confessions of a captain swan shipper

To The End of the World or Time...



With this morning’s heartbreaking news of Jen leaving the show plummeting the high I was feeling after that musical episode, I have some initial thoughts. 

First, I respect her decision. It’s her life, it’s her career. She fulfilled her contractual obligations and has been an amazing Emma Swan for the past six years.  I wish her well in the future and have nothing but respect for her. 

Second, I seriously hope ABC considers letting OUAT end this season.  I know not everyone shares this sentiment, but Captain Swan was the integral part of the show for me.  They were what kept me tuning in week after week when other parts of the story were leading me to walk away.  I guess I could see a plot in which Killian and Emma are separated and he has to fight to get her back.  Or maybe Season 7 would be a prequel that takes place in the Enchanted Forest. I’m not sure how well either would play out with the general audience, but I hope they at least consider letting the show wrap up now with dignity and with all the main players still attached. 

But if they do continue on, I hope they do not kill off Emma or break up Captain Swan in any way (divorce, etc.).  This would be getting into How I Met Your Mother Finale territory, and that royally backfired on the creators of that show. I know real life isn’t a fairytale and sometimes the happy endings don’t last, but this is a show about hope and I think the audience would have a negative reaction to the destruction of a couple who has been built up for years and overcome everything to be together. 

Finally, if the show does continue and Colin remains, I will continue to watch. No offense to the Rumple or Regina fans, but I’ve always been a Snowing and Captain Swan fan.  And if three out of four of my favorites are gone, I will continue to be there for the one. If Colin does decide to step away and the show continues, then my time with the show will be done. 

Captain Swan shippers, it’s been fun! I know we will continue to fandom together with new fanfiction and the reminiscing of old times, but I am sad that our times of seeing them together on screen in new ways is coming to an end.  I am so thankful we got to see them confess their love for one another multiple times and ultimately get married in a beautiful ceremony.  That is way more than most shippers get in a lifetime.  As we look forward to one more week with the Once Upon a Time we’ve come to know and love, may we cherish it, relish it, and be oh so thankful for it. 

Thank you Colin and Jen for bringing our ship to life and captaining it through all the storms.  Thank you Adam and Eddy for creating these characters and allowing them their happy ending (don’t ruin it, you two!). And special shout out to Josh and Ginny who were and always will be the perfect Snow White and Prince Charming. May you all live happily ever after!

To the end of the world or time…

xoxo, Kat 

Lolz at this anti SQ post (one of the weakest arguments I’ve ever seen)

I don’t know how Swanqueen shippers can see any possibility that it could become real. I see no evidence whatsoever. Yet they still try to deny that captain swan is real. Their story from season 2, confessions of love, promises of a future together, dying for each other, going to hell for each other and the passed true love test apparently isn’t enough.

-> Ok first of all, we know CS is real. They are a couple, they kiss, we have eyes… but in our opinion they are not true love. Actually, there is more evidence of CS being the anti true love i.e. failed TLKs (one making Emma’s curse even worse in Camelot AND one taking away her magic in season 3).

-> Swan Queen’s story began from season 1 before Captain Swan ever existed.

“Confessions of love”

-> You mean like how Emma loved Neal and Neal her?

“promises of a future together” 

-> Like how Neal and Emma planned their future aka “Tallahassee”?

“dying for each other“ 

-> Hook brought his death on himself by bringing in the Dark Ones to Storybrook when he could’ve easily avoided that mess. Solving a problem that Hook caused in the first place does NOT make him a martyr.  On the other hand, Neal actually died for Emma so what about that? Or Emma sacrificing herself for Regina?

“going to hell for each other“ 

-> You mean like how Regina went to hell for Emma? :D

“passed true love test“

-> EMMA passed the freakin test not CS. Hook’s heart wasn’t tested AND Emma is literally a product of true love so of course her heart passed the test. And if a “true love shove” is a “proof” of true love then SQ already beat them in 2x01 when Emma saved Regina from the wraith.

Seriously everything this person says is NOT unique to CS. So what was the point of that post anyway?

“I see no evidence whatsoever.“

-> Clearly they don’t know the meaning of subtext:

AND let’s not forget a CSer used a gif of Emma looking at Regina as a reaction gif to “Emma seeing Killian in new clothes.”


Lastly, if there is “no evidence” then how come some CSers are threatened by SQ despite all the ILY’s and kisses? :P


Still think there’s no evidence of SQ? ;)

EDIT: To the anon who started crying to me for mocking CSers… well in my mind I was mocking the thought process / argument and not necessarily the shippers. Sorry if I sound like a petty person but kindly use Tumblr savior to blacklist “anti cs” and “fandom fuckery” if this is not the kind of content you want to see. :D Another option is to BLOCK me. It’s that simple!

“My OTP is Milah and Killian. Milah never actually met Captain Hook, she loved the man before the villain. And I don’t believe Killian is over Milah. She was the love of his life and I, as a huge Killian fan, find extremely offensive that they’ve thrown Milah away and out of the picture (and so out of the blue) just to make Captain Swan happen. They actually killed Milah’s son so Killian could be with Emma. Nope, nope. It’s all so wrong! Killian & Milah FOREVER! (I’m their only shipper, I guess)”

“I’m a HUGE Captain Swan shipper but TBH, I’ve never EVER thought anything will happen between them. I shipped them ever since I first saw them exchange 2 words just as I’ve done with other ships, but I never thought it is going to be real. Even when Emma kissed Hook in Neverland, the fact that she said "that’s only a one time thing”, I just assumed that it was the producers way of saying “it’s not happening!”, but after the last 2 episode and the way Emma smiled at him and kisses him… WOW!“