confessions of a boy toy

Good Boy Realizations

You will be a better Good Boy when you follow these Realizations:
1. Realizing that you are replaceable. Especially if your impression is less than memorable in the beginning. You are not unique, so do not allow your worldy suit to confuse your position in our relationship.
2. Realizing that you are not entitled to my time. With respect of my time you make tribute, token, or appreciation - always. From the nature of our relationship I decide to give you details from my personal and private life.
3. Realizing that you are grateful to have someone, a dominant female someone to share your kink boy secrets with. You are in dire need of sexual therapy time and sessions and I am your Therapy Queen.
4. Realizing that romanticizing your fantasy is 2/3 of the progress of you being the best good boy you can. As proper power dynamics dictate, your pursuit in having a position as my good boy lays in your actions.
5. Realizing that although as supercalifragilistic as I am, I am no mind-reader. Enjoy confessing to your Therapy Queen what a dirty boy toy you.
6. Realizing you must keep your eyes on the prize of your submission. All the feels goods, is goods, cravings, pleasings, and desires that you perpetually seek.
7. Realizing you have an over-inflated idea that you can get by, by yourself in your quest for domination and control. Unless of course, you always want to be playing by yourself.
8. Realizing that you are not in control of your sex life anymore. There are powers and forces far bigger than you at hand and in play.
Seductive Therapy Queen Jenny