Thomas Quick, also known as Sture Bergwall, was a swedish child molester and alleged serial killer who confessed to at least 30 murders, and was convicted of 8 of them. He made these confessions while he was hospitalised following an arrest for robbery, having been found criminally insane. The interesting thing about Quick’s 8 convictions (one of which was eventually overturned) is that they rest entirely on his confessions, as there is no forensic evidence linking Quick to any of them. In some cases the description provided for Quick was enough to ensure guilty for the police, as he disclosed information that had not been available to the public. There are many critics of Quick’s convictions who claim he is a compulsive liar, some of these critics including families of those Quick has allegedly murdered.

“So ATOTS was super important to me. Not just because of how heartbreaking it was. It was the Stans’ relationship, especially early on. I see so much of myself in Stanley. Everyone always saw him as the dumb sibling growing up and Stanley was scared that Stanford would move on in life without him. And the story is really emotional and I think I can see myself in Stanley. So, Stanley has kind of become more than my favorite character. He’s important to me, personally.”

I like cities. Strange, quiet cities. I like the feeling of walking around it during a busy day and watching people live their life. You know those little food stalls scattered along the streets? I like the sight of them. Flavors, smoke, aromas mixing in the air. Ugh, it’s just heavenly. Drinking session at night with friends then walking home with our hands stretch above signaling we’re tired but hell yeah it was a fab time. 

I like parties although most of my weekends and holidays are spent inside my room. When you’re lucky, you’ll meet this one person who is just beautiful. Because he’s natural and funny and he makes you forget time. Some people are so beautiful, you’ll do anything to make them see that. 

I really like walks and good conversations. You know, about life. About how I want to be on top of that mountain in Montana. Most days I just want to runaway. Most days I want to take you with me. But I’m always asleep and dreaming. 

I don’t know what to write about. Right now, all I want to see are glaciers, hot springs, wildflowers and the ache of your smile. I just want to hear you breathe because you told me you’d stop the car when our favorite indie song plays on the background. You’d stop it and slow dance with me. The moon is smiling. Just like me, bet she can’t wait.