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  Gruvia Fluff Fest Day One & Two- Confession & Home

It had been a month since the battle with Zeref and his demons, and slowly, the cities of Fiore were rebuilding their great country. The country was back to the way it had been before Eileen had used her magic, and while Fairy Tail worked hard for their city Magnolia, the other guilds worked hard for their own cities.

“I’m tired of sleepin’ on the ground!” Natsu muttered, falling into his sleeping bag.

“Shut it, Asswipe, we’re all tired,” Gajeel muttered from a few sleeping bags away.

“I like it,” Wendy spoke up softly from her spot between Gray and Natsu. “It’s like one big slumber party.”

“I thought slumber parties were suppose to be fun,” Charlie muttered from beside Wendy.

“Ah, it is enjoyable,” Erza spoke from her spot beside Juvia, who was laying by Gray.

“Yeah, if Natsu could keep down his snoring tonight, it would be awesome,” Lucy gave a glare at the man beside her.

Levy chuckled from Lucy’s other side. “You should try sleeping next to Gajeel…”

“Gihi,” the man gave a pleased chuckle.

“Oi, Erza,” Natsu lifted his head to look at his friend. “Have you heard from your man lately? I thought he was coming back to help us rebuild Fairy Tail?”

“My man?” Erza blinked, a small blush rising to her cheeks. “You mean Jellal?”

“Who else would I be talkin’ about?” Natsu frowned.

“Him and Meredy are traveling to help out cities who are in worse state than Magnolia. They’ll be returning once their work is done,” Erza assured him.

Natsu gave a nod, satisfied with the answer and laid his head down again.

“I hope Fairy Hills is rebuilt quickly…” Wendy whispered.

“Don’t worry Wendy, everyone is working really hard to rebuild Magnolia,” Lucy spoke up softly.

“Ya,” Natsu patted the young girl’s head with a gentle smile. “We won’t be layin’ on this floor for the rest of our lives.”

“I heard that the apartments on Cosmo street are almost completely rebuilt,” Levy informed the group.

“Hey Ice Dick, isn’t that where you use to live?” Gajeel spoke up, he lifted his head with a frown. “You’ve been awfully quite, yer not makin’ out with Juvia, are ya?!”

“What the hell?!” Gray snapped.

“Gajeel-kun!” Juvia squeaked in embarrassment.

“We’ve been tryin’ to fall asleep,” Gray huffed, “which is hard for us to do with you and Natsu runnin’ your mouths.”

Natsu laughed, “oh, Gajeel, I think you interrupted his make out session.”

“We weren’t kissing!” Gray hissed, a deep blush forming on his cheeks.

“Oi, I saw you two earlier!” Gajeel looked over his friends to glare at Gray. “You two were makin’ googly eyes at each other.”

“Gajeel-kun, please shut up,” Juvia muttered, attempting to hide her face in Gray’s side. “You and Levy-chan are just as bad!”

Natsu and Gajeel started snickering and the banner between them started. It got loud and obnoxious, quick…

“That’s enough!” Erza’s stern order run through the air, causing Natsu and Gajeel to become quiet. “We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, so everyone needs to get some rest…”

“She’s right,” Lucy piped up. “We’re going to try to at least finish the guild hall tomorrow.”

There was a peaceful silence that lulled in the air as everyone stayed deep in their thoughts. Their beloved Fairy Tail… It would be rebuilt soon, and then everything would be just as it should be.

Minutes ticked by, and soon almost everyone was asleep, giving off light and peaceful snores.

Gray, however, was still wide awake. His mind wandered to several different things… Juvia, Fairy Tail, things going back to normal, his old apartment building, and then Juvia again… It always landed back on her.

What would she do once everything was rebuilt? Would she go and live in Fairy Hills again? Somehow, the thought made Gray frown… Was it strange that he didn’t want to be away from her any more than he had to? He knew it was a complete one-eighty of how he use to be… But after everything that had happened, he just wanted to be with her. Living those six months together with her before he joined Avatar had been one of the happiest times of his life… If they could go back to some like that, he’d be happy…

He glanced over at her, and smiled. Her eyes were closed, and her blue hair fell in waves around her, but he knew she wasn’t asleep. It was a full moon, and he knew she had trouble sleeping on full moons. Something to do with the tides of the ocean and her being a water mage…

“Juvs,” he whispered, watching as her brown eyes opened in surprised.

“Gray-sama,” she whispered back, a soft smile spreading across her lips. “You’re not asleep yet?” She quirked an eyebrow.

“I couldn’t sleep just yet,” Gray admitted.

Juvia nodded her head in understanding. She knew all too well what it was like to not be able to sleep. “Do you really think everything will be rebuilt within the next month?” She asked him quietly.

“Of course,” he answered without a second thought. “This is Fairy Tail we’re talkin’ about,” he gave her a light grin.

She smiled, pursing her lips to silence her small giggle. “True…” She took a deep breath before releasing it peacefully. “Juvia will be happy once everything is the way it should be…”

“Yeah,” Gray nodded, his heart starting to pound in his chest. If everything was the way it should be, then Juvia would be with him, right? But then again, she probably didn’t know that he wanted her to live with him… So she was probably thinking of her room in Fairy Hills. “Uh, Juvs… After everything is rebuilt… Are… Are you going to go back to Fairy Hills?”

She opened her mouth to respond before she shut it and thought about the answer. Finally she opened her mouth again, “Juvia supposes that is where she will go… Unless there is somewhere else she should be…”

Her brown eyes locked into his blue ones and Gray felt the world stop. His heart was thrumming in his hearts- that’s how crazy it was beating! He could feel his cheeks heating, so he knew they were probably a good shade of pink… He had never been good at this kind of stuff which was why he was happy that Natsu and the others were asleep.

“There is, actually…” he told Juvia.

“Huh?” She scrunched up her eyebrows in confusion.

“There’s somewhere else you should be…” he reached out and grabbed her hand. “Live with me…” There was a moment of silence before he added, “please…”

Juvia was silent for a few seconds, but he could see how her eyes widened and how a light blush invaded her cheeks. “Is that what Gray-sama wants?” She whispered softly.

“Yes…” he nodded, “that is, if you’re okay with it…” Please let it be okay with her... He didn’t ever think he’d have to worry about Juvia not liking something where it concerned him, but he was worried. What if she didn’t want to live with him anymore? What if he had waited too late in realizing his feelings for her and she decided to move on?

“Juvia…” she began, a slow smile forming on her face. “Would love to live with Gray-sama…”

Gray let out a breath of relief he didn’t know he was holding. He let go of her hand and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her against him. He heard her little squeak of surprise and he chuckled lightly.

“Are we going to live in the apartments you use to live in?” Juvia asked softly, her arms resting against his chest as her forehead rested against his neck.

“Juvia…” he kissed the top of her head. “No…” he decided. “I want a home…” he told her. “I want a home with you…”

Juvia pulled back, only enough so she could look at him. His eyes found hers and she knew that in his own way, that was him telling her that he loved her. It was his confession. He wanted to be with her, and she him.

Slowly, she nodded, nestling her way back into his arms. “Yes… Gray-sama and Juvia will definitely need a house, especially when the babies arrive.”

“O-Oi!” He whispered, his cheeks flushing hotly as Juvia giggled. He knew her imagination was going a hundred miles a minute. “Slow it down a bit…” he muttered. “Lets at least get married first, alright?”

“Hm…” Juvia hummed, her lips grazing his collarbone in a gentle kiss. “Okay… As long as Juvia gets to spend her life with Gray-Sama… She will be happy no matter what.”

Gray grinned, “yeah… Me too.”

Fairy Tail may primarily be an action/adventure series, but it’s also classified as an ecchi series, so why tf are y'all complaining about fanservice?


There is a little and probably stupid thing that I have been thinking about. In the next Fairy Tail chapter, the name for it will be “ Mother and Child ”. Everyone thinks that it will be something about Erza and Lady Eileen. But am I the only who thinks that it will be something about Lucy and her mother? I do know that her mother is dead, but I am talking about Lucy meeting her mother’s spirit or something and then telling her something important. Something similar to Zera when she appears in the last chapter that has been released.
This can be quite possible, ya no? In my opinion I think Lady Eileen looks quite young to be Erza’s mother. I rather think that she is some sort of a sister to her.


This chapter is such a tearjerker. Almost at all pages I cried and shouted “WHY?! NO!”. I can’t believe what I just read, it’s so much heartbreaking.

This DRAGNEEL BROTHERS story is making me tear up because I can see how much Zeref values Natsu as his younger brother. He loves him so much that his love for him causes harm not only to his brother but to the whole humanity.

And of course this main chapter story. The GRAY and JUVIA story. This shows how much the two value one another. Juvia just showed once again how she loves Gray so much. She showed her selfless side just to protect the man she loves. Juvia may have started as a stalker to Gray but now, we can say that her feelings are not just some petty feelings but true love.

From the start, we knew that Juvia would be willing to kill herself just to protect Gray. But who would have thought that Gray would do the same thing for Juvia. This tells us that Gray is willing to sacrific his life so that Juvia could live. He said it himself that he couldn’t hurt Juvia, not just because she is his comrade but because Juvia is someone dear to him.

Sacrificing one’s life shows the depth of one’s love for the other. It’s very heartbreaking to see the person you have learned to love give up their life so that you could continue living. Gray wasn’t even given a chance yet to express the same feelings for Juvia, when technically, he was looking forward to do so right when the war ends.


BEWARE- some spoiling might be mentioned here!

I really want to know what was Natsu’s and Zeref’s past like, before Natsu died and was then given to Igneel to take care of him. I want to know what their mum and dad were like. Did they use any magic or not. And if the two boys had a really strong relationship between them. It’s quite interesting to think about it. :D
I quite prefer to look more into Natsu’s very old past before he became a dragon slayer. I do hope in further chapters of the Fairy Tail manga we get something like this.
Even if something was mentioned about the two boys and their past, I have probably missed it out, as I have a really bad memory. xD

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I really like how you comment on a bunch of the fairy tail confessions in addition to your chapter reviews and other general commentary that you do. It's cool to read your opinions on other people's opinions ((I mean that genuinely not sarcastically, I really like reading your stuff!))

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Thank You! I love whenever someone tells me that

It's sad but...

I feel like I’d be more upset about Juvia dying if they hadn’t “killed” Gajeel first. Now I just feel like all the four main ships are just having fake death confession moments.
But hey, whatever, it’s fine. I’ll take any love confessions my ships wanna make as long as no one actually dies.