I just met don’t even know that person and they are getting so much of my love. They are my kindred soul in flailing over early SNL… I even broke my rule not to follow anyone under the age of 18. So, high five.. you.. awesome blogger person, Danaykroyd.

All the rest - consistent radness means you have all been pretty much camping out here permanently…

and I love you so.

conelradstation replied to your post: Uh-oh. Here we go again. According to…

Forgive him; he has boat payments to make.

I rember reading an article from  the 1980’s where Bono declared U2 the new Clash and he was following in Joe Strummer’s footsteps. Yeah I really don’t think Strummer would have used a fucking private jet to retrieve his hat, or bitch about people not buying their album. U2 have become a part in the capitalist machine they used to sing about dismantling. They are hypocrites and I don’t have any respect for them or their music anymore. They aren’t The Stones; getting cooler with age, they are bullshit greedy capitalists and I do not give one drop of fucking respect for them. 

YES! “Rain Dance”, “Hidden Shadows”, or better yet “HORNETS”, oh my my.. “Hornets” sounds like mutant funk played by a band of martians right on the moon *and the cover dough, UGH*

This is too good. Just as good as Live Evil. Herbie should have released some “Sextant Sessions”, like Miles did with BB

P.S. I mean, this is just soo good, this is a crime. Herbie KILLED IT! Somebody put him in jail!


all the angles of this bedroom, jesus! some of these are there not because i look good, but because they bring good memories

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and anyone else feeling like doing it, i wouldn’t mind seeing all your pretty faces times 6!!!!