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Humans are Weird - Pastimes

Humans becoming selective about which activities they share with certain alien species and this confuses their crewmates constantly. 

Tramuis encounters Human Pam in the corridor and they seem especially excited about the brightly illustrated box they have in their possession. 

“Hey Tram!! I just got a package, wanna come put it together with me?”

Having been advised on the importance of bonding actives with the ship’s human and possessing the time to spare they agree to participate. Excited, Human Pam leads them to an empty conference room with a large table.

“This’ll do. No one should bother it here if we don’t finish today.”

“What device are we assembling?”

“It’s not a ‘device’,” Pam laughs opening the box and spreading hundreds of small oddly shaped multicolored pieces on the table. “It’s a picture.”

“I am confused. What is the point of this activity?”

“It’s called a puzzle. We just need to reconstruct the image on the box using these interlocking pieces. There’s only one right way to do it, but the size, shape and color patterns are all designed to make the task difficult and time consuming.” Pam states with a smile. “It’s tons of fun. My family did them all the time in the winter.”

Knowing that this is an activity associated with the harsh freezing cycle of the terrain home world makes Tramuis a bit nervous and in want of another crewmate or two in case of the unexpected. A fairly wise precaution given a human’s loose definition of the term ‘fun’. “Maybe we should invite Commander Schrimnex to join us, their people are know for impressive visual acuity.”

“Nah, not that guy.” Pam states as they start manipulating the pieces.

“I am surprised. I was under the impression that your bonding level with the Commander was rather high.”

“Oh don’t get me wrong, Nexie’s great. Best sharpshooter on the ground team and I wouldn’t have anyone else watching my back.”

“Then why do you not wish for them to join us?”

Pam arches up the facial hairs above their eye. “Listen Tram, my nanna didn’t send this ten lightyears just to have a dude with sixteen eyes finish it in five minutes. Now get in here and help me find the edges.”

Just Business, No Pleasure

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Summary: You and Bucky have been successfully keeping your relationship a secret for a while now. However, you’re not so sure how much longer you can take it once he’s assigned the job of seducing another woman on a mission.

Word Count: 4.6k (I’m so sorry)


Originally posted by ohhseby

“—this is the target’s wife, Lucille. She was dumb enough to marry him and he was dumb enough to think she’d be faithful. Barnes, I want you to go about seducing her. Y’know, the typical ‘40s charm: court her, woo her, whisper sweet nothings; the whole shebang.” Your blood went cold at Tony’s words, not even daring to look at Bucky across the conference room table. “Most of us will be stationed around the gala with our comms on, but some of us are gonna stay back here and monitor the situation through security camera footage.”

“Why am I the one doing the seducing? Don’t you think this—” Bucky started, pointing to his vibranium arm, “—will be a bit of a dead giveaway that I’m not just some random suitor?” he asked, his unimpressed tone clearly challenging Tony and, although you still didn’t dare to look at him, you knew his countenance matched his voice.

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An anon asked for a Reid fic where the reader is British and he gets turned on by her accent.  The team teases him for it and he eventually has to explain to the reader why he gets so weird whenever she talks.  I love this request, I really hope you like it!  Added in here a classic Spencer Reid Quote, shout out to anyone who can find it!

It gets smutty!  Some fluff ensues at the end, it’s super cute!

UnBeta’d so sorry for any errors, also flood warning!

Originally posted by toyboxboy

“As soon as Agent Y/L/N gets here, we are going to start the briefing,” Hotch said to the team, who were all still sitting around at their desks before disappearing into his office.

“Ready for the new team member, pretty boy?” Derek teased from his seat with a smirk.

“What?” Spencer asked nonchalantly.  He knew Y/N was British.  She’d been in for numerous interviews and when she was in the training field, all the other trainees were talking about the ‘British Bombshell’ that was joining the BAU team.  

“You know what,” Derek replied.

“Does Reid have a thing for accents?” Prentiss asked.  She looked at the genius with playful eyes.

“No, he has a thing for British accents,” JJ said, shaking her head.

“I see,” Emily said with a smirk similar to Derek’s.

“I don’t know if I like the looks on your faces,” Rossi said as he walked up.  After inspecting the teasing smiles of the three agents, he clocked the blush on Reid’s face.  “What’s wrong with you, coffee catching up to you this morning?”

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My Biggest Mistake (Barnes/Romanoff/Rogers x reader)

Request:  Cheating Angst of Bucky cheating on the reader with Natasha (Reader’s best friend) And when she finds out, Bucky and Natasha go running to apologize to her. But the reader doesn’t wanna hear it, so she ignores them. One day, Steve tries to convince her to forgive the both of them, because of how sad both, Bucky and Natasha were for the mistake. Which the reader comes in and forgives them ^^ (MAKE IT SUPA ANGSTY PLEASE) THANK YOU AGAIN BONNIE! ILYSM! 

Okay, I’m not a fan of full-on cheating stories, so I toned it down a little.  Also, I’m not very forgiving of it.  I hope you like where I took it tho!

You should have known.  

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….We wrote songs we loved and we toured because we loved to travel and play our music. That was that. Of course we always dreamed of “making it” but no one is really ever inches from breaking out. Most of this music industry is fabricated bullshit. Most “bands”, like, the “bands that can really make it”, are the ones that are born at a conference room table not a garage anymore. Sad.
—  Nickolas Madore
Privilege [teaser]

Privilege (M)

It had been 113 days since you’d married Jeon Jungkook.

113 days since you’d arrived at JeonTech headquarters donned in a chic white pantsuit, eagerly anticipating your pending nuptials.

113 days since your fiance arrived at JeonTech headquarters in the form of a signed document, sitting on a conference room table ready for your name to be scratched in agreement.

113 days since you’d signed your life away to a man you’d never even met; a man you’d only ever seen in glossy magazines and on colossal billboards as the face of his father’s company.

113 days of pure fucking torture, being Jeon Jungkook’s wife.

HANKER - Poly!YoonMin

Word count: 7,674.
Summery: It looked like you loved him. And worse, it looked like he loved you. Jimin took a shaky breath before he clicked his phone shut, rubbing his hands on his thighs as he got ready to get up. There’s nowhere left to hide from this anymore.
Genre:  Idolverse.

Min Yoongi of Bangtan Sonyondan was caught on a date with his mysterious girlfriend!

Jimin’s heart fluttered in his chest, before it got so heavy he thought it might have turned into stone. An uncomfortable feeling sank in his stomach and his thumb froze hovering above the illuminated screen of his phone. He wanted to scroll down farther and look at the pictures, analyze every angle of Yoongi’s face to see if he looked happier with you then he looked when he was with him.

He tilted his head back, wincing when it hit the wall a little harsher then he intended it to. He looked up at the ceiling even if he couldn’t actually see it through the dark clouds in his head.

Yoongi really was dating you.

Jimin’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip before he shut his eyes tightly, shaking his head as an automatic reaction his body had for the feelings that rose inside of him.

He knew it’ll be this way, ever since he and Yoongi broke off whatever romantic relationship they had between them. Yoongi had a point when he called it off – a few actually, when he asked Jimin to be whole with what they had. He wanted Jimin to come out to both of their parents about them. He wanted to stop hiding from everyone, and Jimin knew how his mind worked, he knew it’ll come out at some point.

The growingly tense situation finally blew out when Jimin and Yoongi went to Daegu to visit Yoongi’s parents. Jimin kept feeling so self-conscious from how badly he wanted Yoongi’s parents to like him. It was the first time they’ve seen them since they started their thing and he was going half insane with the amount of responsibility he felt was on his shoulders. Jimin honestly barely noticed that he swatted Yoongi’s hands away whenever they reached out to touch him, stepped away from him when he was close and barely looked at him when he praised him to his parents’ ears.

Yoongi noticed though, every single time it happened. He noticed and it ate him up inside, so much that by the time they had to leave, he told Jimin they need to sit down to have a serious conversation.

Yoongi went through so much with his parents, and he reached the part of his life where he’s sure they’ll accept him no matter what. No matter what side of himself he’ll bring forward, they’ll embrace it.

He wanted them to embrace Jimin.

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Comatose-Chapter 15

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

Logan Stares at you stunned. “Wha?” he mutters.

“Well, look at you. The almighty Wolverine at a loss for words?” you tease, trying to defuse the tension.

He grips you by the back of the neck, resting his forehead against yours. “Do you mean it?” he asks.

“Yeah, I do. I love you, Logan.” The answering smirk you receive has you rolling your eyes. “Alright, wolfy, let’s get going. Tony is going to be pissed we skipped out.”

Logan chuckles darkly as he pulls open the door, checking to make sure the coast is clear. It isn’t. “Barnes,” you hear him mutter.

Freezing at the name, you begin to panic. How long was he out there? How much had he heard?

“You two done?” comes the steel hard voice of Bucky.

Regret makes a momentary appearance when the pain reflected in his eyes claws at your insides. Fuck.

“Tony received intel and needs everyone in the meeting room in twenty.” His voice is emotionless. Winter Soldier mode saving him from further hurt.

“Bucky,” you whisper. His eyes seem to look into your soul.

“I don’t need explanations, (Y/N),” is his reply, his face hardening more. “You aren’t…mine,” he spits out.

Logan draws himself to his full height. “Listen bub, this ain’t none of your business, so fuck off before we go another round,” he grits out.

Placing a gentle hand on Logan’s forearm you address Bucky. “I’m sorry this is hurting you, James,” you say as gently as you can, his face softening slightly at the use of his first name. “But I told you what you and I had is over.”

He snorts out a laugh. “Ya might want to tell your body, baby girl. The way you responded ta me out there told a whole other story.” He smirks at you.

Logan snarls at the chocolate haired man. Taking a step forward, you stop the inevitable fight before it can begin.

“I’m trying here, Barnes, but I swear to all that is holy if you speak to me like that again I will stop playing nice!” Prodding him in the chest you continue. “This is on you. Us not being together is on you! Accept it! I am not going to melt into your arms because you said sorry! I am not going to come running back because you feel bad!” Tears make an unwanted appearance in your eyes. “I am with Logan!” You enunciate every word, trying to get it to sink into his thick skull. “You and I will never be together again. It is over!” you say as you push past him. “And another thing, keep your red headed bitch on a leash!” you spit, eyes turning red with anger. “I am done playing these stupid ass games with the both of you.” Turning on your heel, you stride away from both men, trying unsuccessfully to keep a lid on your flaring anger.

Muttering profanities under your breath, you ignore the wolf whistles filtering to you from various Avengers and X-men. You had, undoubtedly, been louder than you thought, and it had you groaning, stalking toward your bedroom, fists clenched at your sides.

“Sestra,” comes Wanda accented voice.

You stop and let out a sob, running to the red witch, and flinging your arms around her.

“I missed you, sestra,” she murmurs as she rocks you back and forth, not saying anything else as you break down in the middle of a hallway.

“They are men,” Wanda comments. “Men are often foolish and stupid.”

After you had finished crying, you had moved into your room. Wanda was currently sitting on the sink while you took a shower.

“They are going to have pissing contests until you leave,” she chuckles dryly. “That Logan though.. His mind is dark.”

You snort. “He’s been through a lot, but he’s still a good man.”

She smiles softly. “I did not say he was bad. I meant that he has so much pain in his past, it causes me pain to be near him.”

You nod in understanding as you reach for a towel. “I know, it’s a lot to take in when you are unaccustomed to it. Eventually it becomes background noise.” She regards you skeptically. You laugh out loud. “I promise, it was way worse a couple of years ago. He’s changed so much.”

She smiles widely at you. “You are in love with him,” she states matter of factly.

“Yes, yes I am,” you reply seriously before you and Wanda burst into a fit of giggles.

Ten minutes later, you are strolling toward the conference room, chatting animatedly with Wanda. Rounding the corner, you spot a sullen looking Bucky, and an absolutely murderous looking Logan. You snort out loud causing both men to regard you sheepishly. Moving toward Logan, you take a seat beside him, squeezing his hand, letting him know all is forgiven. The corners of his mouth lifts minutely, shoulders relaxing. You chance a look at Bucky who is scowling at the conference room table, and sigh. You knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

Tony claps his hands together, “Alright ladies and gents. We received intel about an hour ago. We have located the base where the op to take, (Y/N) and tin can is being run from.”

Logan chuckles briefly at Tony’s jab at Bucky. You nudge him hard in the ribs. “Don’t be a child!” you whisper angrily. He has the good grace to look slightly guilty.

“The base is heavily guarded. At least a hundred agents protect it, along with anti-aircraft weaponry and various other booby traps.” Tony gestures at Steve, who stands from his chair.

“The X-men will go in first. Storm will create cover, while (Y/N) disables the booby traps and weaponry.” You nod in understanding. “Logan, Colossus, myself and Bucky will engage in the front, while Tony, Sam and Vision take the sky.” He pauses to look each person in the eye. “Kitty will take Clint, Natasha, and Wanda through the back to disable whomever is inside and destroy the op specs.”

Dread fills you at the mention of Natasha. You don’t trust her to do this. You swallow down the panic in your throat, turning your attention back to Steve.

“Everybody understand?” he asks, receiving affirmative responses around the room. “Good. Everybody get some shut eye. We leave in twelve hours.” He dismisses you with a wave of his hand.

Logan pulls you from your seat, ushering you down the hallway to your bedroom, receiving a harsh glare from Bucky as he holds your hand possessively. You did not have a good feeling about this.

Tags: Here we are, last chapter of fluff before the shite hits the fan!

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You’re My Mission (Part 2/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 1

When Wanda and Vision arrived to assist Tony, you were barely holding onto your senses, and the strength you would need to get away was depleted.  He could have stopped, he could have quieted his repulsor at any point now, and you would still be their prisoner, but he continued until his backup could make sure that you were safely detained.

“Mr. Stark, you can release your hold,” Vision urged, kneeling at your side.  “Her power is significantly diminished.”

“Don’t…don’t touch me…”

“I do not wish to harm you.”

“You can’t help me, either.”

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Softly, Hallelujah

For @axilarts​ / @axileana​, to whom I promised hurt!Newt to.

It’s in the middle of a meeting when Graves suddenly feels the band on his finger grow hot and agitated. He stops mid sentence, hands braced down on the end of the conference room table, as images flash across his mind’s eye – quick snap shots of things until finally, he has what he needs.

He presses his thumb to the underside of his ring finger and against the band itself and says, “I’m coming, hang on,” before turning to the room at large.

“Director Graves,” Picquery blinks, cool and composed but he can see in her gaze that she has at least some inkling of what has happened. “Everything alright?”

“I am afraid I must excuse myself,” is all he says and then he’s abusing his high security clearance to disapparate out of the meeting room and into the living room of the flat he shares with a certain Magizoologist. He finds the case atop their bed, a rather nervous looking Dougal sitting on its top most step – peering out, waiting.  The moment it sees him, it dips back into the case; obviously aware of what Graves has come for. Graves follows him down in a hurry, his feet flying down the rickety ladder, only to find that Newt is not in his little shack.

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Because The Night

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 1,494
Warnings: Smut. Dirty Talk. Semi-Public Sex. Rough-ish sex. Unprotected sex. Oral Sex (Female). Unknown exhibition sex.
Request: ( Anonymous ) Can I request Mick x reader fic where you, winchesters, and Mick are on a hunt and you have to dress sexy and flirt with some bartender or so to get information on a case and it makes Mick very jealous? And when you’re all back at BMoL bunker he just bends you over his desk and fucks her really hard?

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Waving Goodbye (Part 4)

Series Includes: Steve x reader, Friend!Sam x reader and lots of angst.

Brief Synopsis: You are tired of sharing Steve with the world, but he refuses to stop dedicating his life to helping people, even if it means losing you. Based on the song “Waving Goodbye” by Sia.

Word Count: 830

A/N: As I keep writing parts for this series, I can see it getting longer and longer. Right now, I’m thinking it might end up being about ten parts by the time I finish, which is funny because I originally planned on four parts when I wrote the first one. 

Originally posted by tomshardy

You had been nervous last night, but that was nothing compared to the level of anxiety, fear, and stress surging within your body as Sam drove the two of you to the Avengers Facility. 

During the time spent in the car, you consumed the bottle of water you brought with you in under five minutes, though your mouth was still as dry as the Sahara Desert. Your heartbeat was another issue that couldn’t be solved either, the rush of blood flowing throughout your body causing a buildup of nervous energy. To release it, you started fiddling with the hem of your sleeve, running it between the pads of your fingertips or folding it over, anything to keep busy.

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this can't be happening

requested by anonymous: hotch x wife!reader where reader is taken hostage by an unsub? lots of angst and fluff please? :))))


you hum as you move fluidly about the kitchen, preparing a lunch for your two favorite boys. jack hotchner, your step-son, is sitting in the living room with his father, aaron hotchner. you and aaron started dating shortly before his ex-wife passed, and you married each other a few years after the death of his highschool sweetheart.

“lunch is ready,” you call into the apartment’s living room, smiling at the sound of little feet sprinting into the kitchen.

jack appears in the kitchen moments later, climbing up onto one of the stools and starting to eat the grilled cheese you made him. aaron comes into the room moments afterwards.

he walks up to you and gently wraps his arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to your hair.

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 7/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 6

Once Steve had his daughter in the trusted hands of Dr. Banner, he excused himself, promising to return to her in a few minutes so that he could run back upstairs and talk to Sam. Wanda had said that he was the one who had sent you out to meet with Wade, and even though he really didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy or worry, he still needed to know why his friend thought it was so important for you to do.

“Sam, I just want to know why you’re sending my wife out to meet with old boyfriends and not telling me. Stop looking like you’re scared.”

“You just said that you weren’t jealous but you have that look on your face that says that you are!”

“I’m not!”

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What could happen if the spoilers for 5x20 are accurate and there is flashback sex in 4.5. I’ve been writing this since last night so part of my reason for my reflective post today.

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme as this story came out of our conversation and she was kind enough to proof this for me. Also available on AO3.

July 2016

Clang, clang, clang

Felicity had tried focusing on her work, she had tried headphones but short of actually leaving the lair she could not ignore the beautiful sight that was Oliver Queen on the salmon ladder, shirtless. The man was dripping in sweat. What was he trying to do to her??

Oliver tried to hide his smirk he knew exactly what watching him on the salmon ladder did to Felicity. Otherwise, he would at least put a shirt on. But she always looks so sad, she tries to hide it but he knows her. How he wishes he could help her but that clearly isn’t his place anymore as the ex-fiancee. He jumps down, towels himself off, as he wipes the towel over his face he sneaks a peek and yes Felicity is watching.

Felicity can’t help but think how nice it would be just have that. She knows Oliver would never refuse her and maybe it would help her forget, just for a little while. She quickly shook her head, she didn’t deserve to forget. She was a murderer. She should be punished. She had even considered turning herself in - but she quickly realized that it also put Oliver at risk and she could never do that.

So lost in thought she didn’t hear Oliver come up on the landing in his Arrow suit.

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anonymous asked:

Phitchit makes Yuuri wear tight clothes for work because the Thai man knows it has an effect on Victor

Phichit gets a text while he’s out picking up prints for Lilia. 

from: seunggil🤓
hmm you don’t happen to know why my boss and his secretary are more touchy and raising more hellish office gossip than usual today, do you? 

Phichit grins, replies quickly. Back at HMC, Seunggil’s phone buzzes. 

from: phi👅
no idea

Seunggil chances a glance at Yuuri from where he’s sitting on the other side of the conference room table. He’s got a faint flush on his cheeks, as he always does when Victor’s looking at him, which Victor is doing right now rather than listening to JJ debrief his spread. 

from: seunggil🤓
smh anyway
lunch later? LYFE?
also… when did you change your contact name on my phone