(ENG SUB) 170718 Go Fighting S3 Press Conference Backstage - Lay


EXO - 170718 Star News report: Fourth Regular Album ‘The War’ comeback press conference

Credit: Star News. (정규 4집 ‘더워’ 컴백 기자회견)


nuri really doesn’t take no shit


I was on the beach yesterday and I was walking and a gentleman came up to me and said ‘are you here for the conference for the festival?’ and I said yeah I am. He said ‘are you an advertiser?’ and I said no I’m a performer, I’m here to talk to a group of females CEO’s because I’m a very young female CEO. And he said ‘um… you don’t look like a CEO to me, you are not what I really picture when I picture a CEO’ and so I said well I’m very happy I get to change that!