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Emma's very first realization that she's... maybe, a little, okay yes... in love with her son's other mother.

She has five first realizations.

The first time is ridiculous because what the fuck, Regina might’ve saved them from that death curse but she’d also cast it; Regina might’ve smiled at her and apologized (and been so…sweet? is sweet a word she can use to describe Regina? Emma thinks again about anxious fingers fumbling with each other and the way Regina’s eyes kind of crinkle at the edges when she’d smiled at her at Granny’s and yeah. Sweet.) but Regina has also killed Archie, probably.


And the realization comes with the moment that Emma storms from Gold’s shop, with the moment she paces as her parents confer with the Blue Fairy, with the moment that she storms up to Regina’s stoop and sees the trust in her eyes, with the moment she’s thrown back by a furious mother. Because if her heart feels like it’s breaking, there had to have been something more than just hate and distrust there.

But it’s absurd. She hates Regina. Sure, she’s a little obsessed with her and she’d thought that Regina had been different since the curse had broken, but she also hates her, can give her a chance and still despise her. Her heart is breaking for Henry, that’s all. She tells herself so until she begins to believe it. (And if her first thought when Archie reappears is of Regina, that has no bearing on her feelings. Right. Okay.)

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