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Scientific Authority

Back in the day, way back before the Vietnam war people trusted their government. Well, we saw that this trust was abused and that we were lied to again and again. Now, nobody trusts anything uttered by a politician. 

However that blind trust isn’t lost. It has merely been transferred to scientists. People trust the white coat. Around the turn of the last century on the popular day resort of Coney Island hot dog vendors would give the local doctors and nurses free hot dogs if they wore their white coats to show that their hot dogs were healthy and sanitary.

Is the white coat really that trustworthy? We must get rid of the idea of the idealistic scientist pursuing knowledge for its own sake. Most scientists work in industry and the government these days. Science is expensive business and scientists know where the money comes from. Scientists, paid by the tobacco lobby argued for years that there was no link between smoking and cancer. Likewise scientists, paid by the oil lobby, harassed and almost ruined the career of the man who discovered that the lead in leaded gasoline was killing people at an alarming rate.

No, my dear friends not every scientist is a hired hack. Good science will usually prevail in the long run. However, it is always a good idea to look at “latest study” with a skeptical eye. In a world where many people have ceased to concern themselves with God we must not let scientists become our new secular priests.

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