holy shit i actually got tagged

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my good friend Xanne tagged me to answer these questions soo here goes nothing:


Kianna-Italics (if she decides to add :D)

1. OTP?

Zerrie and ALEISHA AND LUKE ((idk what their ship name is Laleisha??)) THEY HONESTLY ARE WERE THE CUTEST

2. Last movie that made you cry?

Well I cry a lot when I watch movies but my really really hard cry was probably The Perks of Being a Wallflower

3. Biggest fear?

Bananas ((idk don’t ask)) and showing my true emotions

4. Biggest regret?

Everything happens for a reason

5. Favorite thing to do?

Swim and sing

6. Celeb crush when you were younger?

LOL so my first celeb crush was Zac Efron and then David Archuleta from American Idol 

7. Most embarrassing moment?

Too many tbh

8. Favorite song? Why?

I really honestly don’t have a fave but I really like Boston by Augustana cuz it actually kinda describes how i feel, but also Somewhere In Neverland by ATL bc it’s such an amazing song and always lifts my mood

9. Any unpopular opinions?

I don’t ship Ash and Gemma sorry

10. Why did you make a tumblr?

so i could find rad pics of 5sos and Kianna and I wanted to express our love for 5sos

Questions pour toi:

1. fave actress?

2. Classic rock or contemporary pop?

3. Winter or Summer?

5. Favorite genre of music?

6. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

7. Role Model(s)? Why do you look up to them?

8. Perfect first date?

9. Favorite vacation spot?

10. What color would you want to die your hair, if you could die it any color?

11. Sweats or skinny jeans?

conf5sos asked:

Hey! I was wondering if i could use your edit on /post/74419572230 (or any of your edits) for a confession if i need it? I will credit you and try to keep the watermark from getting covered.

as long as you tag me for credit and keep my watermark it’s all fine babe :) 

Taggy gamey thing, haha :))

Rule one: always post the rules
Rule two: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones
Rule three: tag 11 people and link them to the post
Rule four: actually tell them you tagged them

tagged by kimtfor5sos

1. Favorite restaurant?

prob In n’ Out

2. Favorite Mikey hair color? :)

i really liked the blue/teal hair and when it was galaxy

3. Place you would like to visit most?

I’ve always wanted to go to Figi or the Bahamas

4. Favorite video of the 5SOS boys?

I really like the LA tour diaries

5. Last movie you watched?

Love Actually

6. Favorite 5SOS song (cover or original)?

Wherever You Are, Good Girls Are Bad Girls (and ik its not 5sos but i really like Luke and Aleisha’s cover of She Will Be Loved cuz they were SO FRIKING CUTE)

7. Do you prefer the night time or day time?


8. What bandana color would you like Ashton to try?

i think he should try…. a light gray color

9. What superpower would you want if you could only choose just one?

flying or invisibility

10. Would you rather meet the 5SOS boys randomly on the street or meet and greet at one of their concerts?

the street cuz they’ll have more time to interact

11. What do you love about the 5SOS fam? <3

how caring and loving y’all are :’)

My questions for you:

1. Winter or summer?

2. what is your most embarrassing memory?

3. what was the best year of your life and why?

4. Blondes or Brunettes?

5. what genre of music to you listen to?

6. what is the most played song on your phone/ipod?

7. who’s your favorite youtuber?

8. what is your favorite 5sos keek?

9. what color do you think Mikey should dye is hair next?

10. if you were on a desert island for a whole year, what 5 supplies would you bring, and what one person?

11. what quality do you like most about yourself?