This very sweet cat was found yesterday begging to be let into our friend’s house. She showed up with a medical bonnet and a collar, but no tag and no microchip. She is now staying with us and is safe, but we cannot keep her forever. We have searched the neighborhood where she was found and so far no one recognizes her. We have found no missing cat flyers for her and she hasn’t yet showed up on lost pet sites for this area.

If you know of anyone in DE or the surrounding areas missing a sweet, lovely little tuxedo cat who recently had veterinary care requiring a bonnet, please let them know we may have found their cat and to please call one of the above numbers. THANK YOU!

anonymous asked:

Is there a specific reason why you give Asgore four fingers ? In his crouching sprite, the hand he puts on his chest has 5. I hope I don't come off as rude for asking.

a) It’s easier to sprite.

b) I like to distinguish monsters from humans by giving the monsters one less finger than humans.

c) Personal preference when spriting/drawing nonhuman characters.

His hurt/crouching sprite in the remaster will have the same amount of digits as the other updated sprites.