Loreta Janeta Velázquez - a Cuban born woman who dressed as a male Confederate soldier during the Civil War

Loreta Janeta Velázquez as herself, and disguised as “Lieutenant Harry T. Buford”

After her soldier husband’s accidental death, she enlisted in the Confederate army in 1861. She then fought at Bull Run, Ball’s Bluff, and Fort Donelson, but was discharged when her gender was discovered while in New Orleans. Undeterred, she reenlisted and fought at Shiloh, until unmasked once more. She then became a Confederate spy, working in both male and female guises, and as a double agent also reporting to the U.S. Secret Service.

She remarried three more times, being widowed in each instance. According to William C Davis, she died in January 1923 under the name Loretta J. Beard after many years away from the public eye in a public psychiatric facility, St. Elizabeths Hospital. She spied on the Union for about 5 years.

Velázquez recorded her adventures in her 600-page book, The Woman in Battle: A Narrative of the Exploits, Adventures, and travels of Madame Loreta Janeta Velázquez, Otherwise Known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army. The Confederate general Jubal Early refused to accept her memoirs as fact, but recent scholars have verified her claims on the basis of secondary documents, including stories in contemporary newspapers.

In October 2016, William C. Davis has published a detailed biography of Velázquez entitled Inventing Loreta Velásquez: Confederate Soldier Impersonator, Media Celebrity, and Con Artist. His account is based on newspaper and archival research which claims that the whole of The Woman in Battle is fiction. Davis asserts that Velázquez was neither Cuban nor a Confederate soldier, but was a thief and a prostitute, possibly born in New York, and eventually a swindler and con artist. Velázquez used many aliases and he is uncertain of her actual name, age, and place of birth, and thus unable to be certain of her family background or ethnicity. -WIKI

A Black WOMAN roped the Confederate statue to be pulled down in Durham yesterday.

A Black WOMAN climbed a flagpole in Columbia to take down the Confederate flag.

Three Black WOMEN brought us Black Lives Matter and jumpstarted a movement.

A Black WOMAN was the first African-American to put themselves in the running for a major party nomination for President.

A Black WOMAN refused to give up her seat on a bus.

A Black WOMAN made some 13 trips back to the South to shuttle slaves north to Freedom.

Are y'all hearing me this morning?

An American Born Spaniard In The American Civil War

Captain Michael Philip Usina (1840 - 1903) who was a member of the Confederate States Navy. 

He was born in St. Augustine, Florida, to Spanish parents. As Captain of several blockade runners, Usina managed to avoid capture on his many successful missions. Usina fought in Co. B in the 8th Georgia Infantry of the Confederate Army before being transferred to the Navy. He was wounded and captured in the Battle of Manassas, but managed to escape and reach the Southern lines. WIKI

‘Black America’: Amazon Alt-History Drama From Will Packer & Aaron McGruder Envisions Post-Reparations America
EXCLUSIVE: A century and a half after slavery was abolished in the U.S., the wounds left by one of the darkest periods in American history are far from healed, as evidenced by the controversy surro…
By Nellie Andreeva


Here’s the alternative to Confederate that we wanted. It was already in the works, with the premise closely under wraps, and with all the uproar over Confederate, the creators felt like now is the time to let the public know what they’ve been working on.


Part of my problem with HBO’s Confederate stemmed from exhaustion. I’m tired of white people writing alternative histories where someone is still oppressed. Like, do you not have enough avenues in the modern world to uphold white supremacy? You need to create an alternative narrative where you can uphold even more white supremacy?

White people are never writing an alternative history where they stayed in Europe and minded their own business. Or an alternative history where they didn’t squander the opportunity for a united country after the Civil War and erase all of the gains Black people made during Reconstruction. Or an alternative history where race actually ceased to exist – or was never codified into law in the first place!

So Black people now have an alternative history where we organized Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama into a sovereign nation called New Colonia and I’m here for it. And it’s being created with Amazon by Will Packer (Ride Along, Straight Outta Compton) and Aaron McGruder. Yes, The Boondocks Aaron McGruder.

This finna be extra dope.

My favorite thing about Robert E Lee is that he hated the Confederacy and thought that secession was stupid and traitorous, and even Lincoln himself offered him the position to lead the Union troops against the Confederacy, and Lee basically said “Nah dude I’m done with fighting and shit, I hate war. The only reason I’ll draw my sword again is if anyone attacks Virginia.” And obviously someone did so he trudged out of his house like “dammit fuckers leave my home alone.”

Like the guy literally only gave a shit about defending his specific home state and couldn’t care less about the country as a whole

Even after the war ended he was like “K bye I’d like to go sit on a farm now because I hate all this war and politics and crap and everything associated with it, call me if Virginia is in trouble again” but he was so popular that he couldn’t have a quiet life, so instead he accepted an offer to be president of Washington College (Later named Washington&Lee University). He made it a point to recruit students from the entire Union both north and south, and regularly expelled white students for getting violent against local black folks and he successfully promoted state-funding for education for black people.

When he died he was not buried in his military uniform, nor did any former Confederate soldiers at his funeral wear theirs either, because they respected that Lee considered it traitorous and didn’t want to be remembered as a traitor. Heck, he’s been quoted as suggesting that the nation “follow the example of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife” referring specifically to war monuments, and he despised the Confederate flag and wished it to never be flown again. Which basically means that if he were alive today, he would be upset that there are statues glorifying his Confederate days, and disturbed that there are folks using him as an idol to further an agenda that he would not have supported.

So basically; by all means, remove Confederate statues to settle discomforts, or choose to keep them for historical purposes. But it’d help everyone involved to make some more descriptive plaques that educate people on real history, and not the stereotypes and assumptions. And if we’re talking about “respect” to those individuals, it’s actually more disrespectful to keep statues of Lee, considering his beliefs.

2000 - The burning of the confederate flag took place on June 17, 2000 in Newark, NJ, and was organized by People’s Organization for Progress. 

This was in response to the then-controversy of South Carolina’s flying of the Confederate flag atop of their statehouse dome. In July 2000, two weeks after this video was shot, the flag was finally taken down amid pressure. [video]