It bugs me how Scrappy haters can’t go without making a comment on every post they see about how much they dislike him. What’s your damage? You don’t have to like him. Don’t be rude to his fans though. Why are you so enraged about a cartoon dog? If he really “ruined” your childhood you need to consider yourself lucky that Scrappy Doo was the worst thing to happen in your life. If you’re still upset then you have bigger issues. 

@prxvailingdarkness .. You’re a gift from heaven tbh. You’re always there for me, no matter what and you always manage to make me smile and flee my inner turmoil for a while. You’re one of the greatest writers I’ve ever met here and you simply know how to play with word in a breathtaking and amazing way that leaves me speechless. I love you a lot and I will always love you. You’re my sunshine and I dearly adore everything you do and admire everything you say. Thank you for being a part of my life


Summary:  Mingyu and his tendency with doing skinship with you can be a good thing and a bad thing. Most probably, it’s something in the middle.
Word count: 1693
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (Final)

It’s been days. A couple of weeks even. You weren’t entirely sure by now. It was such a busy time for you since it was nearly the end of the term. Even club activities were starting to take a toll on your already hectic schedule. Thankfully, this gave you a reason to hang out less with your friends. With Mingyu. You needed your spare time to catch up and focus with school-related things. Mingyu and his confession could wait…

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160424 JIMIN [#ParkJiminLove]

This was basically a video confession about how hard it’s becoming for him at the moment…

He wants to be able to sing better songs and do better, but he feels like he’s a bit inadequate these days.

He tries to keep a playful attitude throughout the video, but you can tell just how much those thoughts are plaguing his mind.

That he’s not good enough, that he’s not trying hard enough…

And, yes, I’m sure every single idol feels this way, but it sort of breaks my heart when I see this video.

Even while telling us about his insecurities, he tries to smile and just be genuine with us, and it looked like he was going to cry multiple times in this video.

I know it’s healthy for an idol or celebrity to be concerned about how well (or not well) they’re doing, but I think, in Jimin’s case, it’s a little more than that.

With the growing popularity of BTS, I feel like he’s struggling to keep up with it.

Which is why he says that he’s not good enough, and that he wishes he could do better…

And, I know that us ARMY’s will try to tell him “No, Jimin, you’re doing great! You’re perfect! Don’t feel insecure!”

But, the sad part of that is, that won’t reach him…

And, as a big fan, I feel so, so, so sad that there’s not that much we can do for him.

He mentions that there’s so many people waiting for him.

So many people with high expectations.

So, he needs to get through it, he says.

I know I’m sort of ranting, but I really feel like Jimin needs a little more love than this.

He needs to know that we genuinely love him for him.

That we will be supporting him, not just expecting.

He needs to know that we don’t have high expectations for him.

We just want him to be happy.

We just want him to know that there’s nothing wrong with struggling with yourself.

So, please, listen to his words.

Don’t say “OMG he’s so cute/hot” and ignore his message entirely.

Instead of commenting “Ugh, his thighs!” or whatever, post some encouraging comments/tweets.

Tell him that he’s not alone.

Tell him that we’re here for him.

Tell him that he’s doing a great job, and that struggling is the key to improving.

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Also, if you’d like to know what he said in his vlog, go to my blog for full English translations!:)