“The Pledge”
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

A comic for the 4th of July; the day we as Americans take pride in our independence. However, this past year my country has broken my heart over and over again, and I don’t feel quite as free as I thought I did. Today I won’t be able to eat apple pie without a bitter taste in my mouth, and the fireworks will remind me of the gunshot sounds aimed at innocent Americans.
Go celebrate Independence Day, but ask yourself why?

Black artist will burn, bury the Confederate flag across the South on Memorial Day

by David A. Love

Can you think of a better way for a black man to spend Memorial Day than to burn a Confederate flag?

As was reported in the Orlando Sentinel, an artist will do exactly that, with plans to make it happen in all the states throughout the former Confederacy.

John Sims, an artist from Sarasota, Florida, is honoring the constitutional right of self-expression by staging burnings and burials of the Rebel flag, that troublesome symbol of the Old South that many, particularly African-Americans, associate with slavery, white supremacy and state-sponsored terrorism and lynchings.  [Continue reading article at The Grio.]

Stuart’s Raiders at the Swollen Ford
Jared French (American; 1905–1988)
Oil and tempera
Photograph by Carol M. Highsmith
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Washington, D.C.

Mural executed under the auspices of the Treasury Department’s Section of Painting and Sculpture (later called the Section of Fine Arts) for the Richmond Parcel Post Building (subsequently transferred to the Lewis F. Powell, Jr. U.S. Courthouse Annex, Richmond, Virginia).


Confederate Express by Maksym Pashanin

This game somehow slipped through my radar. It was successfuly funded on Kickstarter in November. You can try a playable tech demo here.

I’m adding it to my progressive pixel art games list, right between RIOT and Hyper Light Drifter. Their graphics engine has exactly the kind of advanced lighting effects I want to combine into my pixel art in the future. Kudos for beating me to it!

The First Minnesota by Don Troiani

Part of the Union II Corps defending Cemetery Ridge from Confederate assault, the 1st Minnesota charges with fixed bayonets during the second day of Gettysburg. Taking grievous casualties, their action nevertheless bought vital time for the rest of the Corps to reform and reinforce their lines and stave off the Confederate onslaught.

(National Guard)
Help us track public symbols or landmarks denounced as racist
Following nationwide calls to remove the Confederate flag, we are building an interactive map of public symbols across the US that are denounced as racist

We need your help! Is there a public landmark or symbol in your community you find racist or offensive? Send us a tip for our nationwide map. 


There’s Still Something Mythical About Small-Town Finland 

In 1835, the Finnish linguist Elias Lönnrot published the Kalevala, a compilation of traditional epic poetry. In his home country, the Kalevala is now considered to be one of the most important works of literature of all time. I guess you could say that the Kalevala is to Finland what the Iliad is to the rest of the world.

Five photographers traveled to Kainuu in Northeast Finland, the birthplace of the Kalevala, and explored the mythology through contemporary photography. I called up one of the guys, Aapo, to chat about the project.

VICE: Hey, Aapo. Tell me why you got interested in the Kalevala.
Aapo Huhta: You know Greek mythology, right? The Kalevala is like the Finnish version. It’s a collection of stories from a long time ago. They’re like folklore stories, about the beginning of the world and major things like that. Since one man collected the stories in the Kainuu area, our project is based around that. These days, things are changing between cities and the countryside. In Helsinki we have a routine kind of life but in the countryside life is, in a way, going backwards. So we wanted to explore that while having these old stories about Finland in mind. But it’s not really documentary-based work. Part of it is about the group experience of Kainuu but at the same time everyone had the freedom to explore the place in their own way.

External image

Photo by Maria Gallen-Kallela

Is this mythology something that Finnish kids get taught about in school?
Yes, everybody touches upon these stories at school. But generally, people aren’t very familiar with them any more. I mean, I knew about them from school and now I’ve learned more about them through this project.

What’s happening in the Kainuu region at the moment?
I think the same thing is happening in Finland as in Sweden, that people are moving away from the countryside. There aren’t that many young people living there any more. Old people are staying there but there aren’t many social services left, unfortunately.



The Face Stayed East The Mouth Went West

Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum (Seripop)

UV prints on acrylic in lightboxes, screenprinted paper, fabric backed vinyl, scaffolding, tyvek, rope, vinyl tarpaulin, fabric, mix media.

Lightboxes: 183 x 152 x 20 cm; installation: variable dimensions (282 x 1107 x 1219 cm)

Installation view at Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, Canada.


This is our newest work and it’s on view in Charlottetown until February. You can see more pics on our website.

Heart of the Southern Girl

The heart of the Southern girl is always with her soldier at war. When the men marched off, the burdern of taking care of the farms, businesses and rearing the children alone fell upon the women’s shoulders. They did everything ask of them and more. Many soldier fought in a homemade uniform or followed their beloved battleflag that was made by the women they left behind.