The Gene Genie owns these cards, probably. #scotchfandom

Ahahaha Gene soooooo would have these! These would be the cards he would use when he forces Sam to play cards with him because he’s bored and has invaded Sam’s flat. At least he is generally a polite enough guest that he brings his own Scotch– but that’s mainly because he doesn’t trust Sam to have anything good. LOL!

I just met don’t even know that person and they are getting so much of my love. They are my kindred soul in flailing over early SNL… I even broke my rule not to follow anyone under the age of 18. So, high five.. you.. awesome blogger person, Danaykroyd.

All the rest - consistent radness means you have all been pretty much camping out here permanently…

and I love you so.

conelradstation asked:

purple, grey

Purple: 10 facts about my room:

  1. books everywhere
  2. pictures of dead people
  3. a tiny statue of Bast the Egyptian goddess of protection and cats
  4. music stand (gathering dust)
  5. same bed I’ve had since 1990
  6. looks sort of dark, like an old Englishman’s library
  7. pictures of Leonard Nimoy and other sexy gentleman behind my door
  8. my grandmother’s old analog tv
  9. a Ghostbusters poster
  10. a nice view of the back yard

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things:

  1. indoor plumbing makes me really happy, and now I have a nice new toilet
  2. Writing: Before 1565, a large deposit of graphite was discovered in Cumbria, England. Though first used to mark sheep, it was soon used for pencils.

conelradstation replied to your post: Uh-oh. Here we go again. According to…

Forgive him; he has boat payments to make.

I rember reading an article from  the 1980’s where Bono declared U2 the new Clash and he was following in Joe Strummer’s footsteps. Yeah I really don’t think Strummer would have used a fucking private jet to retrieve his hat, or bitch about people not buying their album. U2 have become a part in the capitalist machine they used to sing about dismantling. They are hypocrites and I don’t have any respect for them or their music anymore. They aren’t The Stones; getting cooler with age, they are bullshit greedy capitalists and I do not give one drop of fucking respect for them.