Greats Of The Game - Christen Press, Forward



  • CONCACAF Women’s Qualifying Tournament: 2014
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup: 2015
  • Algarve Cup: 2013, 2015
  • She Believes Cup: 2016


Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC

  • Swedish Cup : 2012


  • Hermann Trophy: 2010
  • Pac-10 Conference Player of the Year: 2010
  • Soccer America Player of the Year Award: 2010
  • Top Drawer Soccer Player of the Year Award: 2010
  • WPS Rookie of the Year: 2011
  • Damallsvenskan Golden Boot award (Tyresö FF): 2013
  • UEFA Best Women’s Player in Europe Award Nominee: 2013
  • NWSL Second XI: 2014
  • NWSL First XI: 2015, 2016
  • NWSL Player of the Month: 2015 (April)
  • NWSL Player of the Week: 2015 (Week 2)

Luz Argentina Chiriboga is an Afro-Ecuadorian writer who was one of the first writers to address the duality African and Hispanic cultures. In her poetry and novels, she writes about women in ways that challenge preconceived stereotypes. Her short story “El Cristo de la mirada baja” won first prize in 1986 in the International Literary Contest of the Liberator General San Martín held in Buenos Aires.

Beginning in 1983, Chiriboga became involved in the Congress of Black Culture, participating in the event held in Cali, Colombia and the 1985 Congress in Panama. These conventions, inspired her to begin work on her novel Bajo la piel de los tambores (Under the Skin of the Drums).[1] The novel, published in 1991,[4] marked an emergence of Afro-Latina identity into what had been either a homogenized Hispanic literary tradition or an Afro-Hispanic tradition focusing on male protagonists.[5] Not only did it introduce race, but the work encompassed topics often avoided in Hispanic literature, such as birth control, fetishism, sexual violence, and others. It received favorable critical attention, as[4] as had a short story she published while she was working on the novel, called “El Cristo de la mirada baja”.[1] The story won first prize in 1986 in the International Literary Contest of the Liberator General San Martín held inBuenos Aires.[2]Chiriboga’s works challenge the stereotypes of women’s sexuality, and looks at desire, ignoring the traditions of propriety imposed by patriarchal honor codes and religious authority.[6] She confronts stereotypical ideas of clerical purity by depicting their sensuality and lustful black women with characters who are asexual.[7] Recognizing that men writing about women tend to poeticize them, Chiriboga uses her voice to raise consciousness.[8] She also questions the duality of culture and what it means to be part of the African Diaspora in a country dominated by Latino and mestizo traditions.[3] She has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars throughout Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe, and has had her works translated into English, French, Italian and Quechua.

Sticks and Stones- Part Two (Loki x Any!Reader Angst)

Summary: Part two of Sticks and Stones. Loki has killed Coulson and no matter your past you are determined to get revenge on the god of mischief.

Warnings: Mentions of Death, Blood/Injury, Cursing

Word Count: 1456

“Now let’s not be hasty (Y/N),” Loki said, dropping his arrogant act. He was trying to reason with you, “This isn’t the first person I’ve killed, you know that.”

You didn’t move, “Yeah I know Loki, but Agent Coulson was my friend. He was kind to me when I came Earth and was taken in by S.H.I.E.L.D. I can overlook and put up with a lot, but this… this end here and now,” You spat, your grip on the handle of Thor’s hammer getting tighter.

Loki’s face fell, “I guess it is your greatest strength and your biggest weakness. Something I love and hate about you, well now that you’ve turned against me.”

“What the hell are you talking about Loki?” You asked, peeved. You really didn’t want to be talking anymore, you just wanted to hit him in the face.

“Your persistence, once you put your mind to something it’s nearly impossible to change your mind. Which worked great when we kids and I asked you if you wanted to prank Odin, but now it seems to be working against me, since you seem to want to kill me using my brother’s hammer.” You changed stances, getting ready for a fight. Loki did the same, “I don’t want to hurt you (Y/N),” Loki said honestly.

“Yeah? Well, I really want to hurt you,” You said, you were about to charge at him when you heard Thor speak from inside the cell.

“(Y/N) be careful my brother is stronger than you.”

“By a mile I know,” You said looking over at Thor, “That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to kick his ass.” Your eyes went back to Loki as you suddenly lunged forward, swinging the hammer violently towards his face. He easily dodged it, hitting you back with the side of his staff. He really was trying now to hurt you, your eyes went dark, “Actually try and fight me Loki.”

You swung, again and again, only managing to hit him once. You didn’t know what you were doing, you had never used a hammer in battle before and it didn’t help that your opponent was only playing defense and not actually fighting back. You huffed out a breath, you and Loki about seven feet apart in the small space. You had kept him busy for awhile, it shouldn’t be long until some of the other Avengers get back and could help you. Loki knew this, he also knew that he couldn’t still be here when that happened. He let out a sigh, a sad look in his eyes, “I’m sorry about this (Y/N).”

“Sorry about what?” You asked, but your question wasn’t answered with words.

The Loki that was in front of you disappeared, ‘shit shit shit where did he go?!’ you thought panicked.

You heard Thor’s voice saying to look out, you spun around to face where your back was a minute ago. You find Loki, but not soon enough to stop what he was doing. His staff plunged into your shoulder, you cried out in pain and fell to your knees. This wound matched the one you had given Loki all those years ago back in Asgard. You knew it wasn’t enough to kill you if you hurried to first aid, Loki had no intention of killing you, that’s the last thing he wanted to do. You clasped from your knees, all the way to the floor, lying on your back. You heard Thor yelling and the sound of the pod cell he was in getting ejected from the plane. His hammer lay on the ground next to you, but you were too weak to pick it up. Loki stood over you, “I’m sorry my love,” he said as he left.

Breathing heavily, you sat up. You felt some blood drip out of your mouth, not good. Loki was nowhere to be seen as you made your way to your feet. Shakily you started to walk, stopping only a few feet from where you started because you were both tired and you felt bad for Phil. He was right next to your feet, “I’m so sorry Agent Coulson, but I promise you that ass-hat will pay for what he did.”

You continue a bit further, the plane still shaking a bit, but it was seemingly steady. You made it to the main conference room, seeing Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Fury. When his eyes fell on you, Steve rushed over to you, supporting your weight. You were going to say thank you, but you found that you couldn’t speak, the words just won’t leave your mouth. “We have to get them into surgery, they won’t survive unless this is patched up,” Tony said as Steve picked you up bridal style.

You could hear the that the two men were talking as they rushed you to the medical area, but it sounded like you were underwater in a swimming pool. You couldn’t make out the words, not even the syllables or sounds that they were making. You could feel the darkness coming, and you let it take you so you didn’t have to feel the physical and emotional pain anymore.

- Time skip brought to you by Loki’s love for (Y/N) -

You woke up several hours later from what you could tell. There was no light coming from the window, the only light was coming from a small lamp on the little table a few feet from the bed. You let out a long sigh, feeling the pain in your shoulder as you did so. You winced, the memories coming back to you. Loki had nearly killed you. You turned your head to look at your shoulder, it was all stitched up, but it looked pretty nasty. You wondered what happened after you blacked out. You could tell this was one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. hospitals, so that means that the Avengers most likely succeeded in stopping Loki from taking over the world… that’s… good. The door opened and shut as Thor came into the room. He looked to have some minor injuries, but nothing life-threatening. You smiled weakly at him, “Hey Thor,” You said, your voice hoarse.

“Hello (Y/N),” He said with a sad smile as he sat down in a chair that was pulled up next to your bed. You had a feeling that he had already been here, “How are you feeling.”

“Like shit, but I’ll live,” You said with a small playful smile. He knew what you were going to ask next, “What happened after I blacked out?”

“Well… You were taken into surgery and moved here. As for Loki, the battle between us and him with his alien army is now called the battle of New York according to the media.”

“So we won then?”

“Of course we won,” He said with a smile.

“That’s good, what will happen to Loki now?” You asked, honestly curious.

Thor shrugged, “I will be escorting him back to Asgard where my father will be laying down his punishment. I think he’ll give him a life sentence in the dungeon.”

You nodded, “Oh… Yeah, that sounds fitting.”

“Is something wrong (Y/N)? Don’t tell me you still-”

“I do,” You said flatly.

Thor let out a sigh, “If you would like to see him again I suggest waiting until your shoulder is healed and then coming back to Asgard.”

“Back to Asgard? I haven’t been there in years,” You said, a bit surprised at his suggestion.

“I know, but my mother would love to see you as would my father. Besides if you came to visit you could say whatever you need to say to Loki to move on with your life. You realize he’s no good for you right?”

“Yeah, I know. He killed my friend, he tried to take over Midgard, and he nearly killed me trying to keep me out of his way… and yet… I still care,” You sighed, “I just feel like if I talk to him again I could get closure and maybe start a new chapter…”

Thor nodded, “I understand. I am leaving with him as soon as we are finished here. You are welcome to come and visit anytime.”

“Thank you, Thor, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you very soon.”

He stood up to leave, “Goodbye (Y/N).”

“Goodbye Thor,” You said as he headed out the door.

You knew you should listen to him and stay here until your wound was completely healed, but something in your gut told you to talk to Loki as soon as possible. You were going to listen to your gut.

- - - 

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Part 3:


I decided to write this post to help people who doesn’t know what exactly it is. So let’s go:

MCLENNON - Noun Definition:

Mclennon is the name given to the relationship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney by the people who believe they were involved romantically and/or sexually. McCartney + Lennon = mclennon. 

IMPORTANT: Mclennon is not exactly Lennon/McCartney. Lennon/McCartney is only the musical partnership, Mclennon is the ship name. 

Why do people believe in mclennon?

Because in some people’s point of view (including mine), there are “gaps”, “plot holes” in The Beatles’ story. That’s why we believe in this theory. Some people can say this theory is just like ‘Paul is Dead’, but unless ours make sense. 


One of Paul is dead’s “clues”

“Abbey Road album cover as symbolising a funeral procession, where Lennon, dressed in white, symbolises the heavenly figure. Ringo Starr, dressed in black, symbolises the undertaker, George Harrison, in denim, symbolises the gravedigger, and McCartney, barefoot and out of step with the others, symbolises the corpse”.

Wow, 4 guys crossing a street means a funeral, it totally makes sense *sarcastic mode on*.  Y’know, it’s super easy to find someone who really looks like you, sounds like you, is left-handed!!! 

One of Mclennon clues

John was jealous of Paul because:

“I remember I had a girlfriend called Celia. I must have been 16 or 17, about the same age as her…we went out one evening and for some reason John tagged along, I can’t remember why it was. I think he’d thought I was going to see him, I thought I’d cancelled it and he showed up at my house. But he was a mate, and he came on a date with this Celia girl, and at the end of the date she said, ‘Why did you bring that dreadful guy?’ And of course I said, ‘Well, he’s all right really.’ And I think, in many ways, I always found myself doing that. It was always, 'Well, I know he was rude; it was funny, though, wasn’t it?’” — Paul McCartney (Many Years From Now, Barry Miles)

*Sarcastic mode on* Yeah, I see that he probably forgot Paul had cancelled with him.

“One time Paul had a chick in bed and John came in and got a pair of scissors and cut all her clothes into pieces and then wrecked the wardrobe. He got like that occasionally [because of the pills]” — George Harrison in The Beatles, Anthology, 1995

*Sarcastic mode on* Yeah, the pills.

“I came for dinner, and I was the only girl there. John definitely didn’t like that. He didn’t like me being there at ALL. He was mean and sarcastic. As far as he was concerned, I had no business being invited to dinner with the four of them. For him this was an exclusive boys’ club. He was purposely making me feel uneasy. At one point, the boys were handing around a scrapbook – looking at pictures of that first tour. John made some snide comment like, “What is SHE doing here?” I got the idea that he thought Paul was an idiot to take a girl so seriously he’d actually invite her to dinner, when all he really needed to do was fuck her AFTER dinner.” — Peggy Lipton

*Sarcastic mode on* Yeah Peggy, he was annoyed just because there was a girl with them, I see it. What a coincidence that Peggy was Paul’s girl.

“The first time I saw [Linda] was after that press conference to announce Apple in America. We were just going back to the airport and she was in the car with us. I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, I wondered what he was bothering having her in the car for. A bit too tweedy, you know. But she sat in the car and took photographs and that was it. And the next minute she’s married him.” - John Lennon

No comments needed…


It’s funny that there are books which say Paul and Yoko had sex, and there’s no proof about it either and nobody says it’s disrespectful, even if it was probably not true. Now nobody thinks about their family, “Hey, your grandpa f*cked his bandmate’s wife!!!”. This is called heteronormativity. People can say The Beatles had sex with all the girls in the world, but if someone assumes the hypothesis of two of the male members have had sex with each other, “You’re not a true fan!!!!!! You’re RUDE and STUPID, okay???? I DELETE you of Beatlemania”.


Some people claim that Mclennon shippers are here only to fetish their idols. Look, there are erotic content indeed such as fanart and fanfictions, but there’s the whole theory thing too. 

Also, in my unpopular opinion: There’s nothing wrong in reading slash fanfiction/appreciating fanart. It’s not disrespectful towards gay men since you don’t pop up to a real life gay couple like “HEY, KISS NOW, YOU’RE HOT!!!”. Reading fanfiction is something very personal that you do in private, usually at your room or in your phone. It’s only entertainment. Also, if I wanted only fetishize gay men, I’d watch porn, don’t you think? 


I don’t want to force anyone to believe in mclennon. If you believe it, it’s alright! If you don’t believe it but respect who believes it, it’s alright too!


would you like some salt with your eros?

while working on one canon divergence au i accidentally started another canon divergence au….


The last thing Yuuri expects to hear during Victor’s short program press conference at Skate America is his own name. He’s still trying to smother his nosebleed and the dumpster fire remnants of his dignity—who allowed Victor to skate a program that sexy?—when it happens.

“Victor, can you tell us what inspired your program?”

Victor grins, Cheshire cat feasting on the coal mine canary before it ever had a chance to sing. “Not a what. A who.” Victor turns away from the report, staring directly into the camera. “I haven’t forgotten our dance, Yuuri Katsuki.”

Yuuri’s fantasized about Victor saying his name so many times he thinks it’s an auditory hallucination. Until Phichit spits out his drink, and turns to Yuuri, eyes wide and glittering.

“Yuuri. Please, tell me something. Did Victor Nikiforov just call you out during an international press conference. Because I think that just happened.”

Well, shit. Yuuri would have preferred the hallucination option. Beside him, Yuuri’s phone emits an unrelenting stream of vibrations. Yuuri’s ears start ringing—Phichit’s right next to him and he’s convinced his parents to email most of the time. He’s not sure who else would even use that number.

On screen Victor continues, “I’ll see you soon, Yuuri.”

What. The Fuck.

“I think this might be Victor Nikiforov’s version of asking you out on a date.”

don’t look at me

Exile. At a recent conference in America featuring a ‘dialogue’ between Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals with reconciliation high on the agenda, a man rises from the audience to pose a question. 'I am a Palestinian, a peasant. Look at my hands. I was kicked out in 1948 and went to Lebanon. Then I was driven out, and went to Africa. Then to Europe. Then to here. Today [he pulls out an envelope] I received a paper telling me to leave this country. Would one of you scholars tell me please: Where am I supposed to go now?’ No one had anything to tell him. He was an embarrassment, and I have no idea what in fact he did, what became of him. My shame.
—  Edward Said, After the Last Sky

(This whole thing is one big convoluted “John was jealous of Linda” post so you can scroll past if you don’t wanna hear me thinking to myself.)

Okay so, prone to over-analysis as I am, I re-found this quote when compiling quotes for possible ‘Shit John Has Actually Said About Paul’ posts, and one bit in particular leapt out at me:

“First time I saw [Linda] was after that press conference to announce Apple in America. We were just going back to the airport and she was in the car with us. I didn’t think she was particularly attractive, I wondered what he was bothering having her in the car for. A bit too tweedy, you know. But she sat in the car and took photographs and that was it. And the next minute she’s married him.” – John Lennon (St. Regis Hotel interview, Sept. 5, 1971)

We’re gonna come back to John’s tone, but are we seeing what I’m seeing. 

“And the next minute she’s married him.” 

“She’s married him.” 

So, John talks about Linda in a very negative way, she wasn’t, “particularly attractive,” why was Paul even “bothering” with her, she was “too tweedy,” she just “sat” there and “that was it”

Now I can’t speak as an outsider, but it must look, at the very least, as though he didn’t like her, and that they hadn’t got on in the intervening years between their first meeting and this interview. But to my knowledge he had no reason to dislike her. Paul had reasons (good or bad) to dislike Yoko, but Linda remained distant from the group, never turned up to the studio, preferred to live a quiet and private life, and by Yoko’s own account, she and her got along fairly well. So what’s the tone about? 

As an insider, it almost seems like jealousy. In one short answer he critcises her looks, her personality, and to a lesser extent, her profession. So he was jealous of Paul, and putting Linda down as a means of coping with it. He was pointing out things about her that he actually liked, and negating them. Right? Right.

Nope. Because I think he undoes any possibility of that scenario when he says,“she’s married him.” 

He doesn’t say, “And the next minute, he’s married her.” i.e. “he’s taken her away from me”. No, he equates himself to, or puts himself on the side of Linda, the woman. That one phrase makes it much more likely that he was jealous of Linda, not of Paul. When he says, “she’s married him,” he speaks contrary to the norm and makes Paul passive, Linda is the one doing the marrying, i.e. “she’s taken him away from me.”  

((Whether he was jealous for sexual or romantic reasons is debatable, but at least on a platonic level, and in a way he never really was with Jane, he was jealous of Linda.))

Sunday Republican (Springfield, MA)

Student launches effort to help inner-city youth

July 23, 1995. By Martha Gold.

Local resident Dmitri Krushnic had his eyes opened when he moved to Chicago to attend college. And after they were opened, Krushnic, 20, had a vision: to bring together inner-city youths to learn about leadership.

“The University of Chicago is a primarily white campus,” Krushnic, 20, said at a car wash he was running to raise money for a conference he is coordinating with other college students. “But the surroundings are not. You walk about two blocks away from campus and you’re in a ghetto.”

A product of progressive schooling, Krushnic, who graduated from the Greenfield Center School and Northfield Mount Hermon, found himself wanting to help out and get involved with the teenagers who lived in the Southside neighborhood surrounding the university.

With the help of Vicki Vantoch, a fellow University of Chicago student, Krushnic started a volunteer non-profit group, Youth for a Better America, designed to decrease youth violence and racial tensions by bringing a diverse group of young people together to discuss and work out their differences.

Krushnic and Vantoch originally tried to arrange for an annual conference in Chicago, but didn’t get the help they needed.

“I had trouble rallying any kind of activity at school,” Krushnic said. “Students there are so apathetic … it really grossed us out.”

So Krushnic turned to his mother, who lives at the Center for Cultural Evolution in Colrain. The six-month-old conference center hosts weekend workshops on a variety of peace-oriented issues.

In Franklin County, Krushnic said, he was able to get a lot more support and help from local businesses, schools and organizations. Yesterday, for example, several of Krushnic’s friends, including University of Massachusetts student Ben Block, volunteered to wash cars at the Palmer Gas Station in Greenfield.

LiteLife, Energy Foods and Dominos have all donated food and teachers and staff from Greenfield Community College, Family Planning of Western Massachusetts and Northfield Mount Hermon School are volunteering their time as teachers and counselors. The Traprock Peace Center in Deerfield also has extended its non-profit status to the fledgling group.

“You usually don’t see people rallying around something that they don’t see,” Krushnic said. “But violence in youth in the cities is a symptom of a greater social problem.”

Krushnic said his group plans a conference, entitled Youth Conference for a Better America, to be held Aug. 19-26 at the Center for Cultural Evolution. The conference would bring 20 girls from different cities, races, cultural and economic groups together to participate in discussions and workshops. The main objective behind the conference is to carry the YBA’s philosophy to the girls through a series of discussions, workshops and classes. After the conference, mentors from each of the participants’ hometowns would continue to work with the girls to help them carry out the YBA’s philosophy in their schools.

Because of the lack of privacy between the individual rooms at CCE, Krushnic said the coordinators for YCBA chose to keep the conference single-sex. They chose girls because recent studies show that pre-adolescent girls have less confidence than boys, he said.

“Since one of YCBA’s goals is to create strong leaders and girls this age are losing confidence to be leaders, we decided girls needed an opportunity to come together at a conference designed just for them,” a pamphlet explaining the conference states.

Since most of the girls are coming from low-income families, Krushnic and other coordinators are raising money to pay their way. Anyone interested in donating or volunteering as a youth counselor should contact Krushnic at XXX-XXXX.

Copyright 1995, The Republican Company, Springfield, MA. All Rights Reserved. Used by Strange Pictures of Misha Collins with permission.

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If I Knew Then...

It’s Ichigo’s birthday and I’m doing the thing again. I’m letting Bleach depress me. Sadness. 264 words. Maybe I will write something happy later.

It’s his birthday and the house is empty and all he hears are noises from outside and the warbling dialogue of some show on television. Oh yeah, and the microwave is still beeping. 

Orihime is at a conference in America sitting on a panel, judging confections. Ichigo is happy for her. She dedicated all of her youth to being a wife and mother, and birthdays are just another day anyway. 

He hates the way aging feels especially knowing that he could easily sever his body and soul and mess around like he’s 15 again. But he doesn’t. He just rakes back what’s left of his hair and laughs at himself, at the way his life turned out. Everyone is moving and he is standing still.

The world still moves at an alarming speed.

It’s been twenty years since he heard the roar of a hollow or witnessed the open and close of a Senkaimon. I wonder if she’s still a captain? He talks to himself as he takes a cup of instant ramen out of the microwave. He eats it piping hot because he’s lost the feeling in his tongue.

A butterfly flutters in through the kitchen window all black and unannounced, but it isn’t a swallowtail. He only sees those in his dreams.

It’s noon and he has half a day left to call his birthday, but all he wants is to become one with the couch and sleep. Sleep, maybe even dream about the days he was a hero and they all depended on him.

Lord knows no one needs him now.