Confession: When I first played through da:o I romanced Alistair and I LOVED HIM!! He’s just my typed and I obsessed over him… and then Zevran offered his “massage” and I full on had to stop playing for like an hour to cool off and stop myself for accepting the offer. I spent the rest of the game loving Alistair but full on longing for Zevran and wishing there was a polyamorous option.

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(mod note: we recommend the polyamory mod!)

“As a past victim of domestic abuse, I find it troubling how normalised violence against male characters is. Even when it’s not used straight up for comedic relief, there seems to be the general idea that it’s simply okay. I regularly have other muns laugh about their muses physically hurting mine, even breaking his nose, etc. Then they often go on to say things like “oh well he probably deserved it somehow”. No. No one deserves to have someone they love physically hurt them.”

Shadowhunters - Confession #22

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Day 23

Most people would feel betrayed if their partner cheated on them. And whilst I feel something when a partner goes behind my back to cheat, it isn’t betrayal.

It’s like a stomach wrenching adrenaline rush. On the one hand, I’m furious that anyone would dare believe they could hide something from me, that they would even think about cheating on their perfect, ‘innocent’ partner who is oh so clearly 'in love’ with them and would be so 'heartbroken’ at the idea of being lied to.

On the other hand I’m thrilled. It’s a boredom preventer. I feel a rush of excitement that I’ve found something out and I’ll spend hours discovering more lies and I love it, because it stops me from being bored and gives me the upper hand in every situation from then on. I can be the wolf in sheep’s clothing because I’m the poor person who was used and cheated on. I can make myself the victim, and be underestimated.

I would not say I enjoy being cheated on, as I feel insulted that anyone would believe I could so easily be lied to, but it’s certainly thrilling and fun.

Shout out to Dee / @xmelodiious. She has been here for 4 years and in that time she has grown significantly as both a writer and an artist. Rosa, as a character, has grown as well. Every detail of this oc is so well thought out. All the headcanons make me want this character to be canon even more than I already do. Keep up the great work Dee. The effort you put into your blog doesn’t go unnoticed. Rosa and you are both loved ♡♡♡

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“I personally do not like genderbent muses and won’t RP w/ them. Often the change is only for the mun to ship/smut in a preferred way (most commonly in RPs w/ male muses, in either m/m or m/f). Also it perpetuates the false equivalency of gender = sex. And if you don’t think you could play a trans person well, do research? You don’t have to BE your character to play them properly - unless you play a self-insert. But genderbends are very often a cheap cop out, if they ONLY change the muse’s sex.”