Tagged by @definegodliness to share 10 random things about me, and tag a few peeps to do the same. Here goes…

1) I don’t enjoy talking about myself. Weirdly, especially amongst people I know, and in social situations. A few of the questions I dread are “how are you?” And “what’s been happening?” … I’ll tell people things if it feels organic and comes up naturally, and I’m comfortable with them.. But generally I try and dodge answering that stuff with vague responses. I’m much more comfortable listening to people talk, it’s interesting, and there’s no pressure.

2) I have a bit of an obsession with reading/collecting Stephen King books, I don’t have them all, and I haven’t read them all… But that’s the goal. He’s such a fantastic writer, and often pigeonholed or categorised unfairly.. He sweeps across all genres with ease, and he mixes them together subtly and well. It’s not just horror folks!

3) I’ve had a poetry reblog page going for a little while, and I’ve never posted about it - so now seems as good a time as any to tell y'all, lol. You can pop over to @rarasreblogsbro to see some poems that catch my eye.

4) I can’t stop listening to Tokyo Narita (freestyle) by Halsey & Lido, it’s so much chill vibes and coolness 🎶💖

5) A little while ago, I brought tickets to see one of my all time favourite bands (Garbage) and it sounds ridiculous and corny, but I’ve literally waited close to half my life to see them live, to say I’m beyond excited is an understatement!

6) There aren’t many people who I can say I’ve fully let in, I don’t think anybody really knows me, because I keep them at a distance.

7) I had 2 spinal fusions when I was 16 and I have chronic pain because of it, and because of the conditions that brought on the surgery. I also have PTSD because of the way the first fusion failed, in a dramatic and frightening fashion, for a 16 year old I guess.

8) I feel like all these facts are terribly boring and no one will care to read them anyway. Lol.

9) Big picture wise, I need to get my shit together… But I never seem to have the motivation or will to make steps and do it. I loathe that about myself, so much.

10) I used to play the drums but I had to pack them away to make room for a new bed, I miss them a lot.

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I want give a big hug to our OCs here, because honestly, bc honestly most of you guys here are one of the best OCs I’ve seen in years, and I rped with original characters way more than I did with canon. So big hugs to my favs here: @beastyhound, @mindaxsassin & @natsunolight , @shiapolux, @traxma, @thelithiumprojectlm, @himmelfal, @scarlethaki, and @red-hot-dragonist. Thank you guys, for being here, and for putting so much love and life into your epic muses.

“I don’t bring it up often, but I’m actually really insecure about my rps. It’s weird because I know I’m a pretty good writer and everyone who interacts with me says I’m a nice person with great characters. I guess it’s just that I’m always so slow to respond and by my own standards my replies feel lack luster due to problems with chronic illness. I just wish I could write like I used to in high school.”

‘’I need someone to far cry and chill with me so we can suffer together from cardioVAAScular troubles, talk about king Min’s palace and his country with beautiful landscapes and discus about every other character while we drink beer  and eat fries in loose shirts and underwear. It sounds much dirtier than what I had in mind,  but…..’’

461) Looking back into my childhood, I’ve realized I actually had a lot of serious symptoms of bipolar my entire life, the only thing being my cycles slowed down more and more as I grew up. This just makes me extremely angry because I was literally suffering every day from my mental illness because I didn’t know what I was feeling was abnormal and it was just put off by everyone around me as “kid stuff”.  No, 12 year olds aren’t usually convinced their closet had a stalker inside. I needed help.

“I don’t get how folks can archive their blogs so easily constantly (and the URL changes really makes it difficult to keep up). All I can do is just re-tag stuff and clean up the blog. I mean, there are tag re placers for a reason. And contained themes. Look, there is no crime in making things pretty. I do it too. But, the fonts in most of them are an eyestrain. Is it that hard to put a 12 or 14 font size when editing themes? I will let story book sized fonts (font 10) go but anything smaller than that I will just have less incentive to rp/follow you . And if my theme makes it hard to read threads, just put “/mobile” and you can happily read without straining eyes.”