Cyndi Lauper photographed by Annie Leibovitz, 1983.

“When I explained my vision to Janet Perr, who was the art director, she suggested Coney Island,” Lauper said. “Janet and I went together to location scout with Annie Leibowitz who was the photographer — I was so lucky to work with Annie on my first album cover — and we came upon the Roberto Clemente building and we knew it would be the perfect backdrop. I wanted it to be a study of midday light. It’s my favorite time of day as far as lighting goes.”


outtakes from shoot for hooligan mag with bao who took me to coney island for the first time.

photoshoots always feel weird because like, i’m a musician, i don’t mind being observed when I’m playing music because i’m doing what i do, but when someone’s taking my pictures while i’m not doing anything it’s like why are you looking at me? i’m not doing anything? what is my body?