You're Not A 'Patriot' If You Fly This Flag -- You're The Definition Of A Traitor

You’re Not A ‘Patriot’ If You Fly This Flag — You’re The Definition Of A Traitor

You can have all the “Confederate pride” you want, no one is stopping you. However, if you have said “Confederate pride” and also want to claim to love the United States and pretend to be an upstanding American “Patriot” you’re fooling yourself.

The Confederacy was formed when states decided they no longer wanted to be part of the United States of America and adhere to the laws therein.

When a…

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Captain Samuel Richardson 

Company F, 2nd Texas Cavalry Regiment 

Confederate States Army

circa 1861-1865

 Above is a picture of Captain Samuel Richardson in his Jaguar-skin trousers with matching pistol holsters. Soldiers in the Trans-Mississippi theater (especially Texans) rarely followed Confederate uniform regulations. For the most part they wore whatever they pleased.

I imagine it went like this:

“Captain Richardson! The Yankees are coming!”

“Hold on…let me grab my FUCKING JAGUAR-SKIN PANTS!”

The Confederate States of America (also called the Confederacy, the Confederate States, C.S.A. and The South) was a government set up from 1861 to 1865 by eleven Southern slave states that had declared their secession from the United States. Secessionists argued that the United States Constitution was a compact among states, an agreement which each state could abandon without consultation. The U.S. government (The Union) rejected secession as illegal. Following a Confederate attack upon Fort Sumter, a federal fort in the Confederate state of South Carolina, the U.S. used military action to defeat the Confederacy. No foreign nation officially recognized the Confederate States of America as an independent country,but several did grant belligerent status. [Source: Wikipedia]

Further Information:

Historic Southern United States. The Confederate States have historically been regarded as forming “the South”. States shown in light red are considered “border states”, and gave varying degrees of support to the Southern cause although they remained in the Union. (This image depicts the original, trans-Allegheny borders of Virginia, and so does not show West Virginia separately. See the images above for post-1863 Virginia and West Virginia borders.) Although Oklahoma was aligned with the Confederacy, it was not an official state because at the time the region was Indian Territory, not a state. Drawn by Nicholas F Source en:wikipedia