@confessionisalwaysweakness --What to do on New Years Eve--

Spencer was on his cellphone standing outside as the snow fell around him.  The holidays were over (with the exception of New Years Eve and that was tonight).  There was one person he wanted to visit face to face rather than sending a Christmas card to or passing by her desk at the Bureau.  It took all the effort he had not to put his present inside her desk drawer, but only just having her back?  For the second time?  That felt too cheap, too impersonal.  And this couldn’t be.  No, he’d wait til tonight and bring it in person.  

Looking up at a dim, amber light shining from an apartment window, he tilted his head to the side as the phone rang and a machine picked up.  "Hello..Emily?  Are you there?  It’s Spencer.“  He paused, waiting to see if she’d pick up and he hadn’t made a mistake in judging she was home by seeing her light on when he passed the building on the way to the coffee shop.  A small silver and gold wrapped box was shifted from under one arm to the other as he chewed on his lip and then blew out a breath of pale gray tinted air.