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Can you make a JB scenario where he broke up with his girlfriend for the sake of not getting her hurt. You are still in love and on good terms, but have a hard time being around each other since none of you really wanted it to be like that. You can see that he doesn't smile quite as often so you say something like "Jaebum, don't forget to outshine the stars with that beautiful smile of yours" and his reaction to it please~

There, again.

He looked at his friend with a smile that wasn’t as genuine, he barely showed his teeth and his eyes even lost the glint that you once loved so much. No, you still do love it. He looked over at you and his face grew even more solemn, he looked away and then turned to sit in his seat once again. Even with his back facing you, you could see the fact that he was purposefully trying to bring himself away from you at all costs.

It was about a few weeks ago that Jaebum had asked to break up with you, there was no other reason but the fact that he said he didn’t want you to get hurt. From what? Why would you get hurt somehow? It’s been frustrating especially as you tried to talk to him multiple times about it, but he’d brush it off. Even after the breakup, you guys were pretty okay with each other. A slight awkwardness and the fact that you two still wanted to be with each other was there, but nothing like today nor like when you ask about the breakup’s reasoning. 

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