cones for bones


Remember that time I found a reference to Detective Conan in the anime “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigations” ?

Well, looks like Gosho Aoyama-sensei returned the favour by including the heroine in his detectives’ encyclopedia !

The beautiful and brilliant Sakurako Kujo, a detective specialised in bones. ;)

art by Gosho Aoyama


I created this piece, titled “Curiosities”, for an art show featuring decorated frames; sadly, the show was cancelled, but I still got to make this awesome assemblage piece (along with another one here)! I found the wooden frame in a free box here in Portland; it was originally emblazoned with “Class of 2005!” I gave it the decoupage treatment with fragments of biology textbook pages, and painted the inner and outer edges uniformly black. Affixed to the frame are six small glass vials, each holding small natural items–pheasant feathers, gar fish scales, Oregon beach agates that I tumbled and polished myself, a hemlock cone I found, seeds, and snake vertebrae. It hangs on the wall with a sawtooth picture hanger; there is no back, as the frame is meant to be the art itself. 

You can find out more about this frame and purchasing information here on Etsy.

ollievers  asked:

[PART ONE] Imagine Jim and Bones dragging Spock off to get ice cream at a place downtown on a hot summer day. To shake things up a bit, Bones suggests that one of them choose the flavor of ice cream for the other two, and he volunteers to go first. So, 10 minutes later, the three of them end up sitting on the curb eating rainbow sherbet ice cream. Bones denies having made any plot to make Spock eat anything other than plain vanilla, but no one believes him. Spock doesn't seem to mind, though.

((cont)) Half an ice cream cone later, Bones looks up to see Spock with ice cream on his nose. Jim doesn’t notice this until Bones has fallen out of his seat from laughing so hard, and when he does he quickly snaps a picture of the confused Vulcan. Later, Jim sends the picture to Scotty and Uhura. Hopefully, Spock doesn’t see his new background for a while, and hopefully he doesn’t make him delete it when he does see it.

imagine spock eventually seeing jims background photo, and instead of saying anything, he just switches it to a photo bones took the same day of jim with icecream all over his face 

and when jim sees the new picture he just laughs