“While I was going though  two-year animation course at my college I ended up coming across VivziePop’s Die Young music video, though never a fan of the music, I was instantly a fan of the artist. She continues to inspire me with her bright colours and intriguing characters. I wish to be able to tell her in person one day, how much she reminded me art is fun and its the only thing I have ever wanted to do.”

-Submitted by hoveringabout


I thought that this was an appropriate time to post this submission, given recent occurrences.  Not that there’s anything about this one in particular - we get TONS of submissions just like this, and the message is pretty much always the same:  Vivienne, you’ve been a genuinely positive influence on so, so many people, their drive to pursue art, their lives in general.  I hope you really understand that, and that you can get through trying times knowing that for every petty, envious person who’d rather try to drag you through the dirt than accept living in your shadow, there are a hundred others who feel that their lives are better for having you in them.

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Confession: I'm starting to hate my close friend. She's changing and acting different. I can't hang out with her anymore because every time something comes out of her mouth I want to tell her to shut the fuck up. I can't stand her, but I still don't want to lose her because of our history. I don't want to confront her about it because I know it'll hurt her. I'm starting to keep my distance and kind of been ignoring her. She's no the same, I miss her old self so much.


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The other night i went to my boyfriends house and gave him a bj and he said i was so good that he wanted to treat me so he pushed me onto the bed, ripped off my clothes and licked, fucked and fingered me till i came 3 times! My mum still hasn't repaired the rip in my trousers which she thinks was the dogs fault!! Later that night i went to a party and got very drunk, ended up in the loo with a girl getting finger blasted!! Came another 2 times. Best day ever!!!

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Yesterday my boyfriend and I were at his house. We were alone and he was very sad, I tried to calm him down with sweet worlds and some kisses. Suddenly he turns away and starts kissing me passionately, he takes away my bra and begins to massage my breast, I bare him and we kiss for a long time. He gets on me and we make love. I had 2 orgasms and they are the best orgasms I ever had. It was amazing and I love his moans.

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one day I went over this guys house and we made out, fucked and he fingered me and I gave him a hj and later that day I went to a party and made out with a guy there who fingered me and when that kid left I made out with his friend who also fingered me and gave me hickeys and then after the party I went back to the first guys house cause I "owed" him a bj so I did tht and at his house his friend tried to make out with me but I didn't kiss him back and pulled away...what an exciting night

I’m kinda upset that Juvia didn’t get angry at Gray for leaving her for six months. It’s not even because I ship Gruvia. Imagine someone leaving you out of the blue for ½ a year and when they come back that don’t even fully explain themselves. I understand Erza told him not to say anything but I feel like both Erza and Gray should give a sincere apology to Juvia.
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