DIY 5 Minute Knockoff Cone Back Earrings Tutorial from Thanks, I Made It. This is the easiest earring tutorial ever if you have the right supplies. Erin used rubber earring backs - and has a link for them at her post. If you are looking to sell jewelry, these incredibly cheap rubber earring backs will open up your market because they can be used for threaded earrings etc… Top Photo: Cone Back Earrings Inspiration Collage by Thanks, I Made It here. All Other Photos: DIYs by Thanks, I Made It.

Erin has a new book out called DIY Statement Necklaces: Create Your Own Customizable Jewelry–For Less! available on Amazon here (not an affiliate link). If you want to create or sell very expensive looking DIY jewelry and don’t know where to begin, this 208 page book with large and clear photos is a great option for just $13.77 (reg price $18.99). If you like Erin’s Thanks, I Made It tutorials, you will love this gorgeous how-to book. Note: Erin never asked me to mention or endorse her book on my blog. I’ve been posting and raving about her tutorials for years: