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Ich bin dafür dass wir das Confession Bear meme auf Deutsch mit "Beichtbär" übersetzen.

jetzt stell ich mir einen zahmen bär vor der im beichtstuhl auf der seite vom pfarrer sitzt.

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all the texts for sister

TG: hey just thinking about you
TG: hope youre sleeping well
TG: thats what trolls are supposed to be doing around this time
TG: if youre not. get to bed

wasn’t sent:
TG: i still have a lot of feelings for you
TG: did i burn those bridges too

TG: shit its gamzees birthday tomorrow and i didnt even know
TG: quick tell me what trolls do for their birthday and what is offensive so i know to avoid it

TG: lmao did you know human soporifics exist
TG: i wish i didnt right now ngl

TG: wanna study human anatomy again

late night:
TG: i just slammed a 2 liter of mountain dew lets game

TG: what the fuck
TG: stop sending me memes
TG: this instance
TG: unless theyre going to be confession bears about me STOP MEMEING ON ME