Nobody is saying to erase history. Germany didn’t erase history of WWII or the holocaust. They took down statues, pictures, monuments, and the like, of Hitler, though. They made naming your kid Adolf and the Nazi salute illegal, too. You do not honor the bastards of history. You honor the fallen victims. You do not support the language or customs of those who would oppress the victims. You help the oppressed regain and remember their own, unjustly taken, mocked, and made cause for punishment.

Do not HONOR the oppressors. Teach of them, so they are not forgotten. Put them in the history books, to be sure. To ignore history is to repeat its mistakes. Build monuments to those who still suffer to this day. Those who have lost their culture and had it crushed and destroyed. This is not such a tough concept.

A Black WOMAN roped the Confederate statue to be pulled down in Durham yesterday.

A Black WOMAN climbed a flagpole in Columbia to take down the Confederate flag.

Three Black WOMEN brought us Black Lives Matter and jumpstarted a movement.

A Black WOMAN was the first African-American to put themselves in the running for a major party nomination for President.

A Black WOMAN refused to give up her seat on a bus.

A Black WOMAN made some 13 trips back to the South to shuttle slaves north to Freedom.

Are y'all hearing me this morning?
‘Black America’: Amazon Alt-History Drama From Will Packer & Aaron McGruder Envisions Post-Reparations America
EXCLUSIVE: A century and a half after slavery was abolished in the U.S., the wounds left by one of the darkest periods in American history are far from healed, as evidenced by the controversy surro…
By Nellie Andreeva


Here’s the alternative to Confederate that we wanted. It was already in the works, with the premise closely under wraps, and with all the uproar over Confederate, the creators felt like now is the time to let the public know what they’ve been working on.


Part of my problem with HBO’s Confederate stemmed from exhaustion. I’m tired of white people writing alternative histories where someone is still oppressed. Like, do you not have enough avenues in the modern world to uphold white supremacy? You need to create an alternative narrative where you can uphold even more white supremacy?

White people are never writing an alternative history where they stayed in Europe and minded their own business. Or an alternative history where they didn’t squander the opportunity for a united country after the Civil War and erase all of the gains Black people made during Reconstruction. Or an alternative history where race actually ceased to exist – or was never codified into law in the first place!

So Black people now have an alternative history where we organized Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama into a sovereign nation called New Colonia and I’m here for it. And it’s being created with Amazon by Will Packer (Ride Along, Straight Outta Compton) and Aaron McGruder. Yes, The Boondocks Aaron McGruder.

This finna be extra dope.


St. Louis wants to take down a Confederate statue. But residents will have to pay extra.

  • Elected leaders in St. Louis say they want to move a 103-year-old Confederate monument that sits in one of the city’s public parks.
  • The catch? The city won’t use taxpayers’ dollars to do it.
  • If residents want to rid Forest Park of the symbol of racism and white supremacy, they can donate to a GoFundMe campaign started by St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones.
  •  Over the last few years, two sitting mayors claimed the city simply can’t afford to move the 32-foot-tall granite and bronze statue depicting Missourian families who sent their young men to fight for pro-slavery Confederate states during the Civil War. Read more. (5/27/17, 11:25 AM)

My favorite thing about Robert E Lee is that he hated the Confederacy and thought that secession was stupid and traitorous, and even Lincoln himself offered him the position to lead the Union troops against the Confederacy, and Lee basically said “Nah dude I’m done with fighting and shit, I hate war. The only reason I’ll draw my sword again is if anyone attacks Virginia.” And obviously someone did so he trudged out of his house like “dammit fuckers leave my home alone.”

Like the guy literally only gave a shit about defending his specific home state and couldn’t care less about the country as a whole

Even after the war ended he was like “K bye I’d like to go sit on a farm now because I hate all this war and politics and crap and everything associated with it, call me if Virginia is in trouble again” but he was so popular that he couldn’t have a quiet life, so instead he accepted an offer to be president of Washington College (Later named Washington&Lee University). He made it a point to recruit students from the entire Union both north and south, and regularly expelled white students for getting violent against local black folks and he successfully promoted state-funding for education for black people.

When he died he was not buried in his military uniform, nor did any former Confederate soldiers at his funeral wear theirs either, because they respected that Lee considered it traitorous and didn’t want to be remembered as a traitor. Heck, he’s been quoted as suggesting that the nation “follow the example of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife” referring specifically to war monuments, and he despised the Confederate flag and wished it to never be flown again. Which basically means that if he were alive today, he would be upset that there are statues glorifying his Confederate days, and disturbed that there are folks using him as an idol to further an agenda that he would not have supported.

So basically; by all means, remove Confederate statues to settle discomforts, or choose to keep them for historical purposes. But it’d help everyone involved to make some more descriptive plaques that educate people on real history, and not the stereotypes and assumptions. And if we’re talking about “respect” to those individuals, it’s actually more disrespectful to keep statues of Lee, considering his beliefs.

*dude touchingly weeps on TV about his sick baby and hopes other sick babies, even if they’re poor, can be cared for and properly medically treated*

“He’s attacking Trump! He’s a bad person!”

Look, I don’t know who or what it is you morons worship. But it ain’t Jesus. You are literally about as far away from Jesus as it possible to get. 

The memorials themselves were an attempt to erase history. If these monuments were about history, we would see statues of slaves being whipped by their owners, black families being torn apart as they were sold to different places, and plantation owners with their black slave mistresses and children. If this was about history and not white supremacy, we’d see a statue of an innocent black man hanging from a tree and a group of happy white people posing for a picture with his lifeless body. This isn’t about history. This is about whitewashing history.

Rhett McLaughlin article on Medium: Thoughts on a Confederate Statue from a Southern White Male 

This part of Rhett’s article particularly stood out to me, because it was the first time I’d ever heard a white person use this perspective in my life.

I grew up in Indiana, which isn’t really the south, it’s the midwest. And still I have grown up my whole life hearing that these statues are a monument to history. “The Confederacy wasn’t so bad.” “Some slave owners were really nice.” “I have a Confederate flag because I love history, not because it’s a monument to racism.” “How many black kids are in your school?” It always felt uncomfortable to me, always. After all, slavery was horrible. After all, history is interesting, but the Confederacy wasn’t a good thing. After all, “a nice slave owner” is still a slave owner. After all, my school was almost entirely white, a bunch of teachers and students who were taught that we should politely accept the idea that the Confederacy could represent southern pride if it didn’t hurt anyone - as in, wasn’t violent towards anyone. “Mind your own business.” That was the message. “Keep your nose clean, don’t say anything too loudly, that way no one hears you fight back.” That was the real message. 

All this to say that this perspective is very important. It’s not just important because Rhett is famous. Sure, it’s nice to see someone I look up to post this. But it’s more important that someone with his upbringing is not only recognizing that these statues do not represent history, it’s that he’s using his position of being a white southern male to do what he can to take a stand. We can hope that that stand will sway others as well to stand up and say “I will not stand for this.” 

It shouldn’t be controversial to say you will not stand for racism. It shouldn’t be something that gets you a pat on the back to say you aren’t a Nazi, to declare you will fight fascism. So many of us are so afraid of being disliked, and there are so many people so desperate to be liked, that they won’t go to rallies, they won’t take a stand, they won’t say “this is wrong.” But we need to. Rhett did that here. And it’s important because he could have said nothing. We all could have gone on patting him on the back for retweeting things, he could have stayed quiet to the public. He put the fight against racism over his popularity, something not everyone would be willing to do. I was always taught to hear each side out, to get into discourse, to say “why do you believe that?” and try and understand it. The older I get, the more I understand that some things just don’t work that way. You cannot politely argue against racism. You cannot have a civil debate against people wielding torches and screaming slurs. You cannot have a twitter battle over whether or not people should be considered property. You have to just say no. I am not going to stand for this. I am going to fight it.

We cannot continue to whitewash history. We cannot let white supremacy rule us. We as a nation cannot let this slide. We cannot say, “well, the rally in Charlottesville only killed one person.” No. We have to fight this. Even if our president will not take a clear stand, even if our celebrity idols remain silent, even if our own families tell us to be quiet, we have to fight this. History should look back on this and be able to say that we did not let this take over, that we were not quiet, that we were not silent in the face of hatred. We could be, but we will not be. I, a white woman from a very racist city in the midwest (was once a central hub to the KKK), will not be silent. If history cannot look back at us and say that we did something to fight, then we have not done enough. 

And thank you, Rhett. For using your privilege to fight back. And encouraging me to use mine, too. 

2000 - The burning of the confederate flag took place on June 17, 2000 in Newark, NJ, and was organized by People’s Organization for Progress. 

This was in response to the then-controversy of South Carolina’s flying of the Confederate flag atop of their statehouse dome. In July 2000, two weeks after this video was shot, the flag was finally taken down amid pressure. [video]

In case you needed any clarification, Antifa, THIS is a real "Holocaust hero":

You are not Simon Wiesenthal. You are a 20 year old Communist hippie with dreadlocks and Admiral Ackbar pronouns. To compare yourself to him, to take his title as your own when you have never faced an iota of what he did, and never been in the death camps, is an insult to the memory of a good man.

And just in case you’re too mentally challenged to differentiate between the Holocaust and World War II, where the fight against fascism… you know… actually took place, this is a hero of World War II:

See this manlet over here? Audie Murphy, one of the baddest fuckin’ bad asses of WW2. In 1944, he killed six German soldiers and wounded two advancing under direct fire from a machine gun nest after the death of his best friend. His advance enabled him to take control of the MG42, from which he took out two more gun emplacements and two hidden sniper positions.

Impressive, huh?


North of the German city of Holtzwihr on January 20, 1945, he single handedly held off six German tanks and an entire company of troops from three sides while firing on them unprotected from atop a burning enemy tank. This went on FOR A WHOLE HOUR and until all his ammunition, spare or otherwise, was used up. In so doing, he killed or wounded at least 50 of the 250 sent to cap him in the ass, only sustaining a flesh wound in the process. He saved his company and enabled them to hold the woods, thus taking a desired objective away from the enemy, all by himself. That got him a very well-deserved Medal of Honor. By the end of the war, he had killed 240 German soldiers and received every award for valor the Army could think of, 33 in all.

That man is a legend. He is in a class by himself. You get me? Himself.

You wouldn’t be able to fill his shoes. You wouldn’t even be accepted into military service! You’d crack under the pressure and shoot your superior on the way to Normandy for being part of an invading force of occupiers!

The only time you could get a Medal of Honor would be as part of a Stolen Valor charge waiting to happen! The only trains you have been on are man-trains!

Shut the fuck up I swear to God. Every time I see another flyer where you denigrate Jews and interracial relationships while blaming the right for the bigotry in this country my IQ drops 10 points. Think of the poor little brain cells, my dudes, do they need to be in a Sarah McLachlan commercial before you stop? Is that what it’ll take?