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Hearing Privilege

So this week in a Deaf studies course, we got to go over the term “hearing privilege”, and what constitutes that. Needless to say, I was very excited to finally discuss this. However, most of the students (hearing) seemed to dismiss it, not realizing how crucial a role this plays in many people’s lives. 

These are NOT my words. I would like to make that abundantly clear. 

Hearing privilege is…

-conversing with friends in public without being stared at. 

-never being asked to justify or defend your existence as a hearing person.

-making mistakes without being considered a representative of the entire hearing population.

-having opportunities over Deaf people, such as: teaching positions, job promotions, presenting at conferences, and committees. 

-teaching ASL or working in jobs requiring ASL fluency without providing evidence of ASL skills. 

-being able to interpret in certain states without certification.

-being able to jump in and out of “the fight”. You don’t need to live it everyday if you don’t want to. 

-means that many Deaf people will make you feel that you are okay, even if they don’t think you are doing the right thing, because they are not comfortable challenging you as a hearing person. 

-means that you are never pitied for who you are. Hearing privilege is not having someone apologize to you when they discover your hearing status. 

-being able to call businesses and agencies without worrying that they will hang up on you. 

-turning on the television and expecting to access anything that’s showing. Being able to go to any movie theatre, anytime and enjoy a show. It is to know that you can enjoy the arts anywhere, anytime. 

-going through the drive-thru to order your food. 

-going to the emergency room and expecting to get service immediately; all nurses and doctors can communicate in your language. In an emergency, all police, firefighters, and EMT personnel speak your language. 

-taking any classes, anywhere - as well as workshops - and expecting to access the information. You can expect that you will be allowed to take the classes. 

-building a strong resume because you have had access to those opportunities.

-being able to change jobs and stay within the same city or state. 

-beiing allowed to opt out of signing if you so choose.

-being able to choose a religion based on your spiritual beliefs instead of which ones provide services in ASL. 

-having the option to serve your country if you so choose.

-means that you are not subject to repeated and painful medical probing (ears, brain, throat). Hearing privilege is never being pressured to have surgery to “repair” something that is very much a part of your identity. 

-being able to make mistakes in written English without people assuming you are not capable of proper English. 

-sitting in any room and feeling comfortable with how it is set up. Cars, trains, planes are all designed to fit your aural and spatial preferences. 

-knowing that when you go to court, you can expect a jury of your peers. It means knowing that you will not be denied the opportunity to serve jury duty because of your hearing status. 

-being able to struggle with a task without someone stepping in to take over, assuming that you cannot do it due to your hearing status. 

-expecting to access speakers anywhere (airports, ballgames, auditoriums, trains, etc.). 

-expecting to find support groups, sports groups where my language is used, even in small towns. 

-representing yourself. Knowing that your exact choice of words are used. You do not have to wait for an interpreter. You do not have to wonder if the interpreter is skilled or qualified. 

-being able to expect to have direct conversations with teachers, with supervisors, with board members anywhere. 

-showing up at your city council, senator’s office, congressperson’s, governor’s, or president’s office anytime and being able to have a direct conversation in your language. 

-not fearing for your life and safety when you see a police officer. 

Now, I understand that some of these are applicable to hearing people (such as the last one, with all the discrimination out there). However, ignorance is never an excuse for abusing your hearing privilege, regardless of whether you realize you are doing it or not. Again, ignorance is never an excuse. If you realize that you abused it, offended someone, etc., do you know what you do? You apologize, and ask for that person to point out if you mess up so that you can learn from your mistakes. 

Why Do I harp on COINTELPRO so much?

Because it is DIRECTLY responsible for today’s current state of political apathy among Black youth. During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s even the most “non-political” Black teen played at least some role in ORGANIZED political activity to advance the station and standing of Black people in America. Look at those Black protest photos closely; many of the people you see in them are teenagers.

If you weren’t inclined to support the NAACP you could join the Urban League. If not the UL, then perhaps CORE. If not CORE, then SNCC. If not SNCC then the BPP. If not the BPP then BLA. Or perhaps, like your parents, you were UNIA members. If not the UNIA then the NOI. Or the MST. Or the KOY. Or the SCLC. Or the RNA. Or the AIM. Or the Young Lords

THE FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO) disrupted destroyed or totally diluted ALL of the those pro-Black and pro-Brown political organizations, leaving a dearth of uncompromising dedicated field-tested Black leadership in their wake, which most of Black America generally and Black youth in particular suffer from today.

A lack of visionary uncompromising Black leadership. The lack of experience of working VOLUNTARILY with and for OTHER BLACK PEOPLE from different walks of life, on a cause bigger than ourselves and greater than a paycheck. The total foreignness of the concept of a Black unity independent of the politics of either the Democrat or Republican parties.

So many of the ORGANIZATIONS that Black people had created to help them combat white supremacy and Black disunity were destroyed by COINTELPRO.

Where there is no vision… the people perish.

hello hello studyblr! 

I’ve been wanting to start my own studyblr for months (if not years now) but i never had the courage to embark on this adventure and now here i am! 

about me 

- my name is carli, I’m 20 years old and i live in London!

- i speak italian and french fluently (and english obvs) 

- i’m starting uni this september and i’ll be studying a bachelor of science in biochemistry 

- i also enjoy politics, philosophy and psychology cuz academia is my life 

- i’m a nerd if you hadn’t guessed that already lol 

about my studyblr 

- i will be focusing manly on science cause biochemistry is my bae (so if you have any science related questions i’d love to help you out if i can) but i will also definitely post about sociology/politics/philosophy since i spend most of my free time watching public lectures at the London School of Economics (have i mentioned I’m a nerd yet?) 

- i was also considering talking about what life in london as a student is like and give tips and tricks to make the most out of this experience 

-   i will be joining the united nation association at my uni so i’d very much love to talk about my experience at conferences (hopefully i’ll work hard enough to manage to be selected for the oxford or cambridge conference committee)

my inspirations 

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I’d dying to make new friends on here that are passionate about academia so please message me! (plz)

Republicans may regret today’s vote.

Yes, by now we all know that the Republicans were able to muscle through TrumpCare (don’t call it by it’s acronym - this is Trumps’ health care bill) by a razor slim margin. And yes, they and Trump are celebrating their huge “win”. But that victory may be very short lived. *puts on my Political Science major hat*

The bill now goes to the Senate, where the Republican majority is much slimmer and even if a healthcare bill makes it through the Senate, it will likely be dramatically changed (since the Democrats will have a lot more pull). If that is the case, the two bills go to a conference committee, who work on trying to resolve the differences between the two bills. The new bill then must go to both the Congress and the Senate to be voted on before heading to Trump’s desk to be signed into law. This fight isn’t over by a long shot.

And even worse for Republicans, once the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reviews the bill and lets us know exactly how this bill would affect premiums and deductibles, and how many people will lose coverage as a result (not to mention those that will be thrown off of Medicaid), the bill will be even less popular than it already is now (and it’s got even Republican voters hating it).

Then we have the states with the highest percentage of citizens with pre-existing conditions and… you guessed it… they’re all hard core Republican strongholds. And several of them are among the poorest states and get the most Federal aid.


So in the end, the Republicans in Congress may very well end up choking on this victory. What we, as citizens, need to do is ensure that they pay a very steep price for this vote. And very possibly, at least a few of them will not be there after the 2018 midterm elections. We need to get fired up and stay fired up for the long haul.



“Until the killing of black men, black mothers’ sons, becomes as important to the rest of the country as the killing of a white mother’s sons, we who believe in freedom cannot rest until this happens.”

As the nation continues to witness violence against the Black community - along with repeated calls that #BlackLivesMatter - these 1964 words from Ella Baker hold an eerie weight. The civil rights and human rights activist devoted five decades of her life fighting for equality, placing a strong emphasis on grassroots organization and the power of the people to enact change.

“You didn’t see me on television, you didn’t see news stories about me. The kind of role that I tried to play was to pick up pieces or put together pieces out of which I hoped organization might come. My theory is, strong people don’t need strong leaders.“

Baker acted as a behind-the-scenes facilitator for the NAACP, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. She played a key role in mentoring, empowering and challenging important figures within the civil rights movement, and while her name might not be as widely recognized, her contributions to society are no less valid.

unlucky-misfit  asked:

27+college!seokjin 🌚🌚

twenty-seven_accidentally sleeping in

by the time the third call got through, the blaring sound of seokjin’s ringtone starts to fill the room just as he cracks open one eye. annoyed, he stretches out to his phone and grabs it, quick to place it by his ear without swiping and he tries not to say anything when you grumble answer it. with ease (and eyes closed), he does as he’s told and isn’t fazed at the angry tone that welcomes his ears.

sighing, he squeezes out a am i the only one in the committee? apparently so when he hears pleading in the next second that he groans and makes his decision to get out of bed to tend to a dying friend suffocating in a heap of paperwork everyone decided to ditch on him. seokjin carefully tells you to move to your side, in other words, don’t cling onto him unless you want to get up too and you do just that, rolling over without much thought as you hum back to sleep.

he smiles and sits up, remembering that he’s on a call and he replies that he’ll be there in thirty. hanging up after being called a lifesaver, he puts his phone back onto the table. before he gets up, however, he presses a hand on your hip, giving it a light nudge, “come back here for a bit,”

without a protest, you turn and roll back into his arms where he lingers his lips over on yours for a small kiss, then proceeding to your forehead where he places another. he smiles when you do, reaching up to cup his cheek with his help to guide you there and you pull him down for a proper kiss before bidding him a good day ahead of him.

considering you don’t have any class later on, and that your day is practically free, he expects he’ll see you when you feel like dropping by the committee conference room.

“come by later, okay?” he murmurs into your hair, just as he makes you lie down properly to get more sleep. you nod and accommodate to the way he tucks you in with the blanket and seals it with another kiss on your temple this time and a soft chuckle from him (when he processes this, you adorable human being is who he has to tear himself away from to help another person).

now he carries on with his day.

“namjoon better be grateful i’m saving his ass.”

Tell the Senate: Vote NO on Skinny Repeal!

After a few frantic days of voting and amendments, the Senate is expected to vote on “skinny repeal” today - their last-ditch effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. There’s three ways this could go:

1) The Senate passes “skinny repeal” and the House immediately approves it and sends it to the President to become law. 15-16 million people lose insurance and premiums increase by an average of $1,200 annually.

2) The Senate passes “skinny repeal” and goes to a conference committee with the House to “compromise” on their differences - which likely means adding back draconian cuts to Medicaid that couldn’t pass the first time, but might now when there’s literally no other options.

3) We stop this thing and the Senate votes it down.

The ONLY way to make number 3 happen is to make Republicans’ phones ring all day long today. If you have Democratic senators, you have an important job today too: Tell your friends and family in Republican states to get calling.

Here’s your script: “Hi, my name is [your name] and I’m a constituent from [your town]. I’m calling to ask Senator So-and-so to vote against the “skinny repeal” bill. It would raise premiums, destroy the individual insurance market and open the door for deep cuts to Medicaid. [Or, if relevant: As someone who’s insured on the individual market, I’m really concerned that this bill will raise my premiums and make it harder for me to find coverage.] I hope Senator So-and-so will oppose this plan. Thank you.”


The high-school event is giving short story of each guys ^^

Translated by cracking Japanese so read at your own risk^^

Kunihiko : Kunihiko-nii san ^^ he is your senior who went to male-only high school. One day you accidentally met him and go home together, he ask you to come to his school festival, in the school festival Kunihiko got tease by his friends for bringing girl with him and asked if you’re his girlfriend. ^^ He later went to bathroom and leave you alone, so you got hit on by a random guys but he come back and saves you in time(he look like he has some connection in school too haha) , after that you both went to watch the fireworks when he confess to you that he like you and give you a kiss.

Yamato : One day you received a love letter asking you to meet him at the building when school ends, you keep it secret but the letter fall from your bag and Yamato, who sit next to you pick it up. He can’t believe you get a love letter so he makes fun of you, but later he remain silent and didn’t heard the teacher calling him, so you quickly whisper and wonder what’s got into him. You decided to decline the guy down because you like Yamato, and come back to classroom only to found out Yamato has been waiting there, saying he forgot something and he ask you how is goes. You told him that you declined and again Yamato make fun of you that only hopeles person would fall in love with you, you then say because you have a person you liked so you declined. So Yamato continue joking if that person was him and you was surprise that he know, Yamato then surprise too that you like him so when you was trying to run away after confess he grab your hand and say his plan to confess first was ruined,so he confess and give you a kiss in empty class room^^

Takao : He is 2nd year and your senior, also a president of committee of the club you’re in. You always follow him after the committee conference to rhe library because you love to see him studying after class, also you can being there studying too. When you trying to get some book but can’t grab it because it’s too high Takao comw and grab it for you, so he asked you if you’re studying. So you say yes and tell him.about the problem you didn’t understand, and he offer to be your tutor. Time passed and you thank him for tutor you but he say it’s okay because he like how you trying so hard both at club and studying. The reason he coming to library is because he spotted you always come here, so for seeing your cute face just a little bit more he come to library too. He then confess and ask if you can keep him company studying in the library after this, and you say yes and he give you a gentle , quick kiss.

Ren : Ren is your junior who really love to take care of the flower bed, and you and him have to take care of it together. He show you the bud was about to bloom but his face were so close, so you excuse yourself by saying you gonna go get the fertilizers. The fertilizer is heavy and you can’t caery it alone, then while you’re trying to lift it Ren coming from your behind and lift it for you. He say even if he is younger than you he still a man so he asked you to trust him more. The day after that you come to the flower bed as usual to found out Ren was sleeping there, so you watching him for a while because wake him.up because it’s getting late. He then grab your wrist and hugs you, and calling your name say he like you, then he surprise that it isn’t a dream and blush madly. So you confess you like him too and he give you a kiss before calling you by your name.

Yuta : Yuta is your classmates, he help you carry the paper from the teacher that you carries because it’s too much for a girl to handle it, so you offer him a lunchbox as token of appreciation. He accepted it so next day you cooked extra for him, to only get tease by your classmate asking if you two are couple. You blush and Yuta brush it off because take your hand and lead you too the roof top, wherw you have lunch together. Yuta then suddenly held his hand out and pick the rice from your face, so thing goes awkward. You who already like Yuta then decided to confess and he confess back, that he has been always like you. So the two of you promisr that from now on you’ll have lunch together, and he give you a kiss.

Saeki : Saeki is very popular amount of all the girls and he always get the sweet from the girls as present, so you really didn’t have chance to give him your special pudding (in Gree version Saeki like pudding) one day when you’re getting scold by mistake by the teacher who like to pick on fresh man, Saeki come to the rescue and help you. He notice that you’re his junior so he ask your name and you thank him for saving you. Later you’re searching for him because you want to give him your homemade pudding, but you accidentally strip down on the stairs and Saeki save you. Worry if he would get injuries you bring him to the infirmary room, the teacher isn’t there so you help him take a look at his injure. He then ask if those pudding was for him and you say yes. So he thank you, and praise that you’re always working hard which make he impressed, he asked if you can be his girlfriend because he always like you from the first time, you were shock so he give you a little kiss to help you decided. When you say yes he then stand up and drag you out for the date, only to you found out that he pretend to be injured because he want a time a lone with you^^

Beatrice Tinsley, the (uncelebrated) cosmologist you should know

Beatrice Tinsley was born in England on 27 January 1941, when cosmologists were only just realising the enormous scale and structure of the universe. Tinsley’s name is not widely known but her work in cosmology and astrophysics made fundamental contributions to our understanding of how galaxies evolve.

Tinsley’s research changed the standard method for determining distances to far-away galaxies. This was significant in determining the size of the universe and its rate of expansion - leading ideas behind the development of the Big Bang theory.

She completed her Ph.D and wrote an “extraordinary and profound” dissertation on the evolution of galaxies in only two years. Despite her enormous intellect, she was initially overlooked in the male-dominated world of astronomy. She found resistance to her ideas from many senior scientists and struggled to have her work accepted.

She eventually made her way to Yale University and in 1978 became a professor of astronomy and the chairman of the Conference on Cosmology’s organizing committee. In the six years she was there, Tinsley published many scientific papers which cosmologists today have said make her world-leading in the field. But, aged 40, she died of cancer. She would have been 75 today. 

225th Anniversary of the First Congress: We’ll be posting documents and stories highlighting the establishment of the new government under the Constitution through March 2016.

On April 28, 1789, the House appointed a committee to confer with the Senate and report on the future disposition of the papers in the office of the late Secretary of the United States. On May 12, the House committee issued this report, which placed the Secretary’s papers in the custody of Congress and suggested an office be created to maintain such papers.

House Report on the Future Disposition of Papers in the Office of the Secretary of the United States, 5/12/1789, Records of the U.S. House of Representatives 


Workers World Party mobilized in defense of socialism following the failed attempt of the Soviet Emergency Committee to oust the pro-capitalist leadership of the USSR on August 19-21, 1991.

WWP held emergency demonstrations in New York and San Francisco to protest the reinstatement of Yeltsin and Gorbachev and the subsequent suppression of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Pravda.

WWP was the only communist group in the U.S. to take to the streets in defense of socialism and against the Bush-Yeltsin-Gorbachev counter-revolution.

Then, on September 28, 1991, WWP held an Emergency Conference “In Defense of Socialism” in New York City. This national gathering brought together communists and supporters from across the country for discussion and orientation on the crisis in the USSR following the restoration of the counter-revolutionaries Yeltsin and Gorbachev with imperialist help. A large street demonstration was held in midtown Manhattan.

There’s a major issue of transparency, leadership, and accountability at work with Creating Change. I can’t help but find it odd that the Task Force claims to have cancelled ICE’s presentation on Friday but didn’t say anything until a collective petition from orgs repping undocumented folk became the shot gun heard round the queer social media bubble.

To be clear, inviting ICE to present at a conference is no small order. You’re asking representatives from a government organization to be present in the same space where undocumented folks are going to be, folks who have experienced the violence of living under surveillance, in fear for themselves and their families, and the violence of detention centers and deportations. All to give a talk about the LGBTQ community and “the future of immigration”. You’re asking folks to invite the culture of fear surrounding deportation and surveillance into a space where ideally people are supposed to feel safer. That’s not to say that conference spaces don’t have their challenges, cause they do, but ICE? Yeah that shouldn’t be one of them.

I gotta ask who Creating Change envisions themselves representing and who they are accountable to. Who are people sitting on the conference planning committee board who didn’t bat an eyelash about having ICE ease on down the conference hallway until the last proverbial minute, until the threat of bad press and exposure potentially became an insurmountable shit show?

I already know the Task Force is a child of Gay Inc, and therefore is knee-deep in white queer neoliberalism.

I also know it would be super easy to say “well that’s whiteness at work,” except there are queer and trans people of color who support them lock stock and barrel. I know from my own interactions with Creating Change for the purpose of planning the jummah services, one of the top Spirituality committee folks (who i will not name) posted some deeply reprehensible respectability ish when Jennicet Guiterrez disrupted Obama at the white house on their personal facebook, saying there are better and fundamentally “classier” ways to bring about the issue of sexual violence in deportation centers. This was shown to me by a friend who knew I was joining the committee to plan the jummah, just so I had an awareness of who I would be working with. These fucked up statements came from a black person who as far as I know is not undocumented. So in my mind where you get off telling others how to advocate for their liberation is totally beyond me.

But it encapsulates part of a problem for me, that when we attempt to hold white queer folks and their investment in whiteness accountable, we forgot that there are QPoCs invested in whiteness for a myriad of reasons unbeknownst to us. And when they make their fucked up politics known we should totally give them the space to unlearn and grow. I don’t think of it as calling in, but letting seeds actually take the time to germinate in their own space and time.

You can unlearn and grow while not occupying a seat at the table that would otherwise be better utilized by a person who has the desire to hold a national organization like the Task Force accountable for its antics. More often that not unlearning from a position of power isn’t wise, and does more damage in the long term than any possible good.

These are thoughts I’ll be taking with me next week during my first creating change conference. I’d be lying if i said it might be my last, not even because of the politics, but because the registration price for such abject fuckry runs too damn high.

Today is a Good Day!
  • I’ve got selfies from GORGEOUS people all over my dash.
  • It’s a Friday.
  • It’s sunny and lovely outside.
  • My boss gave me a big gift basket of goodies and $100 in gas gift cards
  • My office manager brought me free Starbucks.
  • I’m almost over my illness.
  • I have my first Skype conference as a member of Asexual Outreach’s North American Conference committee tomorrow.
  • The plans for the A-Spectrum book are coming along nicely.
  • I get to interact with all of you beautiful people.

Yeah, today’s pretty kick-ass.


Congressional Committees: Crash Course Government and Politics #7

This week Craig Benzine clears up the role of committees in Congress. We’ll talk about standing committees, joint committees, conference committees, and caucuses (and not the candidate-choosing kinds) as well as the staff agencies that help advise these committees and congresspeople. As most bills never even make it to the house and senate floors for a vote, the role of committees, and their respective chairpersons as gatekeeper is pretty important. There’s a lot to demystify here as the legislative process can seem pretty arcane at times, but the model, at least in theory, helps Congress run more efficiently.

The Night Before The Wedding, Chapter 6

Summary: Belle French wakes up married to someone who is not her fiancé.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Hi, everyone! Thanks again for your support on this story! Please let me know what you think and happy reading!




Belle sighed loudly and rested her head on Gold’s shoulder. She took her hand and rubbed it across his chest, feeling out his chest as she hummed. They had been at the bar hours now and it was late enough that everyone was drunk and no one noticed them as being any more drunk.

Or how touchy Belle was getting with Gold. 

“You look so nice in that shirt…” she said. “How do you do that?”

Gold took another sip of his cocktail. “You’re one of those people who gets overly affectionate when you’re pissed, aren’t you?”

“At least I didn’t sing along to every Rod Stewart song that came on…” She buried her forehead in his neck. “You smell good…”

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