When Greg broke the table in Mr. Greg and said it wouldn’t be a problem because he had the money to pay for it, it reminded me of someone commenting on how Greg’s focus was on Steven instead of freaking out because Ruby broke a table he’d have to pay for (and how he wasn’t so well-off).I’m glad he has enough money to treat himself now! It couldn’t have happened to a better man!


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oh my god i can't believe what I did yesterday night/morning! It was my boyfriend's birthday so we went to a club, partying. At 4 am we wanted to go home and had to wait 20 minutes at the train stop for the right train. I was sitting on his lap, when he suddenly started fingering me (I was wearing a skirt, so no problem). Then I looked if someone was watching, got down on my knees, opened his pants, said "happy birthday babe" and gave him a blowjob..feeling so slutty right now

I don’t get it when someone says that Natsu is to overplayed and doesn’t have enough weaknesses. Before the big reveal, I could understand this but nowadays, it’s understandable why he’s so powerful. He’s a demon in human form who was raised by a dragon. No duh he’s going to be powerful. And not enough weaknesses? The dude’s very life force is connected to a book! If that should go up in flames, Natsu would be gone a second time!
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 I was on my 3rd playthrough of Inquisition before I realised
I could talk to my companions at Skyhold and get
cutscenes and quests! The only one I managed to talk to
a lot was Dorian as I was romancing him.
I missed a lot of stuff, but now I keep running across
things I haven’t done before, so it’s all good :)