in this together.”

anonymous asked:

How would companions react to sole confessing his/her love for them? PS: I just recently found your blog and wow! Your writing is so good!!^^

Aw thank you so much!! I really hope you enjoy this reaction! Sorry it’s been taking me so long to get this finished. (Answering more asks asap)

Cait: Cait winded gauze around Sole’s bruised knuckles, candlelight flickering behind her. Neither of them said a word, but the beating in their chests pleaded for their lips to part. “I think I love you Cait…” Sole confessed, staring at her working hands. She stopped, looking up at the Sole Survivor.”You think, or you know?” She questions, her hands slowly tying up the thick wrap.”I love you,” they reply. Cait leans into them, pressing her lips onto theirs. Her heart pounded, and without a second thought she kisses them harder. The months of built up desire and tension, dispersed in this moment. She pulls back, the both of them breathless.”I’ve never loved anybody before,” she admits,”But I know I love you.”

Codsworth: “Oh mum/sir…I don’t know what to say.. What about Sir/Mum?”

Curie: Curie hummed joyfully as she meddled with blood samples and shuffled papers that her handwriting had marked with calculations and hypothesis’. The Sole Survivor watched her from a distance, as they occupied their self with their own hobbies.”Oh isn’t it just amazing what the human body is capable of!” Curie exclaims rushing over to Sole, her notes in hand. She boasts about her findings, with the cutest grin plastered onto her face. Then without second thought, Sole kisses her softly as she speaks.”Madame/Monsieur?” She whispers, her cheeks glowing from the soft lips that had met hers.”I’m sorry,” Sole apologizes,”I’m in love with you…” Curie grins, looking at the floor to handle the uncharted land of emotions bestowed upon her.”I believe I am in love with you too madame/monsieur,”Curie says, craving to share another kiss with her new found love.

Danse: “Why? Why would you do all of this to save me? I’m a machine! I am a traitor to you and the Brotherhood!– I am nothing…” Danse snaps, his hands firmly grasping Sole’s arms. “Because I love you!” They snap back. His grip loosens, his hands moving down their arms and back to his side.”I’m in love with you Danse, I don’t care what you are, it doesn’t matter to me.” He regains his composure, finding the words to say. But they are jumbled by the confusion and anguish within ”Sole you of all people know I am no good with words, but I… I’m infatuated with you. And I dare say I’m in love with you too. Please… be patient with me, I have a lot to learn… and a lot to overcome.”  

Deacon: One night, as the Sole Survivor and Deacon lie awake in a pitch black room of the Dugout Inn Deacon’s thoughts raced about the man/woman beside him.”Sole?” he whispered into the dark. Sole sighed wearily, letting him know that he had their attention. Deacon licked his lips, his heart beating faster than it should.”Do you think you could ever love again?” Maybe it was the bottle or two of Gwinnett Stout that encouraged him to ask such a question, but regardless Sole was taken off guard.”Yes,” they answered vaguely, waiting for Deacon to say something in return. Instead he rolled over onto his side, and let no words escape his mouth.”I’ve fallen in love with you Deacon…” Deacon didn’t move, nor speak. A few minutes rolled by until the silence grew too uncomfortable. ”I’m sorry…” Sole finally said. The pathological liar turned over to spill a few truths,”You should be,” he smirked,”teasing a guy like that, it’s cruel.” Sole snorted,”I’m serious Deacon..” He let out a pleasant sigh,”Goodnight Sole.” He cooed planting a small kiss on their forehead. That night he dreamed of finding the courage to tell Sole everything, the truth, about his mutual feelings for them. But until that moment he’d cower behind his jokes and his black shades

Hancock: The Third Rail buzzed from the music and comforting appearance of Goodneighbor’s beloved mayor. Hancock sashayed nonchalantly to the bar ordering Sole and himself a cold beverage.”When are ya gonna tell the gal/guy what your true intentions are Hancock?” Whitechapel Charlie asked, while fulfilling the ghoul’s request. Hancock glanced at the Sole Survivor with a smile.”I have no idea what you’re talking about Charlie.” The bartender allowed Hancock to take in Sole’s beauty before speaking again.”It’s no secret around here that you’ve got something for the Vault Dweller, admit it, you like the gal/guy.” Before Hancock could defend himself Sole appears by his side, taking the glass out of his rough hand.”Mind if I have a word with you?” They ask, their alluring eyes causing Hancock’s thoughts drift to sheer desire.”I’ve been meaning to have this conversation with you for a while now…” Hancock pressed his lips against the glass in his hand,”Lay it on me.” Sole took a sip of their liquid courage before spilling the secrets they held within.”I’m in love with you Hancock… And I’m not sure if you-” Hancock interrupted their moving lips by using what was left of his to give into the urges and tension he’s let bottle up inside him. His hand tangled itself in Sole’s hair, pulling them into him, allowing him to kiss them passionately and deeply.”I was wondering when you’d say that, love.” He breathed,”Why don’t you say we take this somewhere more private? And I’ll show you what my love really feels like.” 

“Fucking finally..” Charlie huffed as the entire joint cheered for their sailing ship.

Maccready: Maccready hardly ever misses a shot, it’s something he is certainly proud to put on his business card. But it’s a skill that is acquired through practice. On days him and Sole aren’t giving the Commonwealth’s Finest hell, he spends his morning making a target practice out of what he can scrounge up.”Maccready, may I talk to you for a moment?” He loads a bullet into the chamber,”Of course. Give me one second.” He smiles, then staring through the scope, eyes fixed on the empty can of pork’n’beans. Maccready holds his breath steadying his aim,”Maccready, I’m in love with you.” BOOM, the gun goes off, his bullet spiraling into a nearby tree. He sets down his rifle with haste,”Y-You’re what?…. What about your husband/wife? I know she’s/he’s gone, but you still love him/her don’t you?” Sole then confessed to everything. Everything they had felt then, and everything they feel now for their spouse.”But it’s you I love Maccready…” His cheeks went ablaze, as his heart beated intensely.”I…I love too Sole,” He admits after hearing what he needed to hear.”I think I have for a long while now..”

Nick Valentine: It was late, Nick hung up his coat then making his way over to his desk to analyze his newest case. Sole had convinced him to go out to dinner with them, to get away from the drag atmosphere of his office. With plenty of convincing he went, but once he returned it was all work no play. Sole slipped of their shoes, watching the detective light up a smoke.”Nick, there’s something I’ve been needing to tell you…” Nick turned to look at them,”Lay it on me kid.” Sole sat on the corner of his desk, letting the radio that played softly in the background calm their nerves.”I love you Nick.” They didn’t look at him, just stared at the floor expecting the worse. He dug his cigarette into the ashtray on his desk, feeling elated yet confused how Sole could love an old bot like him. He placed his hand on theirs, leading them to the center of the room. Nick placed his metal hand on their hip as his other hand tangled with Soles fingers. The office became a ballroom, reserved for Sole and Nick only. They danced to the rhythm playing on the radio for as long as their feet would allow. Nick then paused, placing his hand on the back of Sole’s head, running his fingers through their hair as he finally spoke.”Kid, I may not know how or why you feel the way you do for me. But I believe you when you say that you love me. And you should believe me when I say, I love you too.”

Piper: Piper was writing the Diamond City’s next headliner when she ran out of ink. Luckily for her she had someone like Sole to run and find her the ink she desperately needed.”Oh my gosh Blue, I love you!” She thanked. Sole smirked studying her features,”I love you too Piper.” The reporter’s cheeks grew a rosy red.”Do you really?” Sole leaned into her, their lips meeting. Piper hesitated for a moment, but finally gave in, placing her hand upon their cheek. Sole pulled away, her eyes now sparkling like a sky full of stars, full of lustful desire.”Yes, I love you Piper.” She pulled them into her, allowing her soft lips to clash with theirs once more. From then on she was complete.

Preston: The morning was warm and tranquil, the water crashing upon the castle walls sounded harmonic in way, and the diamond city radio allowed Preston’s hips to sway without a care. Sole watched Preston dance ignorant of their presence. The humble man turned on his heel when he heard Sole chuckle,”Care to join me General?” He smiles, unmoved by their judgement. He pulled them into his world, leading them with the music, twirling them when urged to. ”Preston…I’m in love with you.” The militia man’s ears burned as his smile spread from ear to ear.”So am I,” He admitted, slowly inched his lips closer to Sole’s, and when they met Preston didn’t hold back. Slow, but passionate and genuine, familiarizing himself with the woman/man h’s craved for so long.

X6-68: “Let me handle this ma’am/sir.” X6 pleads with a forceful tone. The Sole Survivor had gotten X6 and their self into a situation that called for an immediate reaction, that in turn, could have dire immediate effects.”No, this is my fault, I need to be the one who fixes it.”Sole orders, slipping off their coat.”Ma’am/Sir!” The courser yells pulling at their arm. “Let go X6!” Sole screamed over the unraveling blizzard. They pulled their arm away, then diving into the frozen pond. The scientist they were assigned to escort to Med-Tek Research had fallen through the ice after Sole lead her and X6 across, thinking it was thick enough to support the three of them. The cold sent an immediate sharp pain through their body as they swam deeper to rescue the cocky scientist. X6 anxiously stared into the water, anticipating Sole to submerge. After a minute or two he pulls off his trench coat preparing himself for the worst. A hand shoots up from the water searching for something to grasp. X6 grabs a hold, pulling Sole and the scientist out.”X6-88, Sole, and Ava Baker ready for relay. Mission failed, standby for medical attention.” When they all were transported back to the institute X6 pulled Sole into a maintenance closet with great force,”What the hell were you thinking?!” He seethed,”That was irresponsible, idiotic! I was more than capable of-” Sole ripped their self from the raging coursers tight fists.”I couldn’t stand the possibility of something happening to you! You may not know this X6, but I care about you, more than I do for anyone else… I love you.” X6 stands up straight staring at Sole,”I’ve never been in love ma’am/sir… nor have I ever had someone love me. I am a machine, but I’ve learned the extent of which I am capable of feeling. And I know if you hadn’t submerged, I would have died right then and there. I would die for you, and not just because my orders are to do so… From what I gather, I guess that is love. And I feel it for you..” Sole wraps their arms around X6, not expecting the courser to return their affections. But much to their surprise, one of his arms held them, as the other hung by his side. “Love,” he thought holding onto whom he feels for.