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I haven't like anyone for such a long time. I kinda miss that feeling of liking someone.

I know exactly how you feel. I want to like (and I mean really like) someone again too. I want that feeling of butterflies in your stomach whenever you’re near them and electricity running through your veins every time you touch. It really would be nice to feel that again huh?

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ive disappointed my parents. i feel so worthless. i want to give up. it might sound like im whiny, but i just want to disappear. ive only disappointed the people around me, im someone who wont amount to anything. i want it all to end.i want this meaningless existence to end. but, at the same time i'm afraid of dying. i dont even have the courage to do this one last thing. this sounds dumb bc im only a number, but i just wanted to get this off my chest before i did anything. (part 2 / 2)

[2/2] My dear anon,

First of all, I truly and desperately hope that you haven’t done anything to yourself and that you will be able to see this message. You do not sound whiny at all. Your situation and feelings are real. You have every right to sound however you want. We are not you and do not know how much you’re currently hurting. Who are we to judge? 

I want to let you know that people mess up. People mess up and they learn from their mistakes. Sometimes the wakeup calls are soft and at other times they’re not. I’m afraid that for your situation the wakeup call is immense. I may not have been in the exact same situation as yourself, but I have had and still have many times in my life where I want to die, where I feel like a disappointment to the point I disgust myself. But those situations only make you stronger and may lead you to different directions, directions you would have never imagined yourself to be in. I know that right now it’s difficult to imagine things getting better, but they will… only if you work at it that is.

Let me tell you something I learned my in my social psych class this quarter. We have what we call a “psychological immune system.” This immune system protects us from negative emotions. It’s very strong and very active. Now here’s another term for you, “immune neglect.” Often we as humans think that we can’t push through what we’re facing and that whatever negative feeling we’re carrying will completely ruin us. We often neglect our psychological immune system, the system that gets us back on our feet and helps us stay resilient. But us humans are much more resilient than you think. Don’t neglect your psychological immune system. You have it in you to bounce back and keep fighting, you just have to work harder from now on and prove to yourself that you can turn things around. Don’t expect your situation to turn around in only a day or a week though, that’ll set you up for more heartache. Give yourself plenty of time to change, but continuously work at it. That’s the only way you’ll see results.

And don’t do any harm to yourself please. If your emotions take you that far then you need to see a professional, there’s nothing I can do for you. Whenever you have dark thoughts like that just think that if you think you’re disappointing your parents right now, how disappointed will they be when you’ve hurt yourself? Hurting yourself doesn’t do anything and doesn’t make the pain go away. The only way to make the pain go away is to work at it and to live out the changes you want to see in yourself.  

 Things will get better, so please stay alive to see that and to experience your progress. Think how great it’ll be and how great you’ll feel when you’ve turned your life around. Good luck.

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Dear Annie, I stuggled with anorexia nervosa in early 2014 and to be honest went through a lot mentally and physically and I am now recovered for the new year of 2015 although I don't really talk about it as there isn't a need but sometimes people tell me how proud they are of the journey I walked and then I remember how I was back then just (another person)! And now 'happy' and full of life and feel proud of myself!! 😊 sorry for the long boring message Annie have a nice day!

WOW THIS IS HONESTLY SO AMAZING I’M SO HAPPY YOU SHARED THIS WITH US!!! AND don’t you DARE apologize!! this is the absolute OPPOSITE of a “long” and “boring” message lol! 

You must be such an amazing and strong person. Although I do not know your identity I have to say that I really admire you, all that you have been through, and all that you have worked on. I hope you are able to use the new strengths that you have gained along the way and help other people by inspiring them and supporting them through their own experiences which may be similar to yours. I’m so glad people like you exist!! You are such an inspiration my dear!!! You deserve every ounce of proudness and happiness that you feel inside yourself. And once again, thank you for sharing your story. I hope you will continue to stay strong and happy!

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I'm almost 19 and i never had any relationship, i'm starting to wonder what's wrong with me..

i’m 19 too and i’ve never been in any relationship either. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. i just think everyone has their own time in finding a someone special, and for both you and me that time just takes a smidgen longer :~) don’t feel too discouraged… your time along with mine will come. let’s spend our time anticipating it, not beating ourselves up over it. there is nothing wrong with you i promise~^^