Close-up shot of my four favorites from the color run. The amazing thing to me about this #crystal #glaze is that it doesn’t require a hold or a slow cooling cycle. This was fired to #cone6 in a manual kiln with a cone-sitter. #ceramics #THISISGRADSCHOOL (at Star Store: Umass Dartmouth Satellite Campus)


Just another 10 pound vase, part of my exploration of curves. Got to break away from those academic shapes. #vase #bmix5 #laguna #cone6 #ceramics #woohoolookatthemcurves

The thing about running experiments is that sometimes you get unexpected results that are interesting. This experiment was a part of my attempt to get salt/soda firing results out of a non salt/soda firing. The surface looks great, but it’s fused to the Advancer sample I put it on (because I knew there was a chance something like this might happen). The bonus experiment out of all this is, let’s see how durable these Advancer shelves actually are. #ceramics #cone6 #stoneware #THISISGRADSCHOOL (at Star Store: Umass Dartmouth Satellite Campus)