Here’s my HANi-HoneyWorks Project guys- Consisit of Ocs made out of Yamako-san’s Illustrations and HoneyWorks’ Pv (wat)

Illust: ヤマコ 


lilninjin  asked:

um, I'm new to this "Honeyworks" series. What is it exactly?? Is it like Kagepro? (light novel, manga, songs, anime?) sorry for my noob-ness, lol.

(Hope you don’t mind me publishing this ask, since I ended up writing a lot, and I think a lot of people are also new to this series and don’t know where to start with it!)

WHAT IS IT?: It started out as a series of Vocaloid songs, and is more commonly called the “Confession Rehearsal” series (after the first song in the series, “Confession Rehearsal (Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu)”. The names “Kokuhaku no Oto (Sound of Confession)” or “Confession Executive Committee (Kokuhaku Yokou Iinkai)” have also been used on the official page for this series. HoneyWorks is the team that produces the songs, but they make other songs not part of this series, too. So far, it’s been expanded through novels and kind of manga and a tiny ounce of anime, but more of that below.

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Confession rehearsal

A/n: in which Marinette lies to Adrien, daily

The sounds of the city have become a muted thing, all she can hear is the rushing of her heartbeat, a crazy lub dub that fills her sight with stars.

Or maybe that’s just because she’s forgetting to breathe again.

Even the buffeting wind that encircles them is oddly quiet, a blessedly cold caress against her flushed cheeks.

But he’s here. His eyes are wide and curious and the prettiest shade of green. Almost exactly the color of sunlight drifting through leaves.

And she’ll lose her focus if she thinks anymore, because in stark contrast to his eyes, his smile is comforting. It’s a soft, little thing of warmth and encouragement.

Her reality cements itself again when Chat Noir gives her the most earnest thumbs up, the material of his suit is so blatantly loud as he shifts awkwardly.

She gathers up all the courage settled into her dots, the thing that’s decidedly a part of Ladybug and not Marinette.

Her cheeks burn and the words fall out with a vague rush of relief. She shuts her eyes, lets her dry lips stretch and contort to shape what she needs to say.

“Sorry, I know it’s really sudden and all…but I…I really, really like you. For a long time…a-actually…oh god.”

Her eyes are still screwed shut, and this time the stars she sees are from that rather than lack of air. She wonders if she can make a wish on these ones, considering Paris is too bright to ever see real ones.

His soft laughter causes that same familiar pain to lance through her, she wrings her hands in agitation and irritation mixed with all her affection tinges her words.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh.” She chides, closing the distance between them, and with a strangely Herculean effort, punches him casually on the shoulder.

He chuckles a bit more, rubbing at his arm.

“I’m not…not at you…not exactly, Ladybug. It’s just you always close your eyes. It looks really painful. But at least you didn’t call him ‘beautiful boy’ this time around.”

He seems to notice her underlying discomfort and thinks she’s genuinely still worried about this night’s rehearsal. He takes it in the way she wants him to.

(And in the way she really doesn’t.)

And like always, he makes her confidence a priority. His encouragement is the farthest thing from false.

(Even if it hurts…oh so much…that she’s practicing these confessions for some other person.)

He places his hands on her small shoulders, his smile is that a little more mellow, a whole lot more sweet as he looks down at her.

He thinks that she should really keep her eyes open during her confession. Because they’re such a starkly bluebell blue, that he thinks, no matter who she confesses to with those shining bright eyes, they’ll say yes.

He would in a heartbeat. Or less.

But her feelings aren’t for him. There for some mystery person. Someone who makes her stutter and devolve back into the adorable politeness that was his classmate…

“Marinette…you should really have more faith in yourself. Honestly, you’re ready. You’ve been ready to make that confession for a while now. I don’t think we need to practice every day now.”

She vehemently shakes her head, and her eyes are narrowed in dogged refusal to listen to him.

“I need more time. Maybe on…Christmas of next year.”

“You really…really need to see that you’re already there, Marinette…and that’s like,” He takes a moment to tally up the time, before humming in frustration. “That’s twenty months away. You can’t keep putting this off.”

But there’s this sick twisted part of him that wants her to feel just a little unsure. That wants her to keep fake confessing to him…just so he can pretend for a few more nights that the girl he loves, loves him too.

Still, her uncertainty runs deep. It seems to be a part of her own bones, lacing through her just as surely as her kindness does.

He can’t promise that the object of her affections will return her feelings…but he can promise her that she’ll be fine if they don’t. After all, he’s currently an expert on an unrequited love. Except she’s got a lot more gumption that he does and she’s been practicing.

She’s still shaking her head, although a bit dizzy by now and he sees the edge of mischief curling her lips.

He moves his hands to cradle her cheeks, thumbs laid just over the edge of her mask. It takes effort not to move his fingers, not to trace the planes of her precious face.

But he does it, and she’s still trying to shake her head in jest, straining gently against his careful hold.

“You’re the worst bobble head ever.” He snorts, and tries to catch her gaze with earnest joy. “But no matter what you want to do, you’ll be great. You can mess up. It’s totally fine. Whatever happens, it wasn’t you. That person just wasn’t…the right one at that time.”

She stops shaking her head long enough to catch the seriousness of his tone, and he has to look away before those pretty blues drown him in curiosity.

Because under no circumstances will he allow their friendship to be ruined because he couldn’t control his emotions.

His hands fall away quickly from her, fiddling with the trailing end of his tail as he finishes his point.

“You’ve…you got this, Marinette.” He says gently, and even beyond her Ladybug suit, he sees the way his encouragement helps. The way she stands a little bit taller. The way the energy of her hope seems to make even her ribbons perk up a bit.

“Thanks…Adrien. It really…it really means a lot. I’m so happy.” She answers back…and somehow she doesn’t sound entirely truthful.

She doesn’t sound happy, but Chat decides to attribute that to lingering uncertainty.

(And for once, she wishes her cat was more observant.)

But the night devolves into a gentle, easy conversation. Ending with him scribbling down the answers to the physics homework for her with a half hearted complaint.

“These only cover your butt for the homework. You’re actually going to have to learn the concepts for the test.”

She rolls her eyes good-naturedly.

“So what if I take the path of least resistance?” She remarks, picking her away from around the chimney stack and beginning to swing her yoyo to begin her journey home.

“Did you just make a joke about circuits? Ohm my god….” He deadpans, his grin turning into one that is absolutely shit-eating.

She laughs sweetly, and waves at him over her shoulder…eager to leave before he catches the harsh beating of her heart.

(And he watches her arc through the sky, a streak of red luck breaking through the winter haze with his heart in his throat. His fingers still tremble, regretting everything.)

She knows she’s being entirely selfish.

She knows she’s being entirely stupid.

But there was a culmination of circumstances that had lead to her current conundrum

And that word happened to start with a C too. Chat Noir..who was Adrien Agreste…who as Chat Noir..

The reveal is inconsequential. How it happened is anticlimactic at best and underwhelming at worst.

She had pieced it together before him. It had been an amalgamation of overly specific puns and a shared reference that only the two of them could have known.

He’d found her out after they’d both gone into the same broom closet to transform…the strangest of liminal spaces encasing two confused heroes and two giggling kwamis.

Another story for another time.

For now, what matters is that the reveals had lead to a better friendship. A relationship the spans both sides of their coins. A person with whom they could share everything.

Well, almost everything. She can’t very well tell Adrien that she’s loved him since day two. She can’t tell him that now her first love and her almost love have coalesced into one wonderfully flawed and dorky boy.

So she lies. Sort of.

She tells him that she likes someone in school.

He asks if he knows them.

She shrugs and says she thinks so.

He asks about their hobbies and what they look like.

She resorts to nauseating poetry to throw him off.

Eyes the color of la Seine in winter. Hair that is woven from ambrosia. A smile made of sunbeams.

He laughs it all off, in a way that’s too easy…to casual for her to even fathom that he feels anything other than amusement.

She’s noticed…a miniscule change…but after the reveal, he’s less flirtatious as Chat. A lot more laid back and maybe just the tiniest bit more sarcastic.

A mark of friendship…something blessed and cursed at the same time.

So when she confesses, she’s not lying. She tells him everyday in various iterations how much she loves him…and he still has no idea she’s confessing to him.

It’s painful, but it’s a hurt of her own making.

Except for now…today is the day. She won’t lie anymore, because unfortunately she’s noticed the growing numbers of Valentine’s he’d received last month.

Because she’s noticed how much more at ease he is with girls that fawn over him and how much more familiar he is with everyone in class.

Because one day they’ll graduate and one day Hawkmoth will be defeated and her pride is stubborn enough not to let her confession happen because a man with a butterfly obsession threatens to throw her life into chaos.

It’s the same scene. The same cloudy haze and the same bright city.

The same stars she sees in her sight because she’s not breathing right, but she’s got no more time.

She’s silent for a bit, and it’s enough to prompt the usual encouragement.

“Hey…I’m really cheering for you.” Tumbles from his mouth when she feels it break.

Despite her months of practice, she still screws her eyes shut and practically shoves out her confession.

“Sorry I know I lie all the time, but I’ve lo..liked you for a long time…and I don’t want to hide anymore. I know I’ve messed up everything…I know you might not like me back, but I really…I really needed to tell that to you, Adrien.”

It’s only now that the volume has returned. The loud rushing sounds of traffic float up from below, the wailing of a boat horn in the distance…the brief, choked laughing that comes from him.

Beyond her vulnerability, anger and hurt make her eyes fly open. Make her fingers curl into fists and make her open her mouth to tell him to please realize that she’s being serious, but…

He stands there with a giant smile, a boy made a little bit of laughter and a little bit of tears, as he says-

“I love you too.”


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Honeyworks’ third major album, titled  好きになるその瞬間を。(Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan o.), is set for release on July 15, 2015!

The regular edition (second image) contains a CD and costs 2800 yen (+ tax). While the tracklist remains unknown, the CD will contain 4 new collaboration songs (1 is a collab with sana and CHiCO, another 1 is a song by sana written by Gom), a sana x Gero collaboration of a mix version of Kinyoubi no Ohayou, 2 voice drama songs, and many more!

Meanwhile, apart from the CD, the limited edition (first image) includes a DVD featuring a fully voiced comic of Ima Suki ni Naru - Short Story, and a 120-page comic of Ima Suki ni Naru - Prologue illustrated by Yamako! It costs 3800 yen (+ tax).

Here is the expanded seiyuu list for the characters:

Hina Setoguchi - Momo Asakura
Kotaro Enomoto - Natsuki Hanae
Koyuki Ayase - Tsubasa Yonaga
Natsuki Enomoto - Haruka Tomatsu
Yuu Setoguchi - Hiroshi Kamiya
Miou Aida - Aki Toyosaki
Haruki Serizawa - Kenichi Suzumura
Akari Hayasaka - Kana Asumi
Souta Mochizuki - Yuuki Kaji
Sena Narumi - Sora Amamiya
Arisa Takamizawa - Nao Higashiyama
Ken Shibazaki - Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yukihiro Yamamoto - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Midori Hamanaka - Gero
sana - sana

Also, the fourth novel of the Confession Rehearsal Series, Ima Suki ni Naru, is set for release on July 1!

Confession Rehearsal! (Romano x Reader) (Songfic)

“Sorry, I know it’s sudden and all”
“But I’ve liked you far too long to just stall”

(Y/N) stood in front of Lovino, those words leaving her lips as a dark blush coated her pale cheeks. She had planned this! She was doing her Confession!…Rehearsal.

Starting to pound, my heart beating loud
Can you hear the booming sound all around?

Her heart was beating, against her rib cage. Was a confession rehearsal supposed to feel like this? The short girl didn’t know since this was her first confession rehearsal but who knew who she was confessing to truly.

So ends my confession rehearsal

(Y/N) laughed as Lovino stared at her, wide eyed. She smiled while the male in front of herself. HIs face was priceless. This confession wasn’t for him but for someone else but she just needed to rehearse it before telling her crush.

“Did you think I was for real? No way!”
Was I cute? Maybe made your heart beat?

(Y/N) put her arms behind her head, crossing her fingers together as she whistled a tune, “What? Did you think I would really confess to you? No way! It was my Confession Rehearsal! But was I cute? Did I make your heart beat?” “You stupid Ragazza!”

Oh c’mon, why don’t lighten up a bit?
Hold up, are you gonna get serious?

(Y/N) blinked at Lovino, “Lovino! Don’t be like that! C’mon cheer up!” She said, walking besides him with a smile on her lips as her childhood friend had a pout on his lips while the girl giggled, before she noticed her friend ask her, “Wait, are you going to get serious?”

You’re a real jerk for messing with me like that!
Oh and I say we take the long way!
If it’s okay, make a stop on our way home

(Y/N) blinked before Lovino spoke to her once more, “You’re a jerk. Messing me like that.” “Hey! Anyways, let’s take the long way home!” (Y/N) stated while she smiled at him, “We can stop at a convenience store on the way home!”

And tomorrow I’ll tell the person I like that we are just destined to be
Man I hope you cheer me on, just promise me now, okay?

After a fun time with Lovino, binge-eating a lot of sweets, (Y/N) came home to a warm bath; with the warm water around her, she pressed her hands on her cheeks, “Tomorrow! He has to know!” She sunk into her bath as her cheeks burned, “Ahhh!”

Listen to all the words in my mouth
Just for tomorrow, can you hear them all out?

(Y/N) thought about the words that were at the tip of her tongue when she rehearsed her confession. “It’s True! I like you!” She blushed a dark red, taking out her phone, “Lovino…I truly do like you. So please don’t hate me.”

Little by little growing again
Selfish heart of mine is thinking ahead

She stared at her phone screen, looking over her text message, soon deciding it was a stupid idea. She pouted, holding her phone in her hands as her phone lingered over the “Send” button. She was so tempted.

Trying to be serious, rehearsing it on everyday
If my heart is lying then he’ll find out right away

(Y/N) tossed her phone on the ground, it bouncing off the said ground and landing somewhere. She let out a sigh, while she went over and picked it up, shutting it down and putting it on her bedside table before going to bed for the night.

Fortune says I’m super duper lucky
Not that I would really care about that kinda stuff

Her dreams had been about her childhood, which made her so embarrassed, since a lot of those memories contained Lovino! As she ate her breakfast, she watched a bit of Television, which told her that she had luck on her side and what kind of make up she should wear.

Just for one day I think I’ll make
Myself into, like, a really real girl

(Y/N) nodded, at her television, as she finished her food before running over to her mirror. She sat down, adding on make up on her face, which was rare for her to do. She looked pretty..enough. Time for school.

Okay I swear this is it now, dare I finally say it for real this time?
“Hey I’m really cheering for you” tumbled from your mouth when

She had walked with Lovino to school, and now it was after school. She sighed, “Can I really tell you?” She thought to herself as she looked up at Lovino with a nervous look. The Southern Italian let out a sigh, “Look, I’m really cheering you on.” He turned to leave, with a sad smile, “Wait!”

“Sorry, I know I lie all that time”
“But I’ve liked you far too long to now hide”

(Y/N) looked as Lovino stopped, turning around to face the shorter girl, “I know I lie a lot but I’ve loved you for such a long time to keep it hidden now!” She told him, a dark red blush over her cheeks.

Starting to shake and ready to break
Crying out in a voice my love isn’t fake

She started to shiver, in fear, tears already filling her eyes as she awaited for his reaction. Lovino stared at her, opening his mouth, before she told him, “My Love isn’t fake!!!” Lovino’s lips curled into a smile.

Please don’t make me keep on going, words I can’t rehearse! But
Standing with a giant smile you said “I like you…too”

(Y/N) opened her teary eyes, “Don’t make me say it again…words I couldn’t rehearse!” Lovino gave her a giant smile, “Don’t worry, Bella Ragazza. I like you…too!” Her eyes widened, mouth opening at the kind words from Lovino. 

Starting to pound, my heart beating loud
Can you hear the booming sound all around?

She walked with Lovino to his bike, sitting on his bike rack, which worked like a seat of sorts. She held her school bag close to her chest, feeling the beats of her heart against her rib cage.

Starting to bring, my heart has a ring
And now I hope you hear the things it’ll sing

(Y/N) looked up at Lovino, who seemed to be blushing. She leaned on his back, listening to the beats of her heart which seemed to have a melody. Maybe he could hear the sweet love melody. As she was dropped of at her home, she smiled at Lovino, “Thanks, Lovino! I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lovino rolled his eyes, about to leave when (Y/N) grabbed his tie and pulled him down. She leaned up and gave him a kiss. Lovino turned red but kissed her back. As they both pulled away, “I love you, Lovino.” “I love you too, Mi Principessa.”